In this video we discuss the three knives I recommend to my students.
1 Lt Wright Genesis
2 ESEE 5
3 Mora Garberg
I have tested these knives extensively over years and found them to be excellent Survival knives varying from €300 for Lt Wright Genesis, €200 for ESEE 5 and €100 for the Mora Garberg.


  1. Excellent tools and presentation. It is clear to see that you have put a lot of time in with each of them. Looking forward to the next video.

  2. I also use orange paracord with two knots on my knives. Orange for visibility and two knots for wrapping around my fingers when choking back on the handle for light chopping. I enjoy your videos. Thanks

  3. Glad to see you again👍, thats three nice blades. Totatally agree on skeletonized handles, I have broken a couple myself. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi there. Excellent review. My knives are drawer queen’s as you mentioned alot of the time. Do you know of any leather preserver I could get that would penetrate the entire sheath and stop the leather for drying out over the years.

    1. Hi James I find a Birch oil preservative excellent, you will find the sort on a Google search. Sno seal is fantastic too.

    2. @Eagle Ridge Survival School Thank you very much. I will look into those. I would just hate to see my sheaths wasting away over time. Been looking for something to keep them preserved.. Thanks again

  5. Great to see you are back. No BS video that tells it how it is and no waffle. I personally don’t have any of the 3 but do fancy the Mora as it fits my price range and I do have the Bushcraft Black which is not full tang. I do have the Tops BOB though which I do like and as you say on the Mora it would be better for fine carving if it was a bit pointier but it’s great for game skinning so horses for courses. It’s also built like a tank.

  6. Great to see you back at it and it’s good news your going to try put out a video once a week because they are very educational and steer people in the right direction with no bullshit talk I have the genesis and was thinking about getting the tops Tom brown tracker but would you think the esse 5 would be a better option I practice bushcraft here in woods in tipperary and I do a lot of fishing

  7. I’m really glad to hear that you’re going to work on the audio. Even if you’re using phone to film you can still get microphones that will greatly improve the audio fidelity. I love these videos but I really need to be able to hear you clearly!

  8. I went from Garberg to Esee RB3, Just a solid knife and USA made and has a 90 degree spine and scandi grind

  9. Using the phrase “Drawer Queen” for a knife made me laugh out loud, I collect knives and most of them are so expensive I never use them in case they might get damaged – it’s daft really. Great video cheers – hope ya bounce back from the Covid.

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