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25 thoughts on “Camping in a CAVE in the AUSTRALIAN WILDERNESS

  1. It’s great when you find a nice cave to camp in. I’ve only done it a couple of times, but it is a great experience. Love your work!

  2. this was so relaxing to watch before bed. I have just the strength to type and say before I pass out that, that goanna was such a treat to see. Such a beautiful landscape…

  3. “Oh, it’s the Girlfriend… I mean Missus!” Don’t get them mixed up Scotty! 🤭😋 🤣😂 Gotta love the Aussie bush… rain, hail or shine, it’s always stunning! Thanks for taking us along Mate.

  4. That Lace Monitor is perfectly fine. I’m guessing he’s pretty cold though. It is interesting to see it out basking in what looks like fairly cold weather. I think he’s just found a good spot to perch while he sleeps.

  5. Gday Scotty, That lace monitor’s leg looked all good, just looks patchy as it had undergone ecdysis (shedding skin) more recently than the lower limb. I would agree it is odd location (very exposed) to bruminate in, which could be due to a number of different factors such as insufficient nutrition/ parasitism/ disturbance during brumination etc. Hopefully it makes it through the winter!

  6. Awesome job as usual Scotty! I’ve been watching your vids for about a year now, and have found them inspirational. I’m a current uni student studying recreation and outdoor environmental studies on the Sunshine Coast which has taught me a lot however, can honestly say I’ve become a better outdoor leader because of your content.
    Have two questions for you…
    1. You have mentioned a while ago on your vids about designing/producing a lightweight durable swag set up…wondered if this was still a plan?
    2. Are you thinking of coming up to QLD at all for a trip?
    Keep up the good work mate and hope to see you on the Sunshine Coast sometime 😉👍🏼

  7. Kind Thanks for this Beautiful Journey Scotty! You just can’t beat Mother Earth. Great Adventures and Many Blessings! DaveyJO In Pennsylvania

  8. Another terrific vid Scotty. You say thanks for watching, I say thanks for what you do, bringing me/us a little slice of Australia, bushcraft, cooking and gear.

  9. Got to love the pagoda country, with all those wee pine trees and mazes.
    You’ve inspired me to ditch the dehydrated and get a lightweight fry pan. Much tastier for 1-3 night walks 😋

  10. loved it! what epic views! I was doing an over nighter on my own and heard the crunching through the bush towards me and a goanna came and perched himself on the rocks beside my camp. Next morning I went to check on him and I thought he had passed in the night, he had ants crawling all over him and I went up and grabbed his tail and the bloody thing spun on me and came at me haha well I took off running hahaha what a shock! watching your video I was thinking I bet its just in a deep sleep.

  11. Great scenery and seeing the goanna was a bonus. Glad it was okay and he/she was only hibernating. Great cave, good food (if not a little burnt) which all adds to the flavour. Thanks for sharing and look forward to the next one. Have a good week in Bali. Take care, be safe. ❤️ Dorset, UK

  12. Loved it Scotty!! Classic move by you though, burning the pancakes 😂 Such a beautiful landscape, how luck we are!

  13. Old pinky 😂 brilliant name for the hang out. Sometimes I wish I could spend some time out there in the bush. Learning what the indigenous peoples knew. I guess you could spend a lifetime learning & still be an infant in their eyes. Fantastic video as always mate. Cheers 🍻 enjoy your time overseas. – Andy

  14. Another inspiring vid mate don’t stop doing your thing!! Would love to see a video from home where you go through all your gear & rate it.

  15. Great work Scotty. Another favourite one for me to save. It’s good you’re teaching and reminding us all to be fire aware. What a gorgeous land. Do you ever take back a part of plants to identify at home and press them? I’m an herbalist so I would. Have you considered making your own pancake mix with less sugar and half whole grain flour? Just an idea. Have a great vacation!

  16. Another great vid. Being a member of the RFS here in the Shoalhaven, I really appreciate you highlighting the fire pit management after camp. It’s that easy to prevent a major issue.
    Love ya work!!

  17. Hey Scotty, greetings from the states. It did look like the land before time with the mountainous view and the mist. One could imagine a t-rex galloping up over the ridge. Quite an overgrowth hiking in. The stir fry looked good. I’ve made stir fry but never with tofu. Just never got into tofu. I think I heard you say you’re going to Bali? If so, have a bloody good time. Take care. Hoo Roo!

  18. Picturesque doesn’t quite describe the beauty of that landscape….it almost feels spiritual. Really, love it!

  19. Scotty another brilliant video so the big thanks goes out to you for showing us all what a stunning country we have in these hidden gems. Not only that you educate people over the world about our Aussie Bush.

  20. That was, peaceful to watch Scotty. Looking at our ancient land through your lense is seeing incredible beauty. And you just picked it on a map… wow. Thanks Scotty.

  21. It’s just incredible what beauty, what atmosphere you were able to create. This is truly a meditative experience watching you. I myself started making videos about my adventures, so I’m interested in everything. Grretings from Belarus tourist. ✌

  22. Great video, and great to see a camp video of Australia that’s not in the scorching outback, always love how you show more of what the country has to offer, snow, rain, and sleeping lizards!

  23. Great video Scotty! I’ve just bought the sea to summit ether light extreme in women’s and it is amaaaaazing. The r value is 6.3 for the women’s one and I think 6.2 for the standard. I found it on snowys for $269 free postage, usually $369. Because it’s the “extreme” version it’s higher r value than the standard ether light one, I hope this helps! 🙂

  24. I just realised why I enjoy your videos so much you remind me of a teacher I had in grade 7. He left the school after that year and I only just saw him again today it was the highlight of my day to see that he remembered me still after 4 years. What a great video Scotty always enjoys your content! keep up the good work.

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