Best Survival Knives for Water (2022)

Best Survival Knives for Water (2022)

That’s right today we are talking about some of the best survival knives for working around water, both salt and fresh. So now let’s jump right into the list and talk about some rust free watery blades.


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8 thoughts on “Best Survival Knives for Water (2022)

  1. I think the Mora Garberg would’ve been a better representative for this list than the Kansbol .

  2. I gotta good one for water. SOG navy seal 2000. Awesome blade. Great line up of knives.The amuk looks awesome 😎! Fallkniven A1 looks great too. Those knives are expensive where I live but you get what you pay for and they last for a lifetime! Thanks for sharing. Go well Dave

  3. After seeing salt water tests on 4116, the 20 dollar Cold Steel Finn Hawk is at least something to look at.

  4. Very good information on the different knives and what works the best for the weather! Thanks for sharing

  5. I always keep a stainless Mora hanging on the boat 24-7. I have an original Seki City SOG Seal pup I’ve beat on since the 90s that I wouldn’t leave on a boat but is a great choice too.

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