Blade Show 2022: TOPS Knives - NEW!! Prototypes and Camp Creek Fire Edition Production!

Blade Show 2022: TOPS Knives – NEW!! Prototypes and Camp Creek Fire Edition Production!

Jeremiah at TOPS took some time to show off the new Camp Creek Fire Edition in S35vn, which sports red micarta with black inlays and sits in a black leather sheath with bright red threading. Also discussed is a working prototype TOPS has dubbed ‘El Pionero’ (The Pioneer), which was designed as a close quarters/combatives blade by Mexican counter-cartel specialist Ed Calderon.

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22 thoughts on “Blade Show 2022: TOPS Knives – NEW!! Prototypes and Camp Creek Fire Edition Production!

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  2. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianz ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  3. I love tops but was hoping for something more aggressive. Prather, hog hunter, and filet are my tops, black out ops special mention but a bit heavy.

    What did catch my eye was your bowie. Is that a work tough gear? I’m on the prowel for the puzon preditor. Snagged that proper chopper. Go big or go home! Nice rig set up too. I want an upclose…

    1. They have greatly improved,IMO, over the past 5 or so years by getting away from strictly sharpened pry bars, 1/4″ stock with the awful black fraction coating, and overkill tactical toys to real world use designs with thinner stock, much better edge geometry and ditching the old coating.
      They have vastly improved their catalog while keeping their Tops style, materials and quality.

  4. Love tops, but most of the models they were showing off last year still hav t came out lol I’m still patiently waiting though for the marbles knife supposed to be coming

    1. I like the knife and the skeleton especially. I don’t care for tactical grips and self-defense stuff, however.

  5. I am a big fan of Tops. My HOG 4.5 is my EDC and my Silent Hero is a must have woods companion. The new designs look cool and all, but last I checked, Tops was having a hard time keeping existing designs in stock. I work in manufacturing as well, so I get it. I just don’t see the point of introducing new models that will be as impossible to get as flagship models currently are. Maybe politely suggest you deal with your obvious supply and production issues before expending too much effort and resources developing new models…

  6. Tops, please try to keep the price down on that Pionero. I love Ed, but every time he does a collaboration they are over priced. It would be dope to see the sneak reaper on the handle but I’m not expecting them too. Would be nice to see a deep surf style sheeth. Orange or purple on the inside, black on the other. Clip something similar to the ulti-clip would be nice. I’m going to assume a taco style sheeth with a basic clip is more likely.

    1. That’s the Work Tuff Gear Woodscraft Chanto…my design manufactured by WTG. Thanks for watching!

  7. Tops is a joke. Really. Seriously, go on their website. Almost all of their knives are out of stock.
    What a joke.

  8. Hm. Sorry but that Big knife strapped around dude’s chest was the most appealing thing of this video.

    1. Haha… well…appreciated but remember TOPS unveiled the bulk of their new models at Shot Show… Blade is generally more of a mid-year update and some new activity. I’m not completely surprised at the current progress…especially with their push to keep models stocked despite the nature of the environment.

    2. @Outer Limitless seems they have a keeping in stock issue lol they need to hire more production people 🤣 🤷‍♂️

  9. Sharpening choil will prevent serious men from purchasing this tool, TOPS is outright wrong for pushing that on Ed, I know for a fact Ed Calderon would never allow that on purpose.

    Knife makers if you have a tactical or self defense tool and you put a sharpening choil on it, it’s no longer a tactical/self defense tool.

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