Solo Winter Camping in the Snowy Mountains -9c

Solo Winter Camping in the Snowy Mountains -9c

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Alton 3x3m Tarp –
Alton Quilt –
Fjallraven Abisko 45L Backpack-
Tasmanian Tiger Raid Pack-
Hammock & Straps –
Hammock Bug Net –
Hammock Underquilt –
Titanium Grill –
Sea to Summit Ember 3 Quilt-
Sea to Summit Pillow-
Swaggies Pantry- Kor Knife and Tool-
Bushcraft Knife-
Inexpensive Bushcraft Knife-
Bahco Laplander Saw-
Katadyn BeFree Water Filter-
Firebox Nano Wood Stove-
STS AlphaLight Cutlery Set-
Keith Titanium Fry Pan-
Pathfinder Bottle Hanger-
Stove Stand-
Water Bottle and Nesting Cup-
TOAKS Titanium Alcohol Stove-
Flint snd Steel Set –
Fresnel Lens-
Bank Line Size 36 Spool 37mtr-
Hootchie Cord-
Ledlenser Headlamp-
Garmin GPSMAP 66i-
Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Hooded Jacket-
Thermal Leggings-
Helikon-Tex Poncho-

Canon EOS R-
Canon RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 STM-
RØDE VideoMicro-
Slik Video Sprint III Tripod-
SanDisk 128G-
Aputure Camera Video Light-
Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Power Bank-

25 thoughts on “Solo Winter Camping in the Snowy Mountains -9c

  1. I’ve even got my 79 year old mum into loving your videos.
    She’ll say “There’s nothing on Tele, put that nice young fella on that goes walking in all those lovely places”

    Keep up the top work

  2. Yeah, bloke. You keep churning them out, we’ll keep watching. Love the diversity in your content, mate. You’ve motivated me to get out and do it myself before I get too old and unfit. Need some more bits and pieces before I head out, but won’t be long now.

  3. Thanks for this video Scotty. Since coming back to Victoria from Africa, I have been absolutely intrigued by snow this winter .. but I have been a little hesitant to go out and wild camp in the snow .. not really knowing how to begin. But this video has just inspired me! Great job.

  4. Loved the still shots of the camp Scotty! Wouldn’t mind seeing some of your photography in the videos too if it isn’t too much of a hassle. Awesome vid once again! It’s bloody good to escape reality and watch a Scotty upload

  5. Scotty, that was bloody awesome,you have single-handedly changed my perspective of the Australian outdoors. I never imagined what a varied landscape Aussie possessed. As for your snakes that’s another issue, you amaze me how you charge through undergrowth and long grass, almost negligent of the possibility of snakes, often barefooted!!! Love your work. Cheers from N.Z.

  6. I loved this one, so vastly different to all your other trips. In my ignorance I didn’t know Australia had so much snow but I do now thanks to you. Glad you enjoyed yourself. It wasn’t until the snow melted under your fire that you could see how deep it was. Epic, look forward to the next one. Take care, be safe. Dorset, UK

  7. Would love to see more snow camps. I hadn’t really thought of this as a possibility in Australia but it obviously is 🤔

  8. Just spent a few day hiking in the Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia and appreciated that I didn’t need to film or edit the hike. Easy to take for granted the time and effort that goes into your videos Scotty, keep up the good work mate. Snags and mash made me hungry 🤤

  9. I used to work at the snow. One of my favourite things was going home after midnight in the dark by foot and enjoying the absolute silence, looking at the milky way on a clear night. I loved that stillness. It’s just magic.

  10. Loved this one Scotty! One of your best honestly and it’s refreshing to see some Australian snow camping which isn’t very common. Loved every second. Keep it up and I hope to see you back again before winter ends 👌

  11. I was worried when I saw the exped mat on the outside of your pack that you wouldn’t have enough R value under you for winter camping. Relieved to see that you also had an inflatable mat with you when you went through your gear. Good idea to use the exped to boost the R value of your other mat but also good for safety given the problem you’re having with the other mat deflating. Why don’t you have a look at the exped range of inflatable mats as a possible replacement? They’ve got some great winter options with high r values. Once again, I never cease to be impressed with your menu planning and skills in the backcountry kitchen!

  12. Snow camping is by far my favorite time to camp. I find the hardest part about cold camping is keeping warm in the long evenings. Once you get that sorted out then things are amazing. The silent calm of winter is magical. Being out while the snow fall puts me in a trance.

  13. Beautiful snowy mountains and campsite. Seems odd to see snow when here in parts of the US, UK, Portugal and Spain, we are experiencing 3-digit temps and wildfires, as I’m sure you’ve seen on the news. I live along the shores of Lake Michigan, so thankfully, we’re not having real hot weather and no fires. Your dinner with the sausage, etc, looked good and the breakfast looked even better! I could almost smell the maple cured bacon. It’s my favorite. Snow and cold weather camping are my favorite kind of videos, so you can keep them coming. Do you ever do a hot tent? Take care and hoo roo!

  14. mate what an incredible spot! I’ll definitely have to get up into the alps for some snow camping. also love that you incorporated photography into the video. what a good life you lead. thanks for inspiring us.

  15. Scotty, we have experienced beetle die back here, in our Appalachians, breaks my heart. It takes so long to grow a tree. Absolutely excited with you. I remember my first snow hike and climb, makes me smile like a kid. Your enthusiasm is quite contagious. Thanks for sharing. Kentucky

  16. I love winter! Thanks for the snow camp-it’s a refreshing change and makes me even more ready for our winter

  17. A tip for starting a fire on snow: Put first a base of thick branches on the snow. Then start the fire as usual on this base. Starting a fire directly on snow is extremely difficult, as you experienced. It’s because the melting snow is wetting the fire starter. Cheers

  18. How good is Australia! Thanks for showing its beauty to the world Scotty, and also showing how to respect the land we share with nature.

  19. Epic mate. Love your work, and this is one of the best. I’ve only been in the snow country a few times, but you’ve really captured the atmosphere. Your style of camping is the best imaginable way to see it. Keep up the good work!

  20. Love all your videos not been watching long. I have watched just about all of them back to back. The videos are awesome and the land scape is gorgeous. Keep the videos coming absolutely awesome job Scott 👍👍.

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