5,000 BTU Candle Camper Heater - UCO Candlelier Lantern, Heat your camper: RV Van Car SUV

5,000 BTU Candle Camper Heater – UCO Candlelier Lantern, Heat your camper: RV Van Car SUV

5,000 BTU Candle Camper Heater – UCO Candlelier. In this episode I review and demonstrate the UCO Candle Lantern Heaters and demonstrate how they can be used to heat a small space like your car, SUV, RV and Van camper.

I build a light shield for night time use and then test in my SUV camper overnight down to 22 deg. At the end I show a great mod for more heat output.

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55 thoughts on “5,000 BTU Candle Camper Heater – UCO Candlelier Lantern, Heat your camper: RV Van Car SUV

  1. I took mine and removed the candles and made four vegetable oil lamps using the little shot bottles that you get from the airlines
    You hot glue four of them to the base, fill with vegetable oil pop a small hole in the top for a cotton yarn Wick and now you’ve got 25% more light and a little bit more heat than 5000 BTUs
    Vegetable oil is cheap and available everywhere and you never have to buy those expensive candles again and you can light 2 if it’s a warm night or three if you like.
    It’s a nice adjustable way to have a variable heater

    1. I recommend you do a little research on the byproducts of burning vegetable oil vs candle wax. The latter is much more healthy for you in the long run per my research. FYI.

    2. Nice idea but why not use something wider and a metal plate with multiple holes then you just have to fill the lower chamber once plus you could run more flames

    3. Be sure to watch the video starting at 19:37 where he shows that idea… and has created another video with the actual demonstration…

  2. Is there a way that you could create or make your own candles ? I knew candle light can create some heat but i like it because you added a lantern type of gadget to help burn and reflect the heat.

  3. I live in alaska.i was on my way f
    To work.800.miles away
    The heater gave up.I used a old coffee can.candle
    Aluminum foil
    It heated up the vechile.kept the windows from freezing from inside..so now you have this lantern
    Look better than a old coffee can and candle

  4. I wonder how it would work under a cast iron pot with a lid. You get heat, hot water or just cooking in general. See now I gotta try it….dammit.

  5. I am way in the future i could have used this in February 2021 i have candle lanterns it gave me light in this blackout in Houston Tx on the 15 th n 17th nice

  6. I spent the entire video listening to the sexy voice and looking at your big manly hands. How desperate am I lol.

  7. You shouldn’t close it up because you loose radiant heat that the reflector sends out . Plus your body also warms it up inside.

  8. have you thought about getting one of those thermo electric fans that you can sit ontop of the candle heater to circulate the air I think that would help increase the inside temp. The same thing works with the mr buddy and will circulate the air

  9. Itll be a lot cheaper than idling my tractor trailer in cooler weather. After a point ill have to so I can avoid gelling, but its an improvement

  10. You can. Big can, inside it a little can, a candle or 2 inside and put them on top of ceramic tile or a couple bricks in a safe area. That is a trick if car stranded in winter. Cans heat up and warmth. Carefully.. I like this.

  11. Put your candle in a big pot
    That comes with a lid.
    So you don’t knock it over.
    If you set your tent alight
    Step through the hole that’s burning.

  12. I bought mine for emergency heat, in a house with electric heat. I’d relocate to one room and use the lantern for heat. I have some kerosene lamps for the same reason.

  13. I think if you mount some sort of thicker metal to the top plate, the heat output might be more efficient. Just think of it as a radiator heater.

  14. So two of the big yellow heaters would be ideal for your camping trip test you did that night you could’ve kept it at 65 I bet.

  15. I feel like most cars probably have enough drafts and gaps that you wouldn’t need to crack the window lol

  16. Sure don’t know where you found the glass liquor miniatures…everything now is plastic lil’ bottles, Maybe ‘gold slauger'(sp)?
    In the ’80s I was a Bartender/package liquor store.
    Thanx for the useful information!
    Vaya con Dios

  17. May be good for a contingency plan, but X pennnnnnn sive fuel.
    A diesel heater is a better proposition, no fumes, no fire risk, dry air, no smell, … and much much more affordable fuel.

  18. So, the carbon monoxide would not be an issue in a tiny teardrop with windows slightly cracked open?

  19. Is there any concern that the glass might shatter from the heat increase by putting the aluminum light shield around the glass?

  20. Or you can use the candle tubes to pour your own bees wax an paraffin candles 50/50 next time I’m trying 75/25. 50/50 lasts about 8 hours.

  21. Do you have to use their “proprietary” beeswax candles? If used in car, would you need to crack windows? Thanks.

  22. OK, if you had two of those lanterns operating in the same space with the temperature outside at, say, 5 degrees, you should be able to maintain a 60 degree or better inside temp. Using the three candles or the shot bottles, that is real good.

  23. Would it had been better to put the shield can part that you put on first on the inside of the glass . And then the sliding can part on the out side.

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