Winter CAMPING gear. How it ALL fits in my BACKPACK.

Winter CAMPING gear. How it ALL fits in my BACKPACK.

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How I fit all my winter CAMPING gear in my BACKPACK | Cold weather BACKPACKING setup

For the folks that have asked about which pack I’ve been using:
Gregory Paragon 58l Backpack

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OTHER Camping gear I use:

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(The Best Quilt) UGQ Bandit Quilt
Highlander Thermal Camping mat

Thermos Container for keeping you meat chilled

Jetboil Minimo
Jetboil pan
Jetboil Utensils
Little Nalgene bottles or
Orange Mug
Osprey exos pack
Thermarest Sleeping Pads
Thermarest pump
Exped sleeping pad
Exped pump sack
Hilleberg Soulo Tent
Rab sleeping bag
Mini Stool
Thermarest Sleeping Pads
MSR pocket rocket stove
Tent no longer in manufacture. Here’s the newer model
Nite Ize Gear Ties
BeFree water filter
Aeropress coffee press
Rab Unishelter bivi
Big Agnes mat
Thermarest Z-lite
Thermarest pump sack
Fizan hiking poles
Trekology Sleeping pad
Lanshan 1 tent
folding table
Trangia Stove
SOTO Windmaster Stove
Mini Pot Grips
Salomon Boots
Foil mat
or Amazon

Before you go wild camping, please check the laws in your area as you may be trespassing if you camp or pitch your tent without permission to do so.

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This video filmed with:

Edited with Lumafusion app on this iPad

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55 thoughts on “Winter CAMPING gear. How it ALL fits in my BACKPACK.

  1. I really appreciate the fact that you have proudly adopted the Ray Mears physique, instead of that of Skinny, Alleged Survival Faker “Bear” Grylls. It suits you. There is something cruelly inevitable for us all, it seems, when it comes to hiking 20 miles a day and not being anything like Alleged Survival Faker Grylls. Maybe Grylls spends all his time in the Gym and not actually out Camping… Allegedly.

    1. @Neil Hughes “Alleged” Faker. A name given him by the Media, not I. Sorry, to disappoint you, I have no issues with Mr Grylls. I simply prefer to watch Ray Mear’s style of programming as opposed to that of Mr Grylls. Good on you if you like them all. What relevance has his SAS training got to do with Leisure Camping as portrayed by Paul Anyway? David Sterling is one of my all time heroes. He truly is. The stories of Paddy Mayne influenced my decision to join the Army in the first place. However, these skills do not seem appropriate for a Solo Camping Trip in the Lake District. You are free to watch whatever you want. Best Wishes

    2. @Tom Senior sorry to disappoint you, but you were the one on here in the first place making the comparison between PM and Grylls, not I. You’re absolutely right that Grylls’ skills are not relevant to what PM is doing. They are different guys doing different things. That’s what makes your own comparison between the two utterly pointless.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t mention pack weight, because it’s a bit of an obsession & I used to be obsessed myself, until I realised I can tailor my walks (to camp) according to weight. Long hikes in summer. Short hikes in winter, when we carry more gear. Sorted.

  3. Great vid Paul as always.
    And always super helpful and I always find a new idea you come up with.
    Atb Graham

  4. Super inspirational, Paul! Really shows how little you need to start seriously enjoying the outdoors.

  5. I’m still struggling to see anything appealing about camping…

    Still love your videos however!

  6. Great stuff Paul and thanks for the water filter info I’d never thought of them freezing up

  7. Paul, I’m amazed how you could fit all of that into your rucksack … but you did. Any idea of the total weight?

  8. Brilliant video.. I have been looking for a 60 litre bag because my Osprey Aether 70 is just too massive so i will have to check the Gregory out. Love the bit at the end, I don’t bother weighing my bag either. All the best, Jason 👍

  9. Think that’s fantastic how you get that all in.
    I’ve just bought an Osprey Zenith 105 litre as i was starting to struggle to get all my kit in my old trusty 65 litre from Tesco.
    Yet to try it on the hill but I’m hoping i don’t fill it too much 😂😂😂

  10. Thermarest x therm all day everyday super warm and a fraction of the size of the sea to summit.Cracking vid as allways

  11. Recently wild camped in the Brecon Beacons with a talon 44 pack stuffed to the brim. Not sure what it would be like trying to get that pad and a hilleberg in though! Great vid. Really helpful tips! Keep it up and hope you’re enjoying life without the daily grind!

