Camping Hats - Happy Camper: Body Gear

Camping Hats – Happy Camper: Body Gear

Kevin Callan, the Happy Camper, shows off the wide variety of outdoor head gear. A lot of hats for a lot of different weather and outdoor activities. Lots more videos at

6 thoughts on “Camping Hats – Happy Camper: Body Gear

  1. Kinda sounds like you are in a carboard box. The audio needs some work.

    You look like an OR commercial! Maybe you just need the Outdoor Research ‘Hat For All Seasons’. Actually, I bought one and while it’s good in some ways, I’m not that thrilled with it and it definitely isn’t good for all conditions. It would have been good in last night’s freezing rain while walking home though. I have the OR Pub Hat and love it for around town in fall and mild winter conditions.

  2. I had such high hopes for that I would finally learn what kind of hat Andy has from this video.

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