Camping GADGETS you NEED for 2022 +$800 Bluetti EB70S GIVEAWAY!

Camping GADGETS you NEED for 2022 +$800 Bluetti EB70S GIVEAWAY!

Bluetti EB70S:

Go Overland Canada Tent (only 5 ‘Journey X’ tents left):
Use code ‘KINGMEDIA’ for $100 off any tent!

Camping Products:
AeroPress Coffee Press:
Magnetic Camping Light:
LED String Lights:
Olight SR2 Baton:
Leatherman Skeletool:
Civivi Elementum:
Coleman Camping stove bbq:
Camping Fan:
5lb Propane tank:
Light Switch Panel:
Baofeng Comms:
Dash Cam:
Tablet Mount:

Products on Lexus:
Summit Offroad Wheels:
Vivid Lumen Lights: 10% off code: king_media_10
Lexus Grill:
Grill Lights:
Bison Gear Website:
Yank Off-road Recovery Straps:
Agency 6 Shackles:
ARB Air Jack: …
Skid Plates:
Roof Rack:
Rear Ladder:
Tire Deflators:
Smittybuilt X20 10K Winch:
Air compressor:
Baofeng Comms:
Dash Cam:
Tablet Mount:

Camera Gear:
Camera #1:
Camera #2:
Rode Wireless Go Mic:
Rode VideoMic Go:
Blue Yeti Mic:

Power Tools:
Milwaukee 2 PC FUEL Auto Kit:
Milwaukee ⅜ Cordless Ratchet:
Milwaukee Drill & Impact:
Dewalt Table Saw:
Dewalt Mitre Saw:

55 thoughts on “Camping GADGETS you NEED for 2022 +$800 Bluetti EB70S GIVEAWAY!

  1. King – awesome to see your build progression on here and GXOR. Keep up the great quality content!

  2. King defo some neat items to consider. Great point about the propane tank and I might just need that fan! I’m new to overlanding and trying to start inexpensively. A power station hasn’t been in the budget yet. The rig itself is such a hurdle especially when it’s an FJ! 😆 Keep the vids coming… I’m looking for trails when I come to Alta in a few mos! Good luck on the giveaway all!

  3. King. Bluetti is compact, powerful and versatile. Hard to go wrong when adding solar panels.

    Heated blanket! Glamping at its best!.

  4. King! Love your setup. I’m hoping to get a proper fridge/freezer one day. I’m out in McLean and TransAlta as much as I can. Maybe see ya out there one day! One of your Bluetti power stations would be amazing to have on my adventures!

  5. King! You’re GX build gives me inspiration to build my own; love the channel and keep up the good work!

  6. Mr. King, great information! I would use the Bluetti to support off grid camping in my GX with a CPAP and portable AC unit.

  7. KING! Thanks again Logan. I bought one of those 5lb tanks last summer it has served me well. Definitely looking forward to the RTT video and I’m sold on the longer magnetic light. I bought my buddy an Aero Press for a birthday present. One of these days he’ll actually remember to pack it for a camping trip. Cheers.

  8. King

    Been around and watching your videos for a while, been following on Instagram even longer! I basically send every one of your posts to my friends to try and convince them to buy GX’s 🤣

  9. KING! Thanks for always making quality gx content can’t wait to get my gx out there and camp.

  10. King. The small cheap portable fan and light has been a game changer for the roof tent for sure.

  11. King! I think I will grab a propane tank since it eliminates the need for the smaller green tanks. Thanks for being a huge inspiration for my GX build!

  12. King. Found your videos when researching GX470s awhile back finally bought one a couple months ago and planning on lifting it soon! Thanks for the awesome videos!

  13. King! Been my favorite GX build for a while and I am definitely going to be basing my new GX build on yours as soon as the my other GX project is done. Always appreciate the tips and gadgets you have to show 🤙

  14. King! Love the vids. You were the one who made me aware of Bison Gear. Good stuff and great prices. Oh, and definitely saving up for that front bumper you have. It’s my favorite for the GX. I also have a pearl white.

  15. King, thanks for the review. You and I use some of the same gear. Looks like your getting it dialed in!

  16. King !
    Your gx has been an inspiration since I got mine, you’ve been killing it with the videos and edits as well 🤙🏼

  17. King! Propane tank is a must! I love taking mine with me. Helps me cook for our whole squad. I do need to invest in more lighting and a fridge.

  18. KING‼️ so happy I found your page as we venture out in our GX this year! Plus I got to enter a contest – keep up the awesome videos 👏🏼

  19. King – The 5lb Propane bottle is nice to have but consider carrying a spare adapter hose with you on trips. If that fails you can’t really repair it in the field, and maybe think about putting a fuel gauge on it so you have a better idea when you’re running low.

  20. King – you’re really living the king life I want to by being outdoors so much. I just got a 4runner almost 2 yrs ago so I’m getting into 4wheeling/overlanding and exploring the mountains in CO from a different view. Love the content and keep it up!
    P.s. portable power is my next item on my list…. 🤔🤔🤔

  21. King , love your videos, cool to see local trails , and places I’ve never been…I think I’ve seen you on the trails once or twice

  22. King – I’m new to the game, so I really love getting some of these tips. Slowly building my (new to me) GX470 and can’t wait to get it off the pavement!

  23. thanks for the vid, gave me a few ideas that i may need to pick up. keep it up bro! – fellow gx470 owner

  24. The King posts again! You are one of the very few YouTubers that I have notifications turned on for, keep doing what your doing, maybe one day I can get my GX to look half as good as yours does. Thanks for the consistent and quality content.

  25. King . Really enjoyed this video as I just recently got into the whole camping scene. Gives me a good base as to what I need and should bring!

  26. I enjoy the content on your YouTube channel. It inspires me to keep improving my Toyota RAV4 Adventure. That Bluetti would be a game changer for my rig. 🏕

  27. King – love the videos. Lots of great inspiration from your GX that I can carry over to my 80. Cheers!

  28. Hi King,
    Nice rig set up, you made great use of space. I just purchased one of those propane tanks, best upgrade from the ridiculously expensive green bottles.
    Thanks for the gear tips!

  29. King – thank you for putting out all the videos about the GX as well as overlanding been helping me out on my own rig and adventures

  30. King. Like the info on the propane, lights, and power source. Curious to know your suspension. Always enjoy your videos, fellow GX owner!

  31. Always terrific videos and we’ll delivered content. Been following your stories for some time and curious as to where/how you’re dealing with your spare tire these days…🤷🏻‍♂️I’m guessing that you’re not carrying it with you? I know you’ve hailed it a couple different ways. I have a similar setup and have seen yours lately, so it made me 🤔

  32. King. Winning a power station off one of your videos would really make you a king. A few year back I took the plunge and bought a Benchmade and have never regretted it.

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