Portable Camping Grill- Otzi Adventure Gear Flat Pack Grill

Portable Camping Grill- Otzi Adventure Gear Flat Pack Grill

Check out the super portable, camping grill from the folks over at Otzi Adventure Gear.
This is their largest model, the Ember Flat Pack Grill.
They are a California-based family business manufacturing their products in their hometown of Temecula, USA!

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You can buy it here:

Follow their adventures here:



The Bearded Burton storefront:

My film gear is:
•Sony A6400
•E PZ 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens
•iPhone Xr 128G
•Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK Compact Action Tripod
•Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount
*IF using a phone you will need this: Rode SC7 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Patch Cable*
•Vello QuickDraw Rotating Flash Bracket
•RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount with Hand Grip

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55 thoughts on “Portable Camping Grill- Otzi Adventure Gear Flat Pack Grill

  1. well this sold me on it! I really like how it breaks down flat , I dont care about the weight because I wouldn’t use it for backpacking, this would be a great little grill for river trips or even just when I want to cook a steak even at home and use little wood scraps rather than dump half a bag of charcoal into my larger grill. I think I would use a piece of steel square stock and make a couple notches in it as you did the stick so I could set my coffee perculator or small cast iron on it without all the flex. great review .

    1. @The Bearded Burton oh wow. I almost just bought one, but I’m gonna wait. Do you know when v2 is coming?

    1. Just bought two of these. I’m a blacksmith so I’ll do 2 easy fixes. Weld some supports on the grill plate and make 2 different height support brackets for the front in order to handle CI Dutch ovens and skillets. Takes no time at all.

  2. You just earn youself a new subscriber man..love the way you review the stove..will be watching your other videos..thanks man

  3. haven’t finished watching this yet but first impression of the video itself, a full two minutes before a single word is said. TOO LONG of an intro.

    1. Oh my well I guess you’ve never seen a movie without words as soon as the camera starts rolling 😱
      You are THE only person out of the thousands that have watched this that didn’t understand most videos now are like this. It’s very peaceful for most and you get a good idea where I am and what I’m doing. Finish the video then let me know what ya think lol

  4. Excellent Vid – Problem / Solution. I thought of a few other probs in the design. I almost pulled the trigger, but will wait till next version.


  6. I could see otzi punching out a couple more pieces of steel for “supports.” If they do, you should get the credit!

  7. Any idea if they will make a titanium version? It would be crazy expensive, but there would be a niche for it for sure.

  8. Thank goodness for Fast Forward. No need to see you walk through puddles. …. but I’m glad I watched because I learned that it won’t suit my needs. Good job, just keep it faster.

    1. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know I needed to make videos that way, guess you can’t be creative anymore 🤷‍♂️.
      I appreciate you watching but there’s 10 thousand
      more people who disagree with you.

  9. I’ve noticed a lot of people cooking over flame instead of hot coals with these little portable fire pits. Is that because they are too small to sustain a bed of hot coals?

    1. No they can sustain coals for sure, I was just boiling water here and in a hurry ha!
      Thanks for watching

    1. The warping mine experienced wasn’t anything that kept it from being functional and it still fits together and works fine

  10. Love your fix but wouldn’t it burn up with the fire being right there? Would be great if you used the wood as a template for a metal solution. Looks very interesting.

    1. That’s what they said they would do. It is further away than it looks and you don’t want to cook with a huge open flame anyways, so once it gets to coals you pop it in to hold it

  11. This could thrive in a bike/quad camping niche. Too heavy for backpackers, a bit flimsy for car campers. 😃

    1. That’s what it’s made for exactly. And it’s not too flimsy for car camping. Not sure what makes it too flimsy for cars but ATVs hahaha

  12. It’s a shame you have an Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren advertisement ruining your info video.

    1. It’s sad that we don’t get to pick who or what advertisements run on our videos 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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