Rotisserie Ribeye Roast on the Gas Grill!

Rotisserie Ribeye Roast on the Gas Grill!

How to do a boneless Rib Roast on a gas grill using the rotisserie!

Rib Roast:
• Started with a 7 lbs boneless rib roast, choice cut from Costco.
• Seasoned with Burlap and Barrel Salina Crystal Salt 24 hours in advance.
• 2 Hours before the cook, I coated in some olive oil and put Purple Stripe Garlic along with Smoked Chipotle Flakes, both of these also from Burlap and Barrel.
• Set up the grill for rotisserie using only the infrared burner on the back of the grill.
• Let the grill heat up and had the infrared on high before placing the Rib Roast on the rotisserie.
• We checked on the roast as it hit 100 degrees.
• We were shooting for an internal temp of about 122 degrees before pulling.
• Pulled the rib roast and covered for about 20 minutes before cutting.

Corn on the Cob:
• We also decided to show how we cook our corn in the husk.
• Had 5 cobbs of corn, I do not soak them.
• Had the grill on medium/low. Turned every 4 minutes since Jack’s grill runs a little hotter than mine. Total cook took aobut 16 minutes until the husk was dark brown/black at places.
• We removed the husk, added some butter and then Aw Shucks Corn Spice!

Summary: The rib roast turned out great! Had a beautiful crust and outstanding flavor. The total cook took about 1 ½ hours. With the infarred on high, we were getting an ambient temp of about 280 the whole cook. Also, we used the Meater for a guide as I always confirm with my Thermapro instant read for final temps.

This is the only way I make corn. Once done and you pull the husk, the hair comes right off! The Aw Shucks is a great spice, and we will have the link to purchase. We do not receive anything from them, just a nice local company with a great spice!

Aw Shucks Corn Spice

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24 thoughts on “Rotisserie Ribeye Roast on the Gas Grill!

  1. Looks amazing, but catch the drippings next time to make a gravy for the mashed potatoes! Love rotisserie cooks, everything always turns out to be wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jack. Cheers!

    1. Yes, the rotisserie always turns out great and I should do the more often! Good idea on the drippings, on Jack’s grill that would work great since the heat is on the back of the grill. Appreciate the well wishes for Thanksgiving and we will you the same! I already had on dinner yesterday, cooked a whole prime rib and we also had our traditional pig stomach! We never had turkey at my parents! I will be cooking the traditional turkey on TDay for my wife and her Mom! Cheers!

  2. Gas bbq is only for those who live in areas where lump coals are illegal.Remember gas does not add flavor.

    1. Thanks for watching! I believe a lot of people have gas grills for the convenience as well. Some of our most watch videos are people seeing how to cook a certain meat the the gas grill. I totally agree that you get better flavor from lump! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Thomas! This was a smaller one, I just did a 17.5 lb rib roast on the Kamado Joe for our families Thanksgiving meal yesterday at my parents! We always do ours the Sat before so more of the family can attend! Enjoy yours! Cheers!

    1. This was! I didn’t realize how the juice looked on screen after I cut through this! Thanks as always! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Dave! Yes, cooking with Gas, but I did not use ketchup! LOL Appreciate as always! Cheers!

  3. Gorgeous juicy rib roast Craig! Came out perfect and the corn too, black husks are a good thing, protects a perfect ear. Happy holidays to you and Jack! Cheers brother and keep on grillin!

    1. Thank Charley! Yes, the rib roast turned out nice! I just did a 17.5 lb roast on my KJ for my families Thanksgiving yesterday. More can attend the Sat before! Corn on the grill is the only way I do them anymore, turns out great! Happy Holidays to you as well! Looking forward to seeing one of you cooks soon! Cheers!

    1. Probably my favorite cut to cook, sometimes easier then a steak! The choice cut we have been getting from Costco, has been very nicely marbled! Unless the rising prices is making me believe that! LOL Thanks as always Dave! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Jim! Very hard to say, but the garlic had a really nice flavor and the description says it has a sweeter taste, but I cant say I noticed that? I thought more favorable then your standard over the counter garlic. Cheers!

  4. Always nice to see a gasser doing work. Guess I kind of did it backwards, but that’s what I learned to bbq on.

    1. Thanks Doc! Yes, I was the same way. Always had a gas grill and only used charcoal a few times until about 5 years ago. I still use mine for sides and some seafood that is covered and we like showing cooks on Jack’s grill. Some of our most watched videos are on his grill! Cheers!

  5. Did you just use the infra red back burner? On high, I get about 250 approximately. Thanks and Merry Christmas from your Northern neighbors from Canada.

    1. Thanks for watching Gary! Yes, we only used the infrared and looking back at the Meater app, it showed about 260 for the cook. The infer red works great because you don’t get an flare ups. Merry Christmas to you as well! Cheers!

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