Wild Camping With My Dog By A River

Wild Camping With My Dog By A River

I take my dog, Banjo out on his first backpack wild camp. We setup camp by a beautiful Australian river and I test out my new Luxe Hexpeak v4a teepee style tent. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, please consider subscribing. Thank legends!

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25 thoughts on “Wild Camping With My Dog By A River

  1. Commenting before watching. Just know it’s gonna be good. This is what Aussie adventure is all about.

  2. First time one of your adventures has brought me to tears. I lost my hiking/camping buddy a couple of months back and this brought back all the memories. Enjoy the time you have with him because it goes by fast. Great videos, keep it up.

  3. Fabulous video yet again! I take my 3 sheep dogs camping with me quiet a lot, my best advice would be ensure they are happy sleeping outside in their familiar environment (home etc) once they are comfortable sleeping outside with the noises of the back yard will make it a lot easier to translate to outside in unfamiliar environments. Top job! Keep up the hard work!

  4. Hi Scotty, love the video. We have just got a 12 week old Kelpie looks exactly like Banjo only a girl named Zee. Was wondering if you have a list of places to go overnight camping with a dog……our Kelpie does the same with her pigs ears, so funny to watch as she doesn’t like us seeing where she hides them

  5. Banjo was in stick heaven with those logs you collected🤣 looks like he’ll need to get used to camping. He’ll get there in the end, I’m sure!
    As usual, beautiful photography x

  6. With the hex peak you can try setting the pole length higher (140cm+) and lengthening the guy lines so that it sits 10cm off the ground. Plenty of air flow to minimise condensation and extra room too. That said it will still be a bit small for anyone over 6’ and the XL is a better choice for taller people.

  7. Hi Scotty, you say “Thanks for watching”, I say “thanks for filming”. What a beautiful part of the world and thanks for sharing it with us, along with your top-notch cuisine

  8. I have a Red Cloud Kelpie who comes camping with us all the time. It took a few camps for him to settle into it but now he’s awesome, sleeps all night and doesn’t wander. He makes a great hot water bottle too 💜💜

  9. I love the way the Kelpie’s ears stand up like a Dingo. I have a Texas Heeler but his ears are floppy and he hates the water. Same general facial expressions as the Kelpie though. Beautiful dog Scotty.

  10. That was awesome. I’ve taken my dog camping and it’s a really difficult thing to do. Hoping to see more of you and Banjo so I can get some ideas on how to make it “not so difficult” camping with a dog lol.

  11. What a nice camping trip for you and Banjo. He’s very alert, so all the different sounds and smells will stimulate him. Having a young dog is a little like having young child. They keep you on your toes and they poke holes in things. He’ll mature and settle in. He sure is a beautiful dog. Take care and hoo roo.

  12. Hey legend, absolutely love your work! I’ve been doing a lap of Aus with my kelpie cross in a tent for the last 4 months. It took a few weeks for him to get settled and sleep through. But now he absolutely loves the tent, takes himself there to chill out and rest during the day. Love seeing Banjo out on your trips can’t wait for more 👍

  13. Hi Scotty, this tent looks amazing. It was great to see Banjo in another epic adventure. Beautiful video. Thank you for taking us with you.

  14. Hey scotty, love the videos! I am interested in doing some wild camps in the future, and have been doing research but encountered some advice saying not to camp within 100 metres of a water source due to crocs. Down here in Melbourne there aren’t many, but still a bit freaked. Do you check for crocs in the areas you set up camp?

  15. Beautiful dog and was definitely relaxing more on this trip, he’s going to be an awesome camping buddy and will get used to the ‘camp routines’. I keep my Choc Lab on a lead too, easier than risking him getting into something he shouldn’t or taking off – I would be devastated to lose him🐾🏕🇳🇿

  16. you did an awesome job banjo, good boy. absolutely beautiful spot you picked to camp in as always scotty. i look forward to seeing the pair of you together on yet another sweet adventure

  17. What a great adventure for you both! These memories will last a lifetime and in many years from now when Banjo has crossed that rainbow bridge you’ll have this video to watch. My last dog, a Boston Terrier, was my hiking and camping buddy. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago and I had doubts that I would ever get another dog. Then someone tipped me off to a Frenchy in need of a special home to rescue him. I now have a new hiking buddy and boy does he love to hike! Haven’t taken him camping as yet, but that’s planned for the near future. I think it’s a great idea to keep Banjo tethered when in the back country. It only takes a second for him to take off after some critter and get lost out there. I took Rex to my usual camping place to do some work and let Rex roam around as we was staying right with me. A couple minutes later I looked up from what I had been doing and he was nowhere to be seen and repeated calls went unanswered. I was in a panic. Fortunately, I keep a box of dog treats with me and began shaking that box as I wandered about the woodland and in no time Rex came running at full speed to get a treat. Now, he stays tethered when I’m out in the woods.

  18. Great camp! I do enjoy having my pup with me while camping, but it is a bit of extra work. Thanks for bringing us along! HooRoo!

  19. Hello Banjo – I do like that you are on a camping trip with your dad. Such a beautiful place to camp out in and may I write such a joy to have a friend to share it with. Happy camping & travel safely.

  20. Hey Scott, absolutely love being part of all your camping trips. Thanks for sharing! Banjo looked like he had a lovely time. What happened to the pigs ear in the end? Catch you in the next video. HooRoo

  21. Hey Scotty.
    Thanks for another great video… I have a Luxe hexpeak xl teepee tent with interchangeable summer and winter sleeping pods…. Mine has a double ended zipper on the door and I tend to open the top portion of the door to improve the ventilation …. This seems to alleviate any interior condensation…
    Keep up the great work.

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