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55 thoughts on “DO SURVIVAL KNIVES STILL ROCK? TOPS Longhorn Bowie

  1. How do you think it compares with the Prather War Bowie? It’s something you recommended and I’ve been loving it so far..

    The handle ergos of longhorn look better, but I feel prather will outperform longhorn as a blade.. thoughts?

    1. My Prather war Bowie is one of my favorite knives of all time. And I have a shitload of nice knives. I’d say the longhorn isn’t necessary if you have the Prather.

  2. Thanks Aaron! You gotta try out the tops brush wolf. It could use a little thicker handle, but sounds really close to what you are looking for.

  3. Aaron, are you still traveling through Idaho? You should try to tour the Survive Knives shop. Would love to see that 🔪🗡

  4. What do you think of the idea of using a coil (instead of the back of the blade) to strike a ferro rod?

  5. They’re QC and customer service is the worst. They put out crap knives then don’t want to warranty them.

  6. Nope. Survival Knives / large hard use carbon steel blades have been considered obsolete. Everyone rush to toss them away & buy a Chinese Rike, Civivi or Kizer knife. These larger types of knives absolutely have no use anymore. Especially the ones made in the USA. Hurry ! Support China ! Stop buying high carbon steel blades with baked on cerakote !!

  7. Beautiful knife and that Esee 6 with the contoured handle was nice. I rock an AA Forge bushcrafter, small axe and a folding saw.

  8. K everyone… yourself ALOT of money and just buy a Schrader with 1095. Especially if you’re just going to beat the hell out of it.

  9. Pass. I’ll take a Mora Kansbol or Terava puuko with a small axe and saw, maybe a multitool. Beside that I want a small axe, saw, pot, and water bottle. No need for new or cool knives survival junk. Folks just need to save their money and just purchase one good solid blade, footwear, and things that really matter. Knives are pretty low on the list of where I’d spend money.

  10. Survival knives will always be a thing. I use kukri for my camping/survival knife but am working on Bowie that has no sheath to make a belt kit.

  11. TOPS makes a good product but if I’m spending $100+ on a knife it’s not going to be for one with a nylon sheath.

  12. I love TOPS knives. The longhorn bowie looks great! I’m actually playing with my war bowie and I.C.E. dagger right now 😁👍 thanks for the video 👊

  13. I argue that the TOPS Camp Creek is the best bang for buck out of their line. Yes, not a survival knife, more of a general camp knife, but S35VN, Kydex sheath, with a leather dangler for $150ish. Win. Longhorn vs ESEE 6??? Opinions?

  14. What handgun was you carrying in the video? It’s always cool to see what people actually carry.

  15. I had this knife in the same blade finish and the Rocky Mountain Tread. I have to say I think this is maybe the sexiest TOPS Knife they make and it is probably the best, most ergonomic handle TOPS makes. Even with the RMT handles, the thickness and depth of the handle design makes it epic.

  16. G’day Aaron, yep always like a beefy job, especially without carrying a hatchet. Yeah recurves are always a bone of contention, aint scary, but sure, a little more challenging to sharpen. The main thing is to me; not sure they really offer anything extra.
    I do agree, this one is worthy of better sheath, much the same as a BK-9 or Condor Bushcraft Parang for example; mine are still going strong, but If/when they ever fail, it’ll get a Kydex makeover for sure.
    Leather on the Buck 119, Joker Nomad, Gator premos etc. is better suited to safe campsite belt knives IMO, and still do benefit from a drainage hole I reckon. Oddly enough my Bravo 1.5 sheath doesn’t come with one, though I have treated the leather and one could run a 1/4 in. drill bit up it I guess.
    Anyway, I wouldn’t think you’d be disappointed with this knife as a one and done done survival job, thanks for showing it. Cheers Duke.

  17. If you still have the TOPS DART, you should compare it. They are basically brothers from another mother.

  18. How do you like the Longhorn Bowie compared to the Steel Will Chieftain considering they are very close in size and shape with the recurved blade?

  19. Maybe it´s more the same size as the Esee Junglas II than the Esee 6?

    Have the Esee 6 but not the Junglas II but it would probably be more like the size of the Skrama 200 (the little brother om the Skrama). Can see why you would have a knife in this size and it would as you say be more for backcountry backpacking.

  20. Tops does such a great job with 1095. The differential heat treating is amazing and the edge geometry is impeccable. I have a Silent Hero that just cuts and cuts. Field dress, cape, and quarter a bull elk, slice up some back strap, chop up some onions…no problem. People ask why I spend $200 on a knife, and it is just hard to explain how much better a Tops will cut than your $60 Gerber. If you’re on the fence about investing in a Tops, go for it! Worth every penny! I love Tops and I see a Longhorn Bowie in my future!

  21. 10:47 not so fast… not in this lifetime will I lug around an 18oz knife on my belt no matter what sheath its in.
    However, that garbagio sheath will do something leather can’t.. it’ll molle onto a pack.
    Kool looks aside.. I’d still rather take the Esee 6 or TKC 6.5 in 3v.

  22. I carry my mora garberg at all times along with my edc pocket knife but when I go into the woods or go on a trip 3 days or longer I bring my Becker bk9

  23. You are awesome man, probably one of the only tool reviewers I trust. I am sick of watching reviews with people chopping and batonning with knives that aren’t meant for those heavy duty tasks.

    Your reviews are real and your topics stay relevant within the scope of what the tool is meant for.

    Personally, I hate recurve knives, only because I want something that can be sharpened in a survival situation if you find yourself without proper sharpening gear. Obviously this all comes down to bushcraft skill, but a straight edged flat grind knife will always be the blade for me.

    For me it boils down to this:

    Why make your life more difficult than it needs to be, when you already find yourself in a dire situation?

    A survival knife should be durable and easy to sharpen. Simple as that.

  24. You do know you can go both directions on a sharpening surface, right? You can also do more than one pass on each side before moving to the other side. You’re welcome to finish with away-from-edge, single-pass if you want. But doing so through the entire sharpening is wasting a lot of time.

  25. Take a bushman and make a spear. You’re wanting to get way to up close and personal for me. Of course a .44 magnum or larger might not be a bad idea either. Of course they might not allow that. Of course I do have a dirk with a 14 inch blade. Not all that great for a lot of things but for killing…It can get to the heart of things even on a bear.

  26. Yes, never thought I would like a bigger knife till I tried a Rat 7. Really changed my mind. Very useful and much easier to use than I thought.

  27. Kinda reminds of a finer shaped Karen hood chopper somewhat… Which I do love that knife as well but is more “kukri-esque” where I like the tip of this baby….

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