5 Best GADGETS For Camping - VanLife Collaboration

5 Best GADGETS For Camping – VanLife Collaboration

Hi, thanks for watching our Collaboration video about our top 5 Van Life gadgets. In this video we’ll walk you through:
– Our top 5 Gadgets
– Why we chose them and how we use them
– Other Vanlife channels in our collaboration

Our channel is about Part Time Van Life with Dogs. We cover lots of cool stuff such as Overnight Park up’s, Travelling with Dogs and places to visit in the U.K.

Dolittle Campers are Part time UK Van Life couple David and Clare who along with their Cockapoo, like to take their viewers on their adventures with them. Travelling the Country in our VW T6 converted Campervan we show you the top Vanlife highlights and tourist hotspots in the U.K.

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Dolittle Campers

Channel Link –

The Hills on Tour
Video link –
Channel link –

Wandering Wheelie
Video Link –
Channel Link –

The Wanderin’ Wilds
Video Link –
Channel Link –

Tanks on Tour
Video Link – Ours –
Channel Link –

Paul and Sarah Caravan Life
Video Link –
Channel Link –

Travels of Ethel The Van
Video Link –
Channel link –

2.4 in a van
Video link –
Channel Link –

Helen and Martin’s Motorhome Treks
Video Link –
Channel Link –

The Coffeevanners
Video Link –
Channel link –

Tess’ Travels – Caravan adventures
Channel Link –

– The company who built our Vivante VW T6 Campervan – Our Website
– Our other Youtube project (a rival to Gogglebox)


Contact us on Dolittlecampers@outlook.com

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17 thoughts on “5 Best GADGETS For Camping – VanLife Collaboration

  1. Love it, always better to film when the dogs are tired 🐶😴. The flexible arm is a great idea, Pretty Woman is my favourite film as well (Helen). 🥰🥰

    1. Haha well you definitely have a great taste in films 😊 yes the arm is brilliant and has helped us catch up with our favourite channels whilst in bed 😊 xx

  2. I like the ‘massive, flexible and bendy’ arm! I have one similar that holds my phone next to my bed so I can watch Netflix whist Riki is asleep! 😁 x

    1. It’s brill. I am really impressed with it. Glad you enjoyed it, looking forward to seeing your holiday videos 😊 xx

  3. Like the idea of the memory connector thingy and the ‘stolen’ charge cable too, 50% of the subs / watchers you offended are laughing at you……iPhone running google(android) software 🤪 great ideas there, thanks for sharing.
    Andy and Kim.

    1. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who want the very best and buy Apple products and those who want to kid themselves 😂 glad you enjoyed it 👍🏻😊

  4. David and his flexible friend 🤣🤣 that made me chuckle 🤭… some great gadgets there and I did like that stove

  5. The bendy arm is such a good idea x love your face when you dropped the work iPad 😂 great gadgets x you now have oliver looking for more gadgets to buy xx

    1. It was Sod’s law, as I ran out the door the first IPad I grabbed was my work one 😂 thankfully it’s all ok. Thanks for watching we missed you this time, but look forward to your next one 😊👍🏻 D xx

  6. Have to say first of all how cute is Lilly 🥰 and Tess of course, but Lilly’s little face while David was talking was distracting 🤣 Can’t wait to meet them both at Camp Creator 🥰 Loved this vlog so funny, especially when the Ipad fell off and you dobbing Clare in for nicking the charging wire gadget from work !!! 🤣That Zip charger is absolutely ace! Love it and really enjoyed this vlog as usual 🤣 Keep up the good work SUPERHERO Dave, our Saviour lol!! Mark and Debs xx

    1. Aww don’t you’ll make me go red 😂 glad you are still enjoying our Vlogs, we aim to please and make people chuckle 😊👍🏻 D xx

  7. First, kisses for the girls, second, nothing wrong with an android David!! Did like the flexi arm, where did you get it from? Take care xx 🐾🐾🐕

  8. WOW nice video kabayan hello FROM Philippines Walk Tour Channel 👣🏃🏃🚶📸📽️0

  9. Great gadgets 👍 found it funny when Tessie was like I’m outta here when you dropped the Ipad 😂. I’ll be on the lookout for the zip charger

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