Top 5 travel Grills! (Best Portable grills for Camping?)

Top 5 travel Grills! (Best Portable grills for Camping?)

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Summer is here. We all know what that means… Grilling season, backyards, camping, and picnics! Here at Embers Living we live for summer. We don’t always wanna stay in our back yards and grill though. We wanna explore the beautiful Rocky mountains and eat some good food! Now how are going to do that with no grill in the middle of nowhere?! That is what this video covers. We take a look at the top 5 Travel grills we can take on adventures with us!

Number 5: We first cover the Weber Q1800 Gas Grill. I mean look at this thing, its just so adorable and small! Which makes it awesome for taking it on trips! The small design takes up little space on your way to a campsite. can pack into any car with some room to spare. Because of the small size it is limiting on how many burger, hot dogs, steaks , you can have going at once which isn’t great but its really not all that bad.
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Number 4: Next we take a glance at the NEW Weber Traveler Gas Grill. This guy is amazing! It has a collapsable design that can pack down real small. The cart and the cart design is truly amazing with a slow close system that prevents it from slamming to the ground. And we all know Webers amazing enamel finish that is nearly invincible. Everything is basically a home run on the Weber Traveler Gas Grill.
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Number 3: Coming in at Number 3 we have one of our favorite brands… Napoleon! This is the Travel Q by Napoleon. The one displayed in the video is the phantom limited edition. They sell the same grill in multiple colors. Why did we rank it number three? We absolutely love the initiative that Napoleons takes when designing grills. This travel grill has two separate burners which is amazing. We can do a slow cook on one side and a nice hot sear on the other. Allows us to really get versatile in our cooking. The cart is very similar to the Weber cart in the way that it is collapsable.
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Number 2: Now we have a fan favorite! A Charcoal Grill! Coming in at number two we have the Joe JR from Kamado Joe. Let me tell you, this thing is one of a kind cool! Small and portable, along with a charcoal cook! We get the flavors we love from the charcoal as well as a nostalgic feeling when cooking with coal on the kamado! This grill is made from very high quality ceramic and has awesome functionality.

Number 1: Coming in at number 1 is the The sleek beautiful Everdure force! Now like in the video this grill is bridging the gap between portable and non portable. This guy can be permanently set in your back yard or taken apart and put on a table as demonstrated in the video. We love this thing and cook on it often at the shop! It has two burners that get up to temp and hold temp like a champ! There are really no complains when it comes to this grill.
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55 thoughts on “Top 5 travel Grills! (Best Portable grills for Camping?)


  2. did trevor ever do a top 5 charcoal grill? top 5 portable charcoal grill? these would make great content as well. As for this video, it’s unfortunate that he didn’t include the q1200 in the list. I would argue that’s a step above alot of these grills including the q1000.

  3. This went from reasonable traveling grills to #1+2 being a bit ‘glamper’ status. I mean if you take a full sized TV places, why not a full size grill. I don’t see me lugging 1 or 2 to the beach.

  4. This was a good detailed review. Thank you. I have borrowed my son’s very old Weber Q and was impressed with the heat but I could not get it to run below 300º. Is there a trick to do that? I recently bought the Napoleon Travel Q 285 and like the two burners, but even with one burner on low and the other off, the cooler side of the grill is still hotter than I want for low and slow bbq. Is there a way to reduce temperatures?

  5. Here at this point a thank you to you. For the great contributions.
    Warm greetings from Germany.

    It’s a shame that you’re not around the corner for me.

  6. If you want a portable kamado there is only one choice, Akorn Jr. Much, much lighter and more durable than the ceramic ones.

  7. I got the napoleon as my only grill love it so far
    I never had a full size gas grill so Idk what I’m missing
    Thanks for the review

  8. Thanks for the nice review. It would be nice if you used a tape measure to give dimension on each of them, especially the ones that fold. That’d add some more detail to the comparison and is very helpful.

  9. I’m a grill guy and a sneaker head I notice your Jordan’s first thing, before the grill. Nice! Grills and Sneakers a new channel!

  10. What are the prices and u only showed the cooking square footage on the first one , what about the rest ?

  11. Trager didn’t make the list? Where would you place the small traveling trager on the list of portable grills.

  12. Thanks! Awesome review!! what about Broil-king porta chef 320?, seems like it has really nice features.

  13. You haven’t mentioned that the Weber Traveler will stand vertically when folded. The Napoleon doesn’t. Also the Napoleon looks like the left hand shelf will drag on the floor when you wheel it.

  14. So the No.1 Travel grill needs two big guys to move it, plus a screwdriver and it needs a table? The KJ weighs 75lb. Make sure you travel with friends.

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