New camping gear: the Newair 48 Qt. Portable 12v Electric Cooler / NPR048GA00

New camping gear: the Newair 48 Qt. Portable 12v Electric Cooler / NPR048GA00

Big thanks to NewAir, for letting me try out their 48 Qt. portable 12v electric cooler with LG compressor, fridge and freezer, and solar power input (SKU: NPR048GA00).

It’s a huge upgrade from my old school cooler, I tell you what! This thing is a beauty, but I put it through its paces during my most recent camping trip.

Check it out for yourself here
and save 10%, if you decide to treat yourself!

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25 thoughts on “New camping gear: the Newair 48 Qt. Portable 12v Electric Cooler / NPR048GA00

  1. I know that’s right Sis. I know you will be making alot more amazing meals. Don’t forget the Hibiscus jam you made 🤩

    1. Ha! I eated it all, a while back. 😂 This year’s crop is just now sprouting, so it’ll be a while until the next batch. In the meantime, I have homemade mulberry jam. 😋

    1. Short answer: maybe! Long answer, depends on the tea. Is the tea made of ONLY hibiscus calyxes, whole and/or in large pieces? Or is there tea and or other plants in it too? If it’s only hibiscus, you might be able tor rehydrate it, and then make jam. If it’s ground up or has other plants mixed it, probably not.

    2. @Shoestring Martha Thanks 😊 it’s just the buds. I’m going to try to make the jam and keep you posted. Y’all enjoy your 4th. July 🎆

  2. With all that extra space you’ll either have to go out for longer, eat alot more, or cook for more than one! It will be great to use on a several day trip. I’m curious which Ecoflow you have? I need to power my CPAP along with a small fridge and the other stuff. It’s one brand I’m considering.

    1. I am thinking about multi-days — and if that’s the case, the next investment will be solar, to recharge the EcoFlow. I have the River Pro — snapped it up during one of Costco’s specials. They seem to run a deal on them about twice a year.

  3. Super cool! I’m rolling with a 12v this season myself. So far I love it. I have the little 290 Jackery power station and a 100 watt briefcase solar panel (Harbor Freight) it does the job but I definitely need a bigger power station so I am not chasing the sun and can relax a little more. Enjoy your summer and thanks for your time sharing your adventures and delicious food! 😀💚

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been really happy with the EcoFlow. If I start doing multiple nights, or run anything that heats ~ like my kettle or electric blanket ~ a solar panel will be next.

    1. I plugged it in the night before, so I had plenty of time. 😂 But if it was morning of departure — totally max mode!

  4. I love that it has integrated wheels! I have a 55L Dometic and I can handle it when it’s empty and manage when a little is in there but when it’s full, it’s a monstrous beast. It’s a 2 person coordinated haul and we have a platform fold flat magnacart to scoot it around but the wheels on that are small so it’s pavement or bust.

    I just discovered your channel last weekend and enjoy your videos

    1. Welcome! I do love the beefy wheels on this thing. It was easy to move it from the house to the truck and back. My only wish is that they were inset. That would reduce the footprint by a few inches.

  5. I’m waiting for you to go camping in Baja .Have you already made the trip before . Thanks for the videos

    1. I have never been — only to Puerto Peñasco several times — but never camped there. I’ll need to renew my passport if I want to come home 😅

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