Camping gear I should have got sooner

Camping gear I should have got sooner

Camping gear I should have got sooner

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Other items used in this video
Soto Windmaster Stove
UGQ Outlaw Hybrid Quilt
Sea to Summit Sleeping pad
Katadyn Befree water filter

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Camping gear I use:
(The Best Quilt) UGQ Bandit Quilt
Jetboil Minimo
Jetboil pan
Jetboil Utensils
Little Nalgene bottles or
Orange Mug
Osprey exos pack
Thermarest Sleeping Pads
Thermarest pump
Exped sleeping pad
Exped pump sack
Hilleberg Soulo Tent
Rab sleeping bag
Mini Stool
Thermarest Sleeping Pads
MSR pocket rocket stove
Tent no longer in manufacture. Here’s the newer model
Nite Ize Gear Ties
BeFree water filter
Aeropress coffee press
Rab Unishelter bivi
Big Agnes mat
Thermarest Z-lite
Thermarest pump sack
Fizan hiking poles
Trekology Sleeping pad
Lanshan 1 tent
folding table
Trangia Stove
SOTO Windmaster Stove
Mini Pot Grips
Salomon Boots
Foil mat
or Amazon

Before you go wild camping, please check the laws in your area as you may be trespassing if you camp or pitch your tent without permission to do so.

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This video filmed with:

Edited with Lumafusion app on this ipad

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55 thoughts on “Camping gear I should have got sooner

  1. A good tip for eating from food pouches is to open it along the longest length of the bag, then you don’t have to reach as deep inside it.
    Some camping meals are even packaged with this in mind (some Bla Band meals, iirc).

    1. When I use them and the spoon is short I use my knife to cut the bag down shorter as I eat. Works for me.

    2. I love Blå Band for that reason. They pack their meals so that they open lengthwise, so you don’t need a longer spoon.

  2. I use a hip flask for my trangia meths, because its easy to stuff in a side pocket and they are metal, so puncture proof, plus you can get them cheap as they are out of fashion

  3. Thanks for this, ear plugs! how it has been so long without them in my bag I don’t know. Hope you’re well 😀

    1. I always put a pair of earplugs and sleep mask in the pocket of my sleeping bag, always glad to have them when needed

  4. The jet boil has me wondering if anyone makes a windshield for the MSR pocket rocket stoves. The kind that go on those isopro tanks.

    The quilt sounds like a great idea. I usually just keep my mummy bag unzipped and use it like a blanket but and actual quilt may be better. Though, it looks huge.

    Recently for a car camping trip I used 2 sleeping pads. A folding foam one, and klymit static v insulated darn was I comfy but for portaging or hiking trips 2 sleeping pads isn’t efficient.

  5. Great video Paul what would you say is the best winter affordable sleeping bag and sleeping mat? Cheers mate

  6. If you cover a lot of terrain without poles you will get old sooner – they save 30% of wear on knees descending and 15% ascending.

  7. we used to call them walking sticks,
    honestly, I wouldn’t bother with a single one of the items you have and a compass is better.
    Eventually I came full circle and came back to simple basics. No butane, no expensive dried food, sandwiches are fine, no inflatable stuff.

  8. I decided that carrying an extra 15kg each time I went out was too much, so I lost 15kg. This upgrade didn’t cost me anything, in fact I saved money by eating less.

  9. Paul I am 8nterested to see how you do ultra light 8n your area. It’s all the rage in the states but the UK weather is a bit rougher in the summer. 😎

  10. Hi paul…. sos device. Who pays for rescue. How reliable is it. Cheers.

  11. I also used to take the Adventure food meals until recently when i tried the Real Turmat meals.
    I definitely wish i had discovered those sooner as they are an absolute game changer!
    They are definitely more expensive but it tastes as if you are dining in a high-class restaurant compared to the cheaper ones! You should really try them, especially the Chicken Curry i would recommend. You will never again buy anything else..

  12. I’ve came to the conclusion I’m an impulse buyer. I’ve be so much kit I end up giving away to mates. I need to evaluate my purchases

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I have never seen your channel or any of your content before yesterday, when YouTube suggested I watch this video. I did. On the strength of this video alone I have just bought a Trekology UL80. The decision to purchase was reinforced by positive reviews on Amazon, however I’ve never heard of the brand, the mat, or anything else relating to it until I watched your video. You did a good job convincing me – you should tell Trekology this and see if they’ll send you some free stuff.