  12. I’ve got the xtherm max and I can say it’s easily the most comfortable mat I’ve ever had.
    Very expensive but I’d buy it again if I had to.

  13. Interested to see how you’ll change that up with the scarp with it being a bigger pack. I wrap mine in the foil mat I take and pack things in dry bags either side of it to keep
    It central in my atmos 65 but have plenty of space in it.

    1. Since the scarp doesn’t squash down so easily (at least not without a huge faff taking out all the end struts) I always put it into one of the stretchy side pockets that people always use for water bottles. That way it isn’t taking up room inside the pack and it’s immediately on hand to set up when you stop.

  14. I’ve got the xtherm regular wide, and it looks to be slightly smaller, but if I really pack it down and only fold it on half (not 3) it takes up no room at all. Highly recommended and very comfy

    1. I have the same version. I find that if I fold it in 3 so 1/3 width (2 could also work) I can make an O shape and fit it around the inside boundary of my pack it seems to save space. Just thought I’d mention it if it helps anyone.

  15. Hi Paul, I have the x-therm regular, and whilst I am not able to directly compare it with yours, it would appear to pack down to half the diameter. That said, I use my eitherlite XT more often.

  16. I’d like to know the rough weight though… Only because I hope to do some kind of wild camp / kayaking trip, so need to know what I’m loading onto a kayak…. 👍

  17. Spot on Paul. I feel the same. Take what I want and what I’m prepared to carry. 16kg the other night but I absolutely didn’t care as I covered all eventualities and was comfortable 😊

  18. Good video …. Good packing technique… Most things pack better without their stuff sacks etc

  19. I have a similar amount of/less gear and and 55l bag and I struggle to get my winter gear in, idk how how you do it! XD

  20. Hi Paul, could you add a link to the microspikes you recommend please? I’ll get some and would rather you benefit from an affiliate link.

  21. Uma pena esses equipamentos não virem ou custarem tão caro no Brasil, aqui temos Decathlon e mais nada, levo metade deste equipamento e tenho que deixar saco de dormir e barraca do lado de fora.

  22. I ramm it all in these days loose, works a treat, give the bag a good old shake, job done, learnt it from global hostel trotting , learn some amazing skills doing that lol

    Great video buddy, you’re the boss of rational 👍👍

  23. Great video. Loved seeing all the kit and loved seeing you store it all. So many good tips all from experience!

  24. Great video Paul, glad you didn’t weigh the rucksack……if you can manage it then do so 👍

  25. Found you through your campervan build series and now watched all your vids. Definitely going to give this a go, just bought a tent and lots more to get so your vids are a great help. Mike.👍

  26. Paul Daniels not messner …. even though I’ve seen you pack a few times I’m still amazed…I’ll keep trying cheers Paul all the best stay safe marra 🏕 👍

  27. Love your videos Paul but to me this is a classic example of how not to pack. But in saying this I never go out on just overnighters, a 4-5 day trip would be the shortest. Couldn’t imagine stopping for lunch and a cuppa and having to divorce everything from the pack to do so. But I’ve still hit the thumbs up button regardless.

  28. Nice pile of unused new kit there. Be great to see you out there for a week-long use of this gear 🙂 now that you are full time youtubing it!

  29. How does it all fit? Step #1: sneak off with Mary Poppins’ magic backpack. See, everything fits.

    As for hot deals, as a married man, I’m not allowed to purchase any more camping gear this year. Lol. If the next variant of covid doesn’t get me (if you believe the fluff on the news), then the wife surely will. 😉

  30. I own both and the Xtherm is definitely a lot smaller, just cripplingly uncomfortable.

  31. Thanks Paul, a very useful vid. 👍😁 Probably a stupid question but just wondering why you don’t trust the pull out waterproof cover that comes as standard with most decent packs, have you had a bad experience?

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