Comfort food while Moto Camping

Comfort food while Moto Camping

A Fathers Day adventure out in West Virginia on the Pan America. Packed up all my essential gear for a two-night trip and experimented with cooking Chicken & Dumplings at the campsite. Another adventure on the Harley Pan America, and some exploratory camp cooking. I was able to pack the fishing rod and gear and even caught a few fish. Some local West Virginia riding and exploring the haunted Paw Paw Tunnel. I hope you find this entertaining and or inspirational to get outdoors. I genuinely have a passion for camping, motorcycles, and adventure and make these videos primarily as a journal for my grandchildren to enjoy and inspire when I’m gone. Thanks for reading and hopefully watching. NOTE – Subtitles added to translate to your preferred language

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38 thoughts on “Comfort food while Moto Camping

  1. just got my pan am special friday – looking forward to doing some of this starting july 4th weekend.

    1. 2022? if so hopefully you missed all the recalls and services for screen CPU issues, 2 days after I got back from this trip she went in again for error codes. But I still love the bike!!!!

  2. Gran videos si pudiera poner sustitulos poner sustitulos en español en todos tu videos te lo agradecería y me podría enterar de todo lo que tu dice muchas gracias

    1. ¡Es un trabajo en progreso! Ese es mi plan para todos los idiomas. ¿Asumiendo que no tuviste problemas para cambiar al español en este video?

    1. Appreciate it! They are Hey Dudes, the most comfortable shoes for lounging Ive ever worn. Thanks for watching!!

  3. Hi, my friend
    Wow, it is the best camping video in the world that gives me so much fun and healing
    It’s a perfect place for camping
    Your cooking skills are fantastic
    Have a lucky day

  4. I like moto adventure riding, but also like good food while camping… I see that food is high on your priority list, its half the fun.

    1. Same here! I plan and prep the food with more energy than I do for the trip lol! Thanks for watching.

  5. Just subscribed to your channel, I real enjoy your camping videos! Been wanting to take my little Honda shadow out camping soon. That’s one badass bike you e got too, I love the pan am

    1. Thank you!!! I’m looking forward to the next one! The Pan Am has opened up a wider venue for moto-camping for me!

  6. New subscribe sir from Philippines, I’m Filipino solo moto camping sir.. napaka Ganda po Ng lugar kung San kayo nag kamping

  7. Recently found you here and have been watching several of your videos and loving them. I live in Southern Oklahoma and love to travel and “moto camp” too. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Pete! I’m in Montana at the moment hiking in Glacier National Park, beautiful country! Thanks for watching.

    1. @Michael Alyssia Nguyen the camera just makes it look big! Lol it’s only 540 pounds! Thanks for watching.

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