Snowy Winter Truck Camping + Testing the Bullet Shaker Mini Camp Heater

Snowy Winter Truck Camping + Testing the Bullet Shaker Mini Camp Heater

Truck camping in a foot of snow just north of Whistler, BC and testing out my new bulletshaker heater for winter camping.

Link to heater:

Final Results:
Time / Temp @ Stove / Temp @ Bed / Temp Outside
0 mins / 5.8C (42F) / 4C (39F) / 3C (37F)
2 mins / 7.8C (46F) / 5C (41F) / 2C (35F)
5 mins / 13.6C (56F) / 6C (43F) / 2C (35F)
10 mins / 20.2C (68F) / 7C (44F) / 2C (35F)
Turned on fan
15 mins / 21.6C (70F) / 9C (48F) / 2C (35F)
Shut off stove
45 mins / 7.6C (45F) / 7C (44F) / 2C (35F)

Truck Camper Blueprint:
Truck Tour:
Build Animation:
Truck Camper Breakdown:
Locking My Truck Camper:

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55 thoughts on “Snowy Winter Truck Camping + Testing the Bullet Shaker Mini Camp Heater

  1. Did you really mean North Korea or South Korea? I thought your Truck movement Demo was hilarious. I laughed out loud at the bed portion, still laughing.

  2. I think everyone can agree that shake test was the highlight of the video 😂📸😂📸

    1. Levi, I was certain you were going to knock that pot of chili off that heater. Do you use anything consistently to heat up your sleeping bag such as a hot water bottle, hand warmers, sleeping bag liner, or do you just sleep under that comforter in your clothes?

    2. @Kimberly B Doesn’t matter to me!! 🙂 I’m still watching his videos but let’s just say I wouldn’t mind trying to keep him warm.

    3. @Kimberly B we should be neutral! enjoy his vids but that scene was hilarious 😅

  3. Wait wait wait. You’re supposed to pull the fridge bag out of the box, then open it, turn it sideways and then pull out each item, sliding them to the end of the counter before cooking 🤷‍♀️ I’m gonna need you to redo this video 😉

  4. I’m surprise she don’t have any insulation at all where are you sleep I was just gonna ask you what about Mr. buddy heater I don’t find them very safe but they are safer than some things be safe drive safe here from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦😎❤️

  5. The hair, extended sssss lisp, let’s see your wife then I’ll believe you’re not gay, well not really but it’d help.

  6. Cool video, I was just looking at this heater. I have the back of my truck set up almost exactly like yours. Actually I used the blueprints you posted for it. Thank you for all the work you put into them.

    1. @Levditti It works great. I cut about 2 ft off the middle that can slide in to make the bed bigger, then in bad weather I can sit in the middle and use that 2ft section as a table

  7. I think I need one of these doodads for hunting. Part of the reason I did my camper build on my truck was for the warmth it provides compared to a tent. a tent in @ 0*C sucks hard.

    1. You should compare it to a lantern since both are using combustion. That’s what I’ve been using in the evenings and mornings hunting. They put off quite a bit of heat in the shell. Of course I crack both my windows and make sure to use carbon monoxide. I make sure to shut it down when I go to sleep. I’ve found using my Milliard Trifold single mattress (A fantastic camping 4 inch memory foam mattress if you haven’t tried one out) and a zero degree sleeping bag I don’t need a heater except before bed and when I wake up. I think this is because the mattress does a good job of insulating the bottom of the sleeping bag somewhat like the ground in a tent. Also my camper shell is carpeted. The bed is bedlined. So I’d say that’s partial insulation? Did you have any problems with it melting your screen next to the window crack? How did the fiberglass roof top feel to touch directly overhead? How long did you run it at times? How long did your one take a fuel last?

    2. I’ll check out the lanterns, I’ve never tried one. I didn’t see any issues with the screen melting, and the roof definitely didn’t get too hot, you’d have to have it right up there for that to be an issue. I don’t think I ran it for more than about 20 minutes at a time, I’m still a little concerned about using it inside, thought I was loosing brain cells at one point lol I used it for three nights and didn’t go through my little fuel tank but I really wasn’t using it that much, just for a bit before bed each night

  8. Cool Video! I am building a truck topper camper and testing the same heater. Could you please give the temperatures in fahrenheit too? That would be really helpful.

  9. My Snugtop is lined with that felt indoor/outdoor material or the like. I feel like it might be a tad bit unsafe if I turned my back on it. Seems like a solid heater though.

  10. I would think most of the heat goes right to the top of the topper ( as seen in the outside shot with all snow melted) maybe putting your fan up high as possible to push the warm air down may provide better overall warmth?

    1. Good eye, the snow on that side of the topper was fully melted, I’ll see if I can find a little fan mount for up top

    1. Never had a problem with mine, it’s got a seal underneath and hangs over the edge a bit so it’s hard for water to get in there unless I’m parked on a steep angle or something

  11. truck camper here as well. I have this heater – my cap is carpeted so what I did for better insulation (and so to not ‘burn down the house) I lined/attached ( W/Velcro) to the ceiling reflectix – since installing (…it keeps the ceiling from singeing lol) I found it helped hold & radiat the heat given off longer – new to your channel & enjoying what you have out there- thanx !

  12. make some reflectix window covers and your temp will jump….. that glass is like a heat conduit to the outside…

  13. also – you have a dutch oven, heat it with water or rocks in it and bring it inside… thermal mass…

  14. Found your channel last night and been watching a bunch of videos! Loving them man, keep it up

  15. Free standing propane heaters in a truck camper, not GOOD. We had 2 young school boys die from a propane they had in their truck. NOT SMART..

  16. How has the uncarpeted topper been so far? Headed out this weekend, curious how bad condensation will get.

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