Camping gear is here- Iceco 43QT JP40 and Flashfish 330W Portable Power Station

Camping gear is here- Iceco 43QT JP40 and Flashfish 330W Portable Power Station

In this video I show you my setup for camping to keep the food cold. Iceco 43QT freezer-refrigerator. Flashfish 330W portable power unit with a 100 watt solar panel.

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Coupon for Iceco freezers and refrigerators: iceco

Flashfish 330 watt power generator:

Coleman gas camping stove:

FF FLASHFISH 100W 18V Portable Solar Panel, Foldable Solar Charger:

Salty’s pompano rigs

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26 thoughts on “Camping gear is here- Iceco 43QT JP40 and Flashfish 330W Portable Power Station

  1. All the links to the products in video are listed in the description. Help support the channel by visiting Southern Fin Apparel and if you are interested in any of the products please click the links above for more information. Use the coupon code Iceco for savings…

  2. When I camp on the beach I keep a baseball bat beside me and a 🔫, I’ve never had any serious problems. It’s fun, biggest thing is knowing how high the tide comes up.

  3. Wow dude pretty sweet kit and a tent trailer, you could stay out there for several days. Looking forward to watching your catch cook camp videos.
    It’s usually pretty Breezy or windy out there on the beach you may have to build up some sides around the gas burner to block the breeze . Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice stuff! You won’t be disappointed with the Sputnik on the rocks, they break loose because of the wire on them,wont loose as many. Tight lines

  5. Stoked to see how everything works on the beach. The summer sure does bring the heat and hyper saline conditions. If you’re concerned about solo camping(certainly warrented), be sure to exercise your rights or invite a friend for some piece of mind.

  6. nice set up. If you are getting the 100 watt panels, that fridge will run until it dies. I have the same setup but with a Jackery. On econ mode at 34′ , the panels replenish the jackery and he has enough power to run through the night

  7. Great Job and have a great Thanksgiving! Watching from Killeen Texas. 👍👍👍👍 that’s got to be my favorite thing here in Texas to do is go camping there on Padre Island ever since I left Northwest Montana. Can’t wait to see your camping videos! I am also a videographer and you are doing a great job!

  8. Just Jake if your watching this ,Get you and ur Jeep down to Billys so he has a cramping partner 🤣 🤣, That would make some funny footage 😄 😆 🤣

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