Columbia Heat Elite Jacket w Omni-Heat - Camping Gear TV 130

Columbia Heat Elite Jacket w Omni-Heat – Camping Gear TV 130

Columbia is taking the outdoor world by storm with their brand-spankin’ new Omni-Heat technology. This new thermal technology helps you to stay warm longer, and avoid heat loss. It’s like a radiant barrier for your body!! Check out the review, and be sure to stop by for more camping and backpacking gear reviews!

24 thoughts on “Columbia Heat Elite Jacket w Omni-Heat – Camping Gear TV 130

  1. I’m so jealous of the snow you guys got. It’s been cold but dry here in New England. The pit-zips are to ventilate when you have on a backpack.

  2. How hot is this jacket? In Canada here it can get to -22 fahrenheit, will this jacket be good enough for that kind of weather?

  3. I just picked up this coat. it was on sale for 120 bucks. can’t wait to test this coat out winter.

  4. No way am I buying this. Im going straight for the Men’s Electro Amp version right off the bat.

  5. The video is either upscaled 480p or downscaled HD. Either way, if you click the 480P button, you won’t lose a lick of quality and you won’t waste bandwidth for no reason @_@

  6. @TheKyleecow I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but once I saw these jackets advertised, I figured, I’m gonna go buy a “mylar heat reflecting space blanket”, and cut and glue several panels on the inside of some cheap jacket and test that….that looks like what the Columbia product is using. In my area, ya can buy those “space blankets” for $2.50. Instead of giving to charity, I buy several of those and give em to homeless folks in my area.

  7. That’s not a good idea. Those aluminized mylar sheets are solid and won’t allow the fabric to breathe. They’ll quickly become sweaty and uncomfortable and eventually ditch your, albeit well-intentioned, gift. What Columbia’s done here is allow 70% of the liner to be made of wicking material and only 30% for the aluminum mirrors. Stuff like that can’t be fabricated easily by mere mortals, hence the high price for all the engineering R&D investment that went into these products. It’s not “greed”.

  8. Actually, the place I’m going to this winter is Harbin, China, the so-called “Ice City”. It gets to -38C in January w/o wind chill. So while I’m sure Canada is cold, it’s hardly Harbin cold. Just for reference, Harbin borders Siberia, so take that for what it’s worth.

  9. I think omniheat doesnt wick moisture at all, I bought one jacket, just a tshirt on after some climbing I sweated it full, it was like a raincoat. Does anyone have other experience?

  10. I have two of these, there good but I found that a light to medium wool sweater as a base layer works perfectly. Do not wear cotton as a base layer.

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