  14. Got an InReach myself recently for the same reason. I kept hemming and hawing about the price, but it’s worth it if it’ll save your life.

  15. What do u reckon about using White Spirit in a Trangia spirit burner instead of Methylated spirit?

  16. I hate to get up in the middle of the night, leaving my sleeping bag and stepping out in the cold, just to pee. Don’t know, how many bad nights I had, laying half awake, because of this. So an item I don’t want to miss any more is my “Pezzy Pozzy” just a foldable water bottle with a wide bottle neck.
    Weight: approx 100g
    Having a restful night: worthless.

  17. It would be nice take just a small backpack camping, but unfortunately by the time you have everything for warmth/shelter/food/water, you pretty much need a full-size hiking pack. Even for one night.

  18. My wife snores so I know a thing or 2 about earplugs, use the silicone ones.
    Spoons: I find wooden far better than metal, they’re really light, naturally insulated, and can have long handles.
    Quilt: yeah I’d like to, but needless to say goes hand in hand with the expensive sleeping mat. (expensive ‘cos it’s gotta be light).

  19. I use a Granite Gear 38 liter pack and when I see people on the trail with huge packs I always wonder what are they carrying in those massive packs and how do they hike like that. I am well into my 60s so a light pack is a must. The two things on my wish list are a Zpack tent and pack. I am moving from light gear to ultra light for my back and old knees. I loved my Osprey pack but they are to heavy.

  20. Cheers Paul this really helped me out.
    I’m heading off in a couple days time into the North West Highlands and absolutely buzzing

  21. I just went on a three month wild camping trip in Portugal, started near Lisbon and walked all the way to Lagos, it was an amazing journey, already planning another one next year.

    As for gear:
    – My sleeping system is basically a highly damaged yoga mat for padding, a cheap sleeping bag I recicled from a festival and a cheap inflatable quechua pillow. I slept like a baby, even with high winds flapping the tent around. Of course, my gear is only suited for warm climate.
    – To cook I use simple CampingGas gear, a 470CV gas can lasts 1 month if I cook 2 to 3 times per day, obviously its mostly boiling water or warming up salty pastries. For heavier meals I would mostly use canned vegetables or meats, then mix them with something like Cuscous, Ramen or Potato Flakes. I spent less than 3 euros per day in meals, everything included.

  22. Great stuff – I have an older Inreach model, the good thing is that they offer subscriptions you can suspend if you do not plan to use it for a while. The bad thing is that, since it was taken over from Garmin, they have increased subscription cost considerably, while not offering more service.
    ** I would love to see a similar video as you did 2 years ago on how you get all your overnight camping gear in that red bag. I am going out this weekend with the Osprey Exos38, only disappointment here is the lower opening on the side pockets – you can’t pack small items as they would fall out.

  23. Another video in the “essential for some, useless for others” line. I literally have no use for any of those items, in that form.

  24. I subscribed to your chanel because you speak in a language that I can understand (English is my 4th language 🙂 )

  25. First time on your Channel, very good, happy to be here.
    Jesper backpacker newbie at 46 years Old from Denmark

  26. As someone who carries a lot of weight on long trips, fishing tackle, beer, 5 days…walking poles are a must. I have 100l sack who often has a day sack on the front, having reduced every weight just to carry more beer those sticks are a must.

  27. Never has there been a hiking/camping Channel, that’s so real/authentic, calming, and enlightening…as this one.
    I live that you not showy or play to the camera. You’re real, and I find a great sense of calmness with your camping videos

  28. Why did you ditch the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Camping Pad Paul? Is the Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Pad that much superior?

  29. Interesting your comments about smaller sacs, I’ve still got my original Berghaus AB55. Bought in 1982 as a replacement for a leaky Karimor Jaguar when I got a full credit back from Blacks. It happily carried a full weeks provisions and tent etc, when I was younger. And with no side pockets it was less bulky and more stable. Still got my Phoenix Phreerunner tent from 1985 too, handy having space to store stuff.

  30. Love the S2S mats. Just wish they start to make large /reg mats. I like the width but im not 7 foot tall 👍 which jet boil is that Paul? Thanks 🙏

  31. The only one I wouldn’t agree with is the earplugs. Love the sounds of camping. Why take out one of your senses? Also important security/safety aspect

    1. Safety aspect how? Here in the UK there is no wildlife to be scared of… Unless you’re a grade a wuss there’s no need to worry about your personal security, or you’re camping in the wrong places.

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