Winter Camping in Norway | Gear Review

Winter Camping in Norway | Gear Review

I spent 4 days Winter Camping in the Dividalen National Park on temps as cold as -20ºC / -4°F. This video is a summary of the gear l used and my opinion about what worked and what didn’t. l also give some suggestions that may make your next Winter Camping adventure more pleasant.

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*These are the links to the different videos that appear in this video*

– Duomid in the Snow:

– Sub-zero Winter Camping in Norway – Episodes – PLAYLIST:

– Off-grid Cabin in Winter:

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Camera Gear:
– Nikon z6
– Nikkor z 24mm f1.8


00:00 – Dividalen National Park
00:13 – TENT – MLD Duomid
02:20 – Sleeping Pad
03:33 – NIKON z6 – Camera
03:49 – Clothes
05:19 – I need SUPPORT!
06:42 – Fjäll Anders – YouTube Awesome Channel
07:25 – 3 Pairs of Socks!
07:36 – Alfa Boots
08:15 – Cooking Stove – MSR
09:19 – RAB Puffy Jacket – FAILED!
10:07 – Awesome Winter Shots

2 thoughts on “Winter Camping in Norway | Gear Review

  1. I still have not found the tent keys 🤣 thank you for posting a clip from one of my videos. Very good interesting video you made, exciting tent you show, duomid. Incredibly light weight. I’m eager to try something similar.

    1. 06:42 😂 Man, you’re on the middle of Sarek, in an Arctic storm… nobody is going to sneak into your tent! No need to lock it! 🤣 Seriously though, thanks for letting me use your awesome video footage, much appreciated.

      l look forward to developing the skill to do the things you do one day. Travelling on skis + pulka in Sarek in winter is potentially ‘very’ dangerous, especially alone. l really hope one day l’ll be filming myself in the middle of an Arctic blizzard, just like you do!

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