Testing Out New Gear - Solo Motorcycle Camp

Testing Out New Gear – Solo Motorcycle Camp

Solo motorcycle camping in Arizona while testing out a new tent.

Huge shoutout to Moto Camp Nerd for supplying this tent:




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A lifelong adventure enthusiast and a long time motorcycle traveler, I have spent the last few years honing my craft as a motorcycle adventure specialist. I am currently living full time on my motorcycle, a 2015 BMW R1200GS named Lupe.

Motorcycle travel and camping have become my largest passions in life. I have a meticulous nature that helps me analyze gear, technique and tactics in a way that is highly beneficial to anyone looking to embark on a motorcycle venture of any scope.

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55 thoughts on “Testing Out New Gear – Solo Motorcycle Camp

  1. Big Agnes is a small company in Steamboat Springs, CO that has on line catalogue also. They are great people selling quality camping gear. Thanks form the video..Safe travels…

  2. Great video Tim. Awesome tent and don’t you just love the sound of the triumph. Ride safe

  3. Hi Tim, how do you find the Big Agnes compared to the Lone Rider ADV that you had? I’m in the market for a new tent and size and weight doesn’t matter?

    1. If pack size and weight don’t matter then the Lone Rider is an excellent choice, lots more room to move around, it’s a very spacious 2 person tent. If you are concerned with weight then this one of course wins.

    2. @FTA Adventures Thanks for the honest and quick reply Tim.. I really enjoy your adventures and videos. 👍🏻 keep up the great work! 🙏🏻

  4. Good video and thanks for the info on the tent Sorry for my ignorance, but are you riding a BMW 850 GS? If so how do you like it?

  5. Always appreciate your gear reviews! Good stuff. Glad to see you getting some “quality time” with the Tiger… such a great looking ride! Safe travels!

  6. Hi Tim, always a pleasure to watch your reviews and tips. The triumph looks very good. Ride safe. Hi from uk.

  7. If choosing a bike for long mileage, the GS maintenance being too much and a simple single too low on power, the VStrom is the utilitarian way to go. They´re workhorses.

  8. I had a chance to walk along the Bartlett dam walkway long ago. Pretty weird to have the lake level lapping at the top on one side and a straight drop on the other.

    1. Hey Mike, I have used some of the wood burning stoves and they work well but are messy and a little more work than just a regular stove. It’s also hard to regulate the temperature.

  9. New gear is always fun. I am currently using a black diamond Hilite 3P it’s great.

    Tim, would you like to have a larger front windshield on your triumph?

    1. I’m not sure about a bigger windscreen, this one does pretty good and its adjustable so I can make it higher if I want.

  10. It is really good to be able to see the speed. The camera makes it look faster it’s helpful to understand the caution with the road surface and the bends, very educational to me. Great video.

  11. I got the same tent this summer. I like it a lot so far. Takes up way less space and has a lot of room inside. I feel better being able to keep my tent in a locked pannier since it fits there. My old one didn’t.

  12. Wonderful. Thank you. I wish that brand weren’t so expensive, but you get what you pay for. There’s a Chinese brand for sale at a local outdoor store whose poles break down straight and short, but reviews are terrible WRT waterproofing.

  13. That’s a cool little tent! I went in the other direction this year and bought a Lone Rider Mototent. I love it, but sometimes I miss my old 3lb tent. Either way, it’s good to be out in the big room!

  14. Are you planning to fit handguards on your new bike and what will you select?
    Love your positive outlook….

  15. This tent is quite smaller and lighter, at almost half the weight, when packed than your previous tent, which I happen to have. It would be interesting to have a side by side comparison and a long term review.

    As always, another great review.

  16. Hi Tim, lovely video, beautiful spot to camp. After a huge amount of research and checking out yr reviews we bought a big Agnes hotel3 bike packing tent. Our reasons included having enough space for 2 plus gear and a proper porch for when it rains. We took it on a 2 month trial trip around Europe over the summer and it ticked all the boxes…although I have nothing to compare it with. We fly to Cape Town in 2 weeks and fingers crossed pick up our himalayas there along with all our gear ready for 12 -18 months riding in Africa…. you, Amanda and noraly have been our go to resources and inspiration for the last 4 years of planning for this so a very big big thankyou 👍Jackie & Mike

  17. If you had both together, lone rider adventure tent and this big Agnes, which would you pick up ?

  18. I have the Copper Spur HV UL-3. I really like it for motocamping. I prefer having a little more room, especially on rainy days, and it’s still not a very big footprint.
    My absolute favorite motocamping tent now is the Wingman of the Road Toucan. It’s heavier and doesn’t become very compact but on the back of a touring bike it rides just fine. My sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, & camp booties all stay rolled in it. My entire camp sets up in 3 minutes & packs back up in 5.

  19. 2 sleeping bags… nice!
    Whenever you’re ready we’d love to meet your significant camping other 😊😊
    Cheers 🥂

  20. Does your digital speedo really have leading zeroes in the display? Man, that would drive me NUTS. I am shocked at the visual distortions apparent in your windscreen, I would not expect that from a brand name. Excellent video, thank you for sharing.

  21. Where is your camera attached? I find the angle you have it when riding too low. It’s as if it’s focused on the road directly in front of you and at the handle bar and instrument display.

  22. Holy crap that’s one expensive tent! I just use Walmart tents, replace them every other year.

  23. I tried placing the order for black sweatshirt, its not available in stock, has it been removed permanently??

  24. Thanks for the video. I’m close to pulling the trigger on some Big Agnes gear. How’s the wind protection on the Tiger?

  25. Hi Tim thank you for your great reviews and scenic videos. How are you getting on with the trumpet and what model did u go for? Thks

  26. No boating or swimming allowed in reservoirs here in SuckAssachusetts. Pretty country out there. Thanks for the review and the travel video Tim.

  27. Thanks for the review. I’m still looking for my next tent. I might just have to get two, and take one or the other, depending of the the needs of the trip. This one looks awesome for pack-ability. Other times I’m going to want more features from my tent.

  28. Nice Vid Tim. Always liked the Big Agnes tents but I can’t justify getting another as am on 9 already 😅.
    Am trying a new one myself in Scotland next week, it’s an Alpkit tarptent 4 which is a lightweight Pyramid tent with a high entry point so less crawling around.
    Look forward to your next vid.

  29. I love this area! My aunt and uncle live in Cave Creek. I’ve never camped out there but next time! Next time …

  30. Nice bike and tent. I enjoyed hearing your first impressions of the tent. I took the BA TigerWall 2 on the WABDR this summer and loved it. I also have really enjoyed my Triumph Tiger 800 and hope your new bike brings you years and miles of joy? Keep up the great work on the videos.

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