Winter Tarp Camping in the Australian Snow

Winter Tarp Camping in the Australian Snow

I head back into the Australian Snowy Mountains for another winter snow camp with Mattsy, (The Silly Swagman). We spend a night out in the snow, under our tarp shelters. It was such a great trip with some quality banter. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, please consider subscribing.

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24 thoughts on “Winter Tarp Camping in the Australian Snow

  1. Absolutely beautiful location Scotty, I’d love to do something like this one day. Such a surreal experience.

    Keep up the amazing content👍

  2. It’s all fun and games till Mattsy comes along! 🤣 Loving the snow camping colab Boys and good to see Mattsy bring his big boy tarp this time… but maybe he needs to watch your tarp setup videos for next time Scotty! 😂 I would have made Mattsy drop and do 20 push-ups for burning the bacon though… what a disaster! 😭🤣 Thanks for the ride and the laughs Guys!😎

  3. All of your “B roll” shots were like postcards. Absolutely spectacular countryside. You could not have asked for better weather that first afternoon.

  4. Mate I’m so impressed! I’m an ausie (central west nsw) I lived in Sweden for a few years. Bushcrafted in -30. But your conditions up there are actually harder to keep warm than Sweden Keep it up mate. If you need some fly fishing tips hit me up. I’m a guide and I’m bloody proud of you.

  5. Ahh mate… you did such a beautiful job on this one. A really nice video to look back at to remember a great moment in time. Thank you

  6. It’s amazing how a relatively ‘barren’ landscape can look so beautiful. The whole video was really funny and had me chuckling a few times. Thank you. Take care, be safe. ❤️ Dorset, UK

  7. You lads are awesome. Good on you for getting out there and exploring. I just got back from a solo night out with dipped down to zero and that was cold not being prepared for it but snow camping here in Aus is something thats on my list to do! Thanks for the great content

  8. Look out here’s trouble. You introduced me to the silly swagman a while ago and have been a sub ever since. You guys go together like peas and corn, great video and hopefully more team ups in the future

  9. Great episode, enjoyed the banter too. Beautiful scenery! Those mountains were magical! Look forward to you guys doing another trip together!

  10. D’un abonné de France. Merci Scotty pour ces magnifiques paysages, cette belle musique et votre bonne humeur.

  11. Absolutely lovin seeing you back out with Mattsy again. This has to be the best Bromance on YouTube. A pair of Legends individually but combined 👍👍

  12. Another great video with a touch of humour.

    That’s some next level stuff just outdoor open air sleeping in the snow

  13. Absolutely beautiful shots there Scotty! My dream to do a snow camp. Keep inspiring bro. Congrats also on 100k!

  14. Wow, very beautiful snow scene. Heat is needed to keep you warm in the snow, and a hot tent and stove combo can ward off the winter cold. With the sun, it’s a great winter camping trip.

  15. wow!!! When I was young I hankered for travelling the world. Now I so love Australia i just want to see more of it’s beauty an you showed us it so well. Thanks so much Scotty.

  16. Absolutely loved this video guys you nailed it ,love your good ol Aussie humour looking forward to seeing more 👏

  17. Mattsy is hilarious! I laughed so hard at his bacon dangling over the fire and turning black. So funny also when he slid down the snowbank with his snowshoes and then toppled over. And then there was his shelter 🙂 Love the way the two of you exchange barbs. Your bacon and avocado on the bread looked so good. I couldn’t understand what kind of sauce you said it was that you spread on it. The Aussie accent sometimes leaves me puzzled. It sounds cool though. The snow camping looked great. We’re just winding down with summer here in the states. Love your videos! Take care. Hoo Roo!

  18. The scenery Scotty is just soooo bloody beautiful, love the snow gums in the snow with that late evening light on them.

  19. Enjoying these videos with Scotty and Mattsy together. You two are different characters but work well together! More joint ventures please!

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