A Few Of Our Favourite Things - Camping Gear & Patrol Accessories

A Few Of Our Favourite Things – Camping Gear & Patrol Accessories

55 thoughts on “A Few Of Our Favourite Things – Camping Gear & Patrol Accessories

  1. que vom.monster encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalesj abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

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  3. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidel donde quiera que Savilaa.Uno encantan tus videos.

    1. Yeah mate as Luke T said – PM Canvas, you can find them on Instagram. They make all sizes.

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  5. I quite like my setup, but I don’t have any occy straps!…
    And I can think of a few uses for them now, cheers for the hints!

  6. Great info and hacks Matt. I just wondering where did you get swag and stretcher from please? 🙂
    And also the car seat cover please?
    Kelly is so cute 😘 Thanks Matt and Kelly 🙂

    1. Thanks Nora! The swag and stretcher are from the brand Crashpad. Mostly available from their online store. There is only the one stockist for Crashpad in WA, Go Camping in Balcatta. And the seat covers are from Black Duck. Again just bought and ordered online from their store.

  7. Love my fire pit it a snow peak one the Luke the Drifta combo it’s 11 years old now still going. Love my crash pad sway and stretcher as well thanks for the video.

  8. Hi mate I met you and said gday when I spotted you at Peaceful Bay caravan park last Chrissie holidays. Loved this vid and I am another person who is passionate about our south west area and the Aussie bush in general. Some good tips there and I will finally just do it and get a jetboil. If you go camping and want to keep your stuff cold…get a fridge…bloody classic still laughing

    1. G’day mate, I remember, nice to have you here! Yeah I can’t recommend them enough, very handy!
      Hahaha she’s good for a laugh 😄

  9. trying to find room in the Patrol for everything is actually hard when u don’t wanna block the vision from ur rear and side windows . I got a slightly different setup which I’m still working on the storage locations of everything. I bought a 3Rd drawer recently now I gotta re arrange everything

    1. Yeah it’s very hard if you want to try keep everything as low as possible man. I gave up on that and have a rear camera to compensate. Draws are key to the process.

  10. bro u might get the dreaded rear door crack with all that weight on it. thx for all the vids btw 🙂

    1. Haha I hope not. The splashback is bolted to the door frame with 12 or so bolts so it’s pretty balanced.

  11. Some good tips, especially the pillow rack and rubbish bag. But from where do you get the bush books?

  12. Nice one… always like to see what others are using. Question – who makes those zip clear bags you are using for maps and books?

    1. Likewise mate! Yes so these bags are from Drifta. The smaller of the two is a wax con cleartop. And the bigger is just one of their general cleartop bags.

    2. @Westralian Offroad cheers Matt. I’ve got some bushtucker field guides that I want to keep a bit better organised and I reckon they’ll fit the bill. Thanks for the speedy reply….

  13. Having a extra cab ute, ive gotta think outside the box when thinking about storage, love having a 50L fridge behind my seat

  14. Great video Matt, certainly agree with a lot of your selection. I purchased my fire pit and canvas bag from Azza, 5 years ago when I met him at his stand at the Perth 4wd show, and it’s still going strong after all this time. I opted for the Black Duck 4 season seat covers and love them, they protect the leather seats and there fully waterproof to. My rear wheel Carrie bin bag set up I got from Nathan & Kelly about 3 years ago and love it, Kelly just recently made me some mesh inserts for the 2 front bags. I’m running the Darche swag and stretcher and absolutely love the concept, I couldn’t go back to being on the floor, same issue with my back to, 50 year old ex mechanic lol… Another thing I really love are my selection of Grab me gear bags, helped with a lot of storage issues and maximise space.
    Before the 200 I had a GU and fitted the RoadRunner drop table similar to what you have, a very useful bit of gear. I also fitted the extender on the small barn door so it would open fully, simple but effective idea.
    Cheers Mat 🤙🏽

    1. Our setups are cut from the same cloth mate. Great minds think alike. We are spoilt for really good gear over here in WA!

    1. @Westralian Offroad that’s it if I can’t go camping I still just get out and about spent last weekend looking at the dams in the Perth hills not alot of water in them

  15. It’s amazing just how much gear we carry, ‘just in case’. It is really hard to work out what is essential and what could be just stuck in the shed and left there. I agree that those new style of fire pits are great BUT there are some really big prices attached to some of them. We got a ‘budget’ version (well under $200) that I can’t fault and it comes with a nice padded bag. I think a lot of gear like this that isn’t going to have much of a way to fail, isn’t worth the big $$$. To make use of the under roof space, put up a false roof using canvas. It is the single MOST useful thing we have done for around $100 (we had the canvas made up specifically to fit). It holds all the light bulky stuff like pillows, coats, hats etc.

  16. Great clip mate, great to show how we sometimes need to step back and just look at the simple things we have and love. The jetboil, they are great but geez they’re dear ! I got one identical from Kmart, $49 and it’s bloody awesome ! and just as fast ( with half a litre, I think they’re actually a fraction quicker than the jetboil brand )
    Can’t beat a quick cuppa in the bush 👍👍
    Keep up the great work mate

  17. Love the headlamps on the headrests idea , stealing that one , great vid thanks mate 🙂

  18. We brought a car awning from Aldi after seeing you use one. We have a AWD RAV4, It gets us most places and we always have plenty of room. Plus we are both short so the height issue isn’t a problem. When that Aldi one dies, be will get one made, however the Aldi one seems to be really good quality.Another good piece of equipment is the Colman lanterns, so good and reliable. We use my Dads old one, it’s over 30 years old and still going. Engel is a legend in reliability for a reason. We got one as a wedding present and it is amazing not only as a camping fridge, but also as a drinks fridge at home.

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