£30 Budget hammock camping gear from Facebook market place.

£30 Budget hammock camping gear from Facebook market place.

Easthills Jungle Explorer Double hammock and tarp.
hammock camping equipment from Facebook market place to show beginners that hammock camping does not next to be expensive.


The hammock setup is a easthills Jungle hammock and trap and the underblanket is a DD hammock.

link below for the easthills hammock set.

#hammocksetup #easthillshammock

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55 thoughts on “£30 Budget hammock camping gear from Facebook market place.

  1. Hi Dan , I like that you made use of the Hammock , Thats a good price for anyone for the Kit ,shows that there is gear available used , and good quality too . 🙂

  2. Military surplus is another good way to get budget gear. I got a Arctic sleeping bag rated to minus 10 degrees for £40.

    1. I think the proper arctic bag is rated quite a bit lower than -10 degrees,could be wrong but I think the heavy weight modular bag is rated to -10.

  3. Ey up me duck
    One of the things I’ve always liked about your channel is you usually review things you’ve bought yourself so give a genuine, unbiased review.
    I hate it when all some channels do is review things they’ve been given by companies which usually means a BS biased review. I enjoyed this one me owd cocka, reckon you should do more second-hand bought reviews 👍🙂

  4. Even as an experienced camper you don’t need expensive gear unless you’re going up mountains!

    1. They only time I’ve spent big money was on my sleep pad(thermarest xlite)which is in fact for going up the mountains but I still use it for my winter woodland hot tent camps

  5. I love your videos, I have anxiety and these camping videos really cheer me up, I can’t wait to get camping again.

    1. Hi .love your video. I would like to see more steath camping 🏕 . I now this your channel, but I love ❤ rain camping video . Your review on budget are great . It get The people outdoors enjoy life Unfortunately for myself I only can go 2 or 3 time a year Because I’ve a full time carer for my mother. So so finding someone 5o look after her is hard going . I am a glamper camper and I am proud of it but it don t stop me Enjoy your videos thank you so much for producing them calmly guards Eugene

    1. I did not set a price for this video mate because soon as I seen this for £30 the video was set. But yes the budget price will go up

  6. See Dan,if you told me what brand of gear you bought I would have said a much higher price,I’d never have guessed you got a DD under quilt for £10,what a bargain mate 👍

  7. Once again another great video of how to start camping from the gras roots. ( no pun intended) quite a nice little set up there. What a bargain . 👍🏻👍🏻

  8. bargain. nice one dan… and very generous of you to contact the seller to offer more than they wanted.

  9. Can’t wait until after Christmas to try and find some good bargains, I’d love to try hammock camping, again, fab content 👍

  10. Got my first hammock from Ali Express, 20 euros complete with mosquito net and then upgraded to better quality equipment as time moved on. Totally agree that it’s not necessary to spend a fortune to try it out. You landed on your feet there Dan with that price

  11. Well Dan it shows that you can still pick up some good equipment from market place the set up looked good and the price was good to even though you thought you paid less than the underblanket was worth like you said in the video you thought that was to cheep still it was a good find 👍

  12. I have a very old US ARMY jungle hammock. Still in great condition, but heavy. Has a zippered bug net and canvas cover….but a small tarp is still recommended. Can also set it up as a small tent if needed. Keep the budget gear vids coming….we like them.

  13. I really enjoyed this video I for one often buy second hand stuff WHY pay more for things than you have too🤔

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