NexGrill - Table Top - Portable Gas Grill

NexGrill – Table Top – Portable Gas Grill

Nexgrill Cast Aluminum Table Top Gas BBQ
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13,500 total BTU (2 x 6,750 BTU each burner)
262 Square Inches Total Grilling Area
Reliable Push-and-Turn Ignition
Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Lid and Firebox
Uses Propane Gas

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18 thoughts on “NexGrill – Table Top – Portable Gas Grill

  1. Nice video, do you think it can be used indoors, maby in teh kitchen below the aspiration?

    Thank you!

  2. This little grill is perfect! Easy assembly, easy hook up to propane – just used it for the first time and love it.

  3. Good quality video but you skipped a very important safety step. You’re supposed to check the hose and connections for leaks with warm soapy water.

  4. This is nice!I got the Nexgrill 1 burner(12,000btu)it comes with some cheapo grates so,
    I upgraded those to a set of cast and a set GrillGrates.
    I’ve hit 600°f so its certainly not! a chump.
    Def a lid closed grill…

  5. I’ve got one of these I’ve been using for around 5 months. I’ve used it nearly every day and I started from scratch as a total newbie griller.

    Pros –
    It has a lot of heat. I’ve had mine well over 1000 degrees within 15 mins or so. This is also a con. But it’s pretty good at being able to grill up meat and put grill marks on both sides without moving the meat to a fresh area of the grill. This means it’s great for fast cooking and not great for low and slow.
    Nice large area.
    Seems well made in terms of materials. Quite robust and the plastic handles have never complained once about the heat, even when I was doing my dumb newbie mistakes of overheating it to “season” the grates.

    Cons –
    A bit too much heat. Lowest setting with a single burner with the lid down will see 400-450 degrees. If you want less than that, you’ll have to get creative and possibly keep the lid partially open. I don’t have a solution for this yet, so I have not yet successfully done anything “low and slow”. It all turns out dry and tough because the temp is too high.
    The porcelain doesn’t seem to be very robust. Mine flaked off, mostly on the food. This might have been due to my own mistake when I had seen someone recommend seasoning the grates with flax oil at 1000 deg for an hour multiple times. No, that’s not necessary. Nor helpful.

    The footprint vs the grilling space is perhaps the only real design flaw I see outside of too much heat. It’s too large for me to take anywhere on my scooter (I’m in Asia, where cars are not really practical), so it stays on my balcony and I can’t take it to picnics easily. That’s not the end of the world though. I can live with that.

    Not having a low temperature ability is frustrating though. I’d like something that is able to idle at 275. I cannot achieve that with this grill at this time.

    It is best at cooking things that handle direct heat well. Steak, Fish, Chicken, Sausages, all excellent. I’ve done perfect medium rare steaks that look like they were done sous-vide style and I’ve done chicken breast that is tender and juicy with beautiful grill marks. Salmon steaks, salmon fillets, mackerel fillets, tilapia strips… all cooked to perfection. Pork loins, ribs, roasts, not really.

    Ultimately, I’m really glad I got it, but I’d love to replace my grates now and they are not sold in this country, less than 1 year after purchasing the grill. Frustrating.

  6. Get an electric indoor grill… Sunbeam grill for about $79 bucks… No smoke and a big grease catcher tray… Just plug & play… With grill marks to boot…

  7. I don’t believe it, I have the old one exactly the one you have, and just buy a new one exactly what you have now… ahhahahahha

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