Best Car Camping Gadgets

Best Car Camping Gadgets

Portable Fire:
Coffee Grinder: 25% OFF SALE
AeroPress Go:
JetBoil Pan:
Jump Start Battery Pack:
Hand Saw:
Big Battery:
Small Battery:
Multi Charger Cord:
Satellite Phone:
The Dyrt App FREE Trial:
Gaia App:
Magnetic Lights:
Window Bug Nets:
Water Jug:
Camp Chairs:
Camp Table:

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How to stay warm Winter Camping:

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32 thoughts on “Best Car Camping Gadgets

  1. Whats something you won’t go camping without? As always, thanks for the continued support! 🙏

    1. @Chase Christopher Naw just one spare for everything and an inverter! Did 5 days in the backcountry and didn’t have an issue haha

    2. Hot water shower! Heat water from a fire(BioLite stove and kettle)/electricity(GoSun Brew)/solar (GoSun solar oven). I use a 1G thermos to hold hot water when using “GoSun Flow” and also use a Nemo foot pump shower system. So refreshing on camping trips. Thanks for the video 👍

    3. My portable ice maker. I’m a full time overlander and have everything else, Dometic Fridge, Jackery with solar ect… The game changer this year is buckets of ice in the middle of nowhere! Keep on Trekin…… 😎

    4. I wouldn’t go camping without a Swiss Army knife. Comes in handy for small things. Scissors, small screw driver, CORK SCREW…totally use it all the time. Camping AND not camping.

    5. Fire staters lmao. Make it a little simpler. But I got 2 little kids that will stay occupied by the fire while I set up

    6. Well seeing as you have a dewalt 20v saw (like me :D) I recommend the little dewalt leaf blower. Use it to blow up and deflate air mattresses and just as importantly, to blow on the fire to get it nice and hot and roaring. I also bring a dewalt fan and or a dewalt propane heater that’s similar to the mr buddy but much better as it uses dewalt batteries to run a fan and light as well as usb chargers.

    7. Just found your guys’s Channel and this was super helpful! I just started car camping this last year and did a Jeep conversion with my commander and have been having a lot of fun with it, haven’t done so much as the weather’s gotten colder… incidentally heard you mentioned Alaska, I moved from there last year in December, possibly going back this year, anyway great info and thanks a bunch, wish you guys well!

    8. Road flare for emergency fire in nasty rain, Orajel… damn, i think we may be related😂Have most all of this. Live up in van up in woods. Subd. D😎🇺🇸PDX

    9. In Australia in the outback you must have a satellite ph or at least a PLB, (preferrably Lithium jump starter) jumper cables in case of a flat battery, spare fan belt, hoses, hose clips, fuel filter, tyre repair kit plus a tyre inflation/deflation kit, electrical tape, spare water & fuel, a good torch, first aid/snakebite kit and Aerogard for the mozzies and flies 😂

  2. Recommendations on a good small axe for splitting larger pieces of logs into kindling pieces?

    Thanks for the rest of the tips and items, already have some loaded up into my Amazon cart.

  3. Lol…the last line…closed captions said:”…because nobody likes surface chairs!” Rollin’
    Great advice as well: Gas first, then gear. Loved it!

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