55 thoughts on “Camping archery and knives

  1. At 32:30…the beer bottle read STRAWBERRY, not rasberry. Nice reference to WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY by that one guy!

  2. I bet you guys had a great time, Wingman is so funny here. Yeah, I would buy the book if you write it, Alan.

    1. @fivemoreminutes toooo much wood!
      thats what she said!
      but Joseph Russel fixed it and added it to his collective

  3. Right a book on the San Gabriel mountains. You are continuing Jon W. Robinson’s legacy. Good job brother

    1. thanks for watching. I just may, or shall I sleep in some hay, perhaps, have a great day. I just may. (happy Gilmore moment) sorry.

  4. Always have a fun time camping with you ole friend. Thanks for making the trip down. Now write that book.

    1. Thanks for putting it on. And for this kick ass knife. It will go with me on many trips from now on. If there be linkage you wish shown for it. let me know. cheers

    2. @PHARRAOH yeah Alan let’s get the book going. I would buy it!! I can imagine the behind the scenes stories!! Great idea Jon!!

  5. Great trip… Looked like a blast. Hunting for them wabbits. That knife is absolutely beautiful. Food looked delicious as always. Enjoyed watching. Thank you for sharing, take care Alan. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
    I’d buy and read the book if you wrote one.

    1. thanks man, lets take your kids fishing when the heat changes for a spell. Hit either a local pond or Silverwood or something

    1. something came around my teppee the last night out there. As I turned to reach for a light, it, turned and ran. Maybe a juvenile sleestack with a little crossbow?

  6. Excellent video again Alan. Good to see Jon again. Great guy and always good to see. Hey Jon!!! Keep up the great videos. Loved every minute. Stay safe folks!!

    1. @PHARRAOH absolutely! They need to come up to your stomping grounds. Would be a great video for sure!! Enjoyed the last camp vid!

  7. write book 100 books with all your trips fishing camping cooking for sure on open fire “enjoying life in the wild “be good tittle ,take care my dude great video :O) :O) :O)

  8. I have said many, many, times. Alan definitely should write a book, it would be awesome. That’s a big yes vote from me for sure!

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