Our 5 BEST Gadgets for Camping in 5 minutes.

Our 5 BEST Gadgets for Camping in 5 minutes.

This collaboration video shows our five best gadgets we have on board when we go camping. #vanlife #camping #motorhometravels #motorhomelife #caravanlife #campinggadgets

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39 thoughts on “Our 5 BEST Gadgets for Camping in 5 minutes.

  1. … oh dear, that means about 50 gadgets that I will need assuming that they may all choose different ones.
    Does a beer bottle opener count as a gadget?
    Thank you Helen and Martin.

    1. You can’t have enough gadgets Roger , that’s Martin’s standard response 😂. We just watched the other group members video and he’s added a few more to his list 😂. Thanks for watching best wishes Helen me Martin

  2. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 vom.monster qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciann ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  3. Do the Apple AirTags work on husbands? 🤔😆
    Mobile WiFi is the business. We love ours and never struggle now.
    Some great gadgets there thanks for the tips.
    Beth out! 😁 x

    1. They do work on husbands providing you hide it on them without their knowledge 😂. Cheers Beth H and M

  4. You didn’t just liken Hermanfest’s best behaved dog to an Octopus 😂 we must definitely look into Apple air tags. Also love the fact that the Jackery solar panel has a USB output. Great video, keep up the great work on the channel 😊

    1. Thanks guys , Pops is more like a beach whale than a Octopuss at the moment , spread out fast asleep in my chair – guess who is sat on the floor.😂😂😂

  5. You have forgotten to mention the 6th essential item which is your Valencia FC football shirt! (Good man)… keep up the good work… love your videos on the ‘camino’…

    1. Hi Joe thanks for watching , I bought the shirt in Valencia , not just a city I love, but one of my favourite players in the English Premiership over the years Juan Mata played here and established himself . He is a role model for all young aspiring players in my opinion. We loved the Camino story and love Spain and the Spanish people 🇪🇸 . Looking forward to being back soon. Best wishes Helen and Martin

  6. Love all the ideas for your vanning adventures, the polarity checker is a must for being abroad – cheap too so no reason not to have one.
    The external fixed antenna is something I’d like to get sorted to help with signal from the van.
    Thanks for sharing, Andy and Kim.

    1. Thanks for watchings guys , it was a bit of a challenge as we had not long since done something similar in another VLOG so needed to find items not previously mentioned. 😂. Best wishes Helen and Martin

  7. Ah we have been looking into apple air tags x great to know someone else who is using them and recommends xx
    Great gadgets x great upload x hope you are both well x
    Leanne & Oliver x

    1. Hi guys , yea we thought the tags were a good idea especially for Poppy our little escape artist , but on the kit etc to , so easy to leave or loose stuff. Thanks for watching Helen and Martin

  8. Nice to see you both.
    I’ve been thinking about those air tag things. Might give them a go. They are the only things that would be useful for me. I don’t have a van. 🥲

    1. Hi Ian , nice to hear from you , I did’t realise you were van less , is there a new one on order. ?

  9. Yes nice shirt!!
    We have three of the five so quite pleased with ourselves as newbies!
    Great video guys

    1. Cheers Ian , I bought the shirt in Valencia , probably my favourite all round Spanish City. I am big fan of Juan Mata who came from Valencia to Manchester via Chelsea of course. Thanks for watching best wishes Helen and Martin

  10. Hi guys great vlog some really handy tips, wish we had that polarity tester going round France it would’ve given a bit of piece of mind 🙂 The Solar panel direct charge is interesting we will be checking that out may as well make use of the sun (while we have it here) bet your stuff was always well charged in Spain! Great vlog and some really handy tips 😁 Mark and Debs xx

    1. Hi Mark and Debs , we used the direct charger a lot , where as the Powerbank took hours to charge from solar, we found the direct charge point pretty quick. Iphones and Ipads rule the world don’t they 😂. Thanks for watching H and M

  11. good selection of gadgets guys we’d so love a router but don’t really spend enough time in van yet to justify it , also love the apple tag idea , enjoy the rest o👍😀

    1. Cheers guys there is always something else to buy isn’t there. We like have a tag on Poppy’s collar given she is such an escape artist. Thanks for watching Helen and Martin

  12. Some great recommendations. Hopefully tonight I’ll get the opportunity to catch up on your European trip. My exercise bike is positioned in front of the TV so I can cycle my way through them! That’s one good thing about seeing myself on YouTube, I’m committed to losing my excess weight 😂😂. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks , we only just talking about you 5 mins before this popped up – Martin has put a request in for your Rocky Road recipe. Thanks for watching Helen and Martin

    2. @Helen & Martin’s Treks it’s very easy and always a hit except with Ivan unfortunately he doesn’t like it!

    1. Thanks guys, it’s not that long since we did something similar so when the Colab Group selected the title we had to get our thinking caps on. Helen and Martin

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