LightAF Camping Mat review from Outdoor Gear Essentials #campingmat #ultralightmat

LightAF Camping Mat review from Outdoor Gear Essentials #campingmat #ultralightmat

I was sent this mat to review by Outdoor Gear Essentials some time back but not had a chance to get it out for review. It is a great piece of ultralight equipment and if you have the same issue as me when on a slope, sliding down the tent driving you mad then this might be the answer plus it will give you some added insulation from the ground for around 80g in weight. It’s 200cm x 50cm available at and if you want one of my ultralight tables then they are also available to order.

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Vango Vulcan -12 sleeping bag

BRS3000T gas stove

Lixada 750ml titanium pot

Sea to Summit X Mug

Vango Ozone 40l pack

Naturehike Down Booties

Aluminium foil mat

Anker Powercore 20000mah

Fire maple heat exchanger stove

Trangia 25 cookset

Montane Prism Gloves

Naturehike 60l plus 5 rock series backpack

Goal Zero Lighthouse Lamp

Nitecore NU35 head torch

Unigear Campfy 3 insulated mat

Eurohike pillow

Vango Deep Sleep Thermo Pillow

Foam kneeling/sit pad

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49 thoughts on “LightAF Camping Mat review from Outdoor Gear Essentials #campingmat #ultralightmat

  1. Evening Michael, cracking looking bit of kit, we are still waiting on our failed Exped mat to come back, might be a good underlay pad when it does return! Have a great weekend, Ceri and Kat πŸ•πŸ‘β€β˜•

    1. Cheers guys. It would definitely help protect a pad plus give a bit of warmth and stop the slipping too. Great little idea. Cheers for watching πŸ‘

    1. They both work well but the mat gives you some damage and warmth protection. Cheers buddy πŸ‘

    1. Cheers buddy. I stopped making them a while back as just haven’t had time but they took a load off me before and are selling them. Love my table πŸ‘

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve skidded about on my air mat, this could be the very thing I need! Nice one Mike, Atb Daz & Andy πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ•

    1. Cheers guys. Thats why I put silicon on mine originally. Nightmare when you wake up crammed at one end of the tent and possibly soaking from condensation too πŸ‘

  3. Greeting from Czech republic! It’s a shame UK left the EU, there will be additional import cost if I buy it..

    1. Possibly. Message them and there might not be. I don’t always get charged import costs, depends on how much it is πŸ‘ atb.

    2. @OndΕ™ej Kraus yeah probably not its an inespensive item. I ordered something from a French manufacturer directly recently for 150quid thinking I’m gonna have to pay import duties on this i bet. Right up until I had it in my hands I was expecting the courier to give me a bill for import charge on delivery, in the end wasn’t any additional charge whatsoever.

  4. Looks like I’m gonna have to part with a few more of me beer tokens for this …. Nice review Mike …. ATB Dave Mc

  5. Great review Michael may have to buy 1 now to stop the slippage πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ Ώ

  6. Question, apart from not offering isulation, but if the mat was cut down to say 1ft x 1ft and one placed under back area and another under leg area, would it grip just as well. This then would be like packing a hankie in comparison to taking whole mat to do same job.?

    1. Yes I don’t see why not. One large piece won’t move, two small pieces won’t move. I’m thinking of doing something similar. πŸ‘

  7. I expect that as you go wild camping and only stay a night you don’t use a footprint. Would you if stayed in one place longer? Another very helpful review Michael, than you.

    1. I use a footprint every time in the Lanshan and would use it in my other tents if I had one as well. I find it’s much better for not only protecting the bottom of the tent from damage (twigs etc) but also keeps the bathtub floor of the inner clean as well. πŸ‘

    2. @Novice Wild Camper ah, thank you. Yes I always have used an additional groundsheet too – guess that why my tent has survived over 25 years!

  8. Been enjoying some of your videos doing a great job of them , what’s happened to your smokey hut ? , if you have just decided to move on from it I would be interested in it that’s if you still have it .

    1. I still have it and love it. Lost a bit of trust in it since the split but I was going to get it out for some summer trips buy because I got the Lanshan I’ve been trying that more. I will definitely get out in it again and would recommend it just be careful of the peak and make sure you have a tennis ball or mushroom pole end to spread the tension. Thanks for watching though πŸ™πŸ‘

    2. @Novice Wild Camper ok glad your still liking it , I couldn’t see the links for buying the tent or the inner ?

  9. That mat looks really interesting. I currently use a cheap roll mat under my airbed, but this looks like you can fold it up a bit to pack small.

    1. I think its more compact than the usual roll mats but I’d probably cut it down a bit. Depends if you want it for warmth or grip. I’m going to try it out in the winter to see how it fares in comparison to my foil foam mat for warmth. πŸ‘

    2. Then defo get one and cut down. You’d only need half I reckon and can double it up as a sit mat outside or to line your chair in winter if you have one for insulation. I use a cheap sit mat to kneel on etc. around camp but in winter put it on my helinox and the difference in warmth is amazing as it’s thin cloth under with no protection. πŸ‘

  10. Good review michael
    very interesting video my friend, waiting for the next video
    Cheers greetings from indonesia…

    1. Depends what you mean. Try it out without a sleeping pad or in the cold with a zero pad? I’ve not used it in the cold yet only as protection and grip for my mat which works great. It will give some additional r rating to any pad though as its a closed cell foam mat but it’s not tested or rated. Anything like this will add some warmth to your sleep kit though. I used a similar foil foam mat last winter with my zero rated mat and slept fine down to minus 4. πŸ‘

  11. I can’t see this replacing a foil foam mat for winter. Instead I got some 2mm self adhesive closed cell foam off eBay, not sure if it’s something like sound deadening stuff for cars. It was Β£10 delivered for 2m x 50cm so half the price of this. I cut 20 5cm strips out of it, I stuck 10 to the bottom of my foil mat and 10 to the top alternating them along the torso part of the mat. That stopped both my foil mat moving and my air mat on top of the foil mat. The leftover 1mtr comes with me when I’m out without the foil mat when it’s warmer just to stop sliding around, porch in winter, sit pad etc. It’s worked out really well so far (10 – 12 trips) and the adhesive has been fine being rolled up although it does now roll slightly squarish. I was thinking about stitching it on initially but thought I’d see how long it’d last as is.

    1. I think that stuff is what you put on van panels when converting to camper van for sound and heat insulation. Sounds like a good idea that. Might take a look as I love a bit of home made gear. πŸ‘

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