Camping Alcohol Heaters

Camping Alcohol Heaters

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42 thoughts on “Camping Alcohol Heaters

  1. Pretty cool, man. I keep notes of things like this and other useful tips and tricks I that I find across youtube for that SHTF day.
    Thanks for sharing Hoss.

  2. Alcohol Heaters, and the left over you could probably drink the alcohol after words. Well maybe not. Great video Hoss.

  3. Good call on using bright colors for camping gear. I made some tent stakes out of steel rod I had laying around and thought to myself, “I should paint these camo…wait.” Ended up using bright red engine enamel. Good vid.

  4. No demo? Also you might want to try denatured alcohol. Its very easy to light and you can get it in 1 qt cans. Or if you want you can just cook off the alcohol from your isopropyl with a jerrry rigged catcher

  5. My Uncle called it a hunter’s stove. He learned about them when he operated a crane, while working on the Alaskan pipe line. He said they worked fairly well. Great stuff!!

  6. Excellent. You could use bits of the alcohol soaked paper as emergengy fire lighters also. A good and workable idea for emergency cooking and heating, notes taken, thank you.

  7. i have made a few of those. they work great and store for years. I usually duct-tape a lighter and a metal shim to the top or side.
    I also tried one with some left over fiberglass insulation; works the same, but i can be itchy if you are not careful.
    to improve the design: cut some perforated sheet metal in a long strip, half the height of the can and as wide as the cans circumference. roll it to be a little smaller then the can. now you can put it on top to keep the wind off and a pot rest.

  8. I made one of those and the metal blackened up pretty nicely. It didn’t cover the entire can but most of it.

  9. how long do they last tho when you burn them? Also what if you needed to heat a room, and used paper towels instead of tissue rolls for a larger heater, have you ever tried that?

  10. what is denatured alchohol? so you’re saying it HAS to be 60 to 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, does this have to be ventilated too?

  11. I agree with ALAPINO. I originally thought that the higher the alcohol content, the better the burn. I can get 73% and that is far superior the the 90+ stuff. My heater stays in my box blind so I’ve never painted it. My last couple that I made lasted 8 years before rusting through and leaking. Not bad for less that 5 bucks each….

  12. ok, cool, see what you mean It’d be cool if it does, let me know if you try this or possibly Hoss

  13. thanks for taking the time to explain all that in detail,
    much appreciated Did receive the other messages and it
    shocked me to see you left me so many I didn’t get, again thanks

  14. We used to use metal tobacco cans, from loose roll your own. They are all plastic now unfortunately.

  15. Try stuffing it with fiberglass insulation it wont burn as the alcohol runs low. It’s more expensive but will also last a lot longer.

  16. Just curious for those who have tried making these, does better TP last longer than the cheap stuff?? The really thin singly play crap is a whole lot cheaper than putting a roll of charmin in the can, but if it burns out too quick it may be better to have higher quality paper.

  17. the toilet paper is to act as a wick to pull the alcohol up to the flame, after the alcohol is gone, the toilet paper tends to burn like crap

  18. Just a couple of SAFETY pointers. DO NOT use these in confined areas such as RV’s or Vans! They burn oxygen very fast and if you don’t have enough ventilation you will DIE!
    Unlike candles the flame and alcohol burns oxygen rapidly. I suggest using it with open doors/windows to heat bricks or water. Then use candles to maintain the heat when the doors/windows are closed. Outdoors it’s perfect for cooking or extra warmth.

  19. “And you can just pour more alcohol in there and kinda recharge it”…as it bursts into flames enveloping you.

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