Not So Obvious Overland Camping Gear & Gadgets

Not So Obvious Overland Camping Gear & Gadgets

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We all love camping gear & gadgets, but what about some of the camping gear that you may not have thought to bring? I don’t think any camping trip will ever have every piece of gear you need, but this list is a fair take on some stuff I have loved adding to my regular overland and car camping gear kit.

10 Items I Always Forget:

Reusable Storage Bags

Arc Lighter

Flint Striker

Water filter

Camp Towel


Lip Balm

Dude Wipes

Charging Cases



Super Cool Tool Bag

My Vlog Setup

My HAM Radio Build

Jeep Interior Mods:

Overland Kitchen

Budget Overland Gear:

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55 thoughts on “Not So Obvious Overland Camping Gear & Gadgets

    1. @Justin B. McBride i personally use the hypergo fitness wipes. 12 x 12, 20 in a pack for $14 on amazon.

    2. A hammock. I keep it in the back of my jeep because you never know when you’ll find two perfect trees!

    1. I’ve genuine used it for years – since my first architectural design website ages ago “Design McBride.” So yes?

  1. 2:58 Its called a Click Wheel for the Apple Ipod. Was used on the Ipod mini till the ipod classic 2005-2014

    1. Yeah! You’d think I’d have a better memory… I worked for the “fruit stand” for almost 7 years…

  2. I just want you to know. That your videos are really good. And as someone who is literally just starting out camping saving up for a 4×4 its extremely useful. But your also a really fun creator. Keep it up🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  3. Another great video! Clever and funny. Weatherman Justin is hilarious! And using a shirt to dry off, ya I think we have all been there.

  4. One not so obvious Overlanding Gadget is an extended range fuel tank, you and I are both very aware of the game changer it is.

  5. Love your channel, love your content! (but that’s not a flint and steel, lol.) My dick comment for the year. lol.

    1. Curious what you do for work? We all gotta get paid somehow, Squarespace is up in here helping to feed my family since losing my job a year ago. I don’t think it’ll kill you to help support the channel by sitting through a little ad spot. Especially because I work really hard to make them entertaining. Free content for the end user has to be paid for by somebody.

    2. Damn got your attention 😅… that’s what I’m talkin bout dude don’t trip you do you! You are still one of my favorite channels here on yputube unique As hell no one doing what you’re doing keep it up man love them characters you do make that money man !!!!!

    3. @Justin B. McBride previous comment was a suggestion nobody’s knocking you for trying to make a buck, its a balance thing too many or long advertisements loses the attention of your audience.

  6. This is quickly becoming my second favorite YouTube Channel. I thoroughly enjoy the content. I have no complaints, critics or suggestions. Keep during you and lease don’t change a single thing. One request, though. I would like to purchase a hat ( logo is cool) but need a lower crown. I’ll continue to watch and monitor the store site for the hat. Thank you.

    1. @Justin B. McBride . Sorry, but a good friend of mine who we camp with has a YouTube channel as well.

  7. Dust masks. I’ve found myself in a dust storm or in an area socked in with forest fire smoke, or following or driving past other rigs on a dusty dirt road when the top and doors are off.

    1. @Justin B. McBride ya, but has to be one made to protect you, not one made to protect others from you. 🙂

  8. A testimonial about recommended products, with slick ads to square space, interrupted by ad’s from You Tube! What no solicitations to become a channel patreon? lol

  9. What I really want to know is the name of the product of the mount on the rear side windows?? The one holding the shovel. I can’t seem to find that online anywhere

  10. That’s not flint and steel, it a ferocerium rod and steel striker. 2 different things just fyi

  11. Sawyer water filter is the most common you’d see on the trail…as a long distance backpacker…dont get the mini.

  12. Justin awesome video we carry most of those items as well and your explanation and reasoning is spot on. We even offer some of those items on our online store which will be launching in a few weeks. Backcountryoverlanding!

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