5 Must Have Gear Items For COLD BACKPACKING

5 Must Have Gear Items For COLD BACKPACKING

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Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove:
Soto Windmaster Stove:
Titanium Mug:
Sit Pad:
Insulated Booties:
Tiny Pump X 2 Lamp:
NU25 Headlamp:

Garmin InReach Mini:
Decathlon Down Jacket –
REI Flash 55 Pack:
Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt:
Garmin Fenix Watch:
Lanshan 1 Pro Tent:
X-T4 Camera:
GoPro Hero 10:
Insta360 One X2:
Rode Wireless Mic:
Samsung S10E Phone:
Saramonic Phone Mic:
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40 thoughts on “5 Must Have Gear Items For COLD BACKPACKING

  1. The updated NU25 was just announced a few days ago and it even has an UL version. Are you going to pick one up? For me it’s a no-brainer, since they finally moved over to USB-C.

  2. Went backcountry camping at Twin Lakes in Banff in September. Brought the MEC slippers and they worked very well keeping my feet warm!

  3. You can use a windshield reflector for your chair as well, more coverage warmer and cheaper, get them at the dollar store

    1. He winter camps too though, so he’ll want this anyway, for winter camping cus that wouldn’t be enough below freezing.

  4. Hi Justin, thank you for your regular uploads!

    Talking about cold weather, I’d be curious to see you review a product made with polartec alpha direct. I think you own a crewneck made by FarPointe if I’m not mistaken.

    Cheers from Montréal!

  5. wow is it that cold in the west here in Quebec we can still stay outside with short sleeves…

  6. We need weekly backpacking adventure, Justin! Didn’t you go full time with youtube as you primary source of income? You should have lots of time for backpacking every week. We want some weekly adventures! 😀

    1. He’s getting to be a carbon copy of the phony Dan Becker.
      Only, Justin is more experienced, morally sound, and backs it up with countless excursions.

    2. @Mark Cummings I like his videos too though! He’s entertaining and funny haha.

  7. In the winter, I carry two Nalgenes in bottle parkas. At night, I boil 2L of water and slip them in my sleeping bag. This helps warm me up, and then I have water for breakfast. Then I boil 2 more liters of water and slide a Nalgene each into my boots to warm them before putting them on. Putting on nice warm boots is a great way to start a winter morning.

    1. I hear people doing this all the time. If I ever desired extra warmth like this, it would just tell me, my bag isn’t properly rated. Look for EN comfort ratings when selecting a sleeping bag or quilt. Give yourself 10F wiggle room AND carry a cheap fleece liner for unexpected dips and you’ll stop desiring warm water bottles inside your bag to warm you up. You’ll be fanning the bag to help let some heat out, through the night instead. This is a SO much nicer experience. EN COMFORT ratings! For air pads ASTM R ratings!

      Get this right and you’ll think about bringing in a COLD water bottle in your bag with you to help you cool down! lol

  8. Hey Justin why is literally NOBODY talking about the Neoair Topo lux??? It’s soo freaking comfortable 4″ 3.7 R value it’s just awesome!!USA😁✌️💚

    1. I just got this pad this summer and I LOVE IT! I wish sooooo badly they would make a 6 R ASTM version of this!!!!! Why not thermarest! WHY!!!! hahaha.

    2. What’s the lowest temp in C or F that you’ve used it? Please include C or F in your number, you use and I can convert to F if needed. I tried it down to 18F and it of course it failed miserably! haha. My butt cheeks were ice packs after 30 min test out the front door, in a controlled test. That even included the 2 R thermarest foam pad, under it though, so it couldn’t do much there. I just wanted to see how it could handle the cold air itself. No good down that low…. As I expected though of course, not even being 4 R.

      This pad should be good down to anything above 32F – freezing though. Perhaps not that low? More like high 30’s at best perhaps? Gotta test some more.

    3. @Wabanaki [Dawnland People] Mi’kmaw Indian Shaman Were you NAKED?
      I can’t imagine it being that bad.
      Yes, it’s not close to a solid Winter pad.
      And a big weakness (actually the Achilles Heel) of any pad is it’s perimeter. The thicker the pad, the worse the weakness.
      There is no insulation around the perimeter of any pad sold on the market. Furthermore, the more one tosses and turns, and the exposure of perimeter allows transfer of cold/insulated air.

    4. @Wabanaki [Dawnland People] Mi’kmaw Indian Shaman I also just got the topo lux and I can’t confirm it’s cold rating yet, but I will be testing it soon

    5. @Mark Cummings I had long underwear on if you must know lol. I generally sleep on my thermarest mondoking (the og version. 7 R ASTM / 7 lbs) and I have winter camped on that, well down bellow zero and stayed toasty warm of course, with the true 7 R.
      The problem though, as you can see, it’s heavy.
      I think the 3.7 R “should” be “decent” to at least 40F perhaps a bit lower but 18F was NO match for keeping that cold winter air from turning my butt cheeks into a popsicle in about 20 mins! hahaha I stayed on it for as long as I could stand it.

      No way, you’d survive on it at 18F I can attest to this. I don’t care how warm anyone sleeps, you would be night hiking out if you tried this in the woods. You sure wouldn’t want to fall asleep on it, at them temps! You would wake up hurting! It was really start to make my body super sore! It took me a good couple hours once back in the house for my butt to warm back up lol.

      I knew 3.7R wouldn’t be enough for winter camping. I guess I tried it out by the house because I was really hoping to be wrong. Boy, was I ever proved right lol. I’ll be lugging the 7 punder still, in winter. I need a big pad to be comfortable, so I just have no choice.

      I will of course try stacking the 2 R ASTM foam pad on TOP of it to see if it can get me up to 5.7 R though! In theory, this “should” work. This will be the next test, this winter. With it on the bottom, it did NOTHING to stop the cold air from penetrating it through the sides, even if it did aid from the ground attacking it.

      Try it yourself though, Mark if you have one too? Just be sure while car camping or right out your door so you can stay safe and abort without issue. Take a thermometer with you, so you can accurately know the exact temp, not just the local whether chart.

      I will say, I don’t think you should waste your time testing it at anywhere near freezing. It WILL fail you long before 32F based on 18F being 0% match for it whatsoever lol. I literally don’t think I would have gotten much colder, just laying directly on the snow itself. I mean, I must of a bit, but it couldn’t have been by only a few more minutes worth haha. I would say, start testing it around 40F and HOPE it can take you a bit lower….. but I’m not so sure. 3.7 R ASTM just isn’t “that” much. More for late spring, early fall really where it’s around 40F I’m estimating.

  9. I really appreciate that you add the links to all the items. And your videos have given me so much helpful advice and tips. Thank you.

  10. Has anyone here (in Canada) tried to order from garage grown gear? I tried placing an order a couple of months back and the shipping was triple the cost of a very small and lightweight items… I was wondering if there was a miscalculation or just bad luck?

  11. Hey Justin I will be moving to Grizzly country soon. It would be fantastic if you made a video about backpacking in Grizzly territory.

  12. I don’t drink coffee on hikes/backpacking trips either. Reason being coffee really makes me poop. If I can get away with avoiding pooping outdoors I absolutely will 😂

  13. How about a partner to curl up next to and heat things up? Whoops, I guess that wouldn’t count as gear.

  14. just commenting to let you know the camera quality and production is looking really good. Huge improvements in the last year.

  15. Loving your videos, stumbled across them researching some products. I do a lot of solo backpacking all 4 seasons, from Calgary originally as well but live in Golden now, if you are ever looking for a hiking partner in the Columbia valley hit me up!

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