OTZI Grill Review

OTZI Grill Review

We are BIG on taste, but low on space. In our 10 years on the road in our tiny vintage camper, we have camped and cooked fabulous meals all over the continent. OTZI is the first portable, flat-pack grill that meets ALL of our standards for space, durability, flexibility, and quality cooking surfaces. This grill has it all for you to bring your camp cooking A-Game. It is the perfect grill for camping, RVing, overlanding, vanlife, and even backyard grilling.

While traveling across the country this spring, we’ve put this little grill through its paces – and it has not disappointed. Are we gushing too much? Probably — don’t care. We freakin’ love this grill and everything it can do while also fitting into its little storage space!

In this video we’ll show you all the features that we love, while baking dark chocolate brownies and roasting sweet potatoes. We’ve also made eggs, pancakes, chili, cornbread, burgers, and even pizza!

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See y’all on the road!
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5 thoughts on “OTZI Grill Review

  1. I like the OTZI. I may go for the larger model. Cooking bread intersts me. Based on how you cooked the brownies, I guess I could cook some beer bread. Or skillet corn bread. With rolling blackouts possible now and into the future, this seems to be a good option. In addition, I have a Kelly Kettle. Both would be complimentary for emergency home use. Free firewood abounds.

    1. We are cooking on the 4-6 person Otzi Flame model. It only comes in the “Hybrid Alloy” material – not the carbon steel. It’s been very durable and weather resistant. Love it!

  2. Great looking grill! That is an awesome compact option. New follower here. Crow✌️

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