Tarp Wall Tent Camping

Tarp Wall Tent Camping

With the expert help of Crazy Neighbor I taped together some tarps and ratchet straps and made some form of Frankenstein wall tent, and went camping! The project actually turned out far better than I had originally thought. We had one of my standby camping meals of onion burgers. Some rain fell through the evening and overnight, but not too much to dampen our spirits.

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  1. crockpot at a campsite, love it. I like that recipe as well, going to have to try it for myself. cheers guys!

  2. Steve, only earlier today I watched you set up a beach lounger under a shower curtain. This tarp thing is freaking luxury, mate! 😂

  3. Cut a regular door opening n weight the bottom down with a decent size stick on bottom to hold down

  4. Subscriptions to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime plus a Comcast cable connection & the best entertainment is Steve Wallis camping. I think I need to get rid of some of the subscriptions I pay for.

  5. 1960’s Duxbury, MA – My dad used to take us camping on Duxbury beach in a homemade camper he built out of a used milk delivery truck. All was awesome until the wealthy Liberals got teed off at us enjoying the beach without paying the property taxes like they did on their waterfront mansions. Basically the Liberals paid the police to kick off people like us even though we took better care of the beach than they did. Liberals Red Pilled me when I was just 5 years young.

  6. Crazy neighbor looked heartbroken when you critiqued the interior and the pointed it out it would’ve been heaven for one…

  7. That’s 40 dollars worth of new plastic that is going to a landfill after being used for one weekend.

  8. Have been off channel a bit . As a big fan of “Crazy Neighbor” I am so glad he is back in good spirits after his loss! So Welcome back!! I just yesterday located a new Stealth camp on a very popular trail here in Slo county.. and now besides my pole required LanShan 1 have a free standing 1 UL. Stealth on Mates.. Wood-Man in Pismo

  9. Steve must be protected at all costs. Whoever shares his stealth camp plans should be eliminated from existence.

  10. So what’s the deal with the gorilla tape? Do they make it out of gorillas, like glue from horses, or do they force them to manufacture it in a simian sweatshop?

  11. Yeah I just wanted to say that I love the channel. Crazy neighbor is a very good guy. Keep the videos coming please

  12. Made a 2 hammock tarp tent for me and my kids on a little 2 nighter.

    lake Hawkins Texas….

    all the old local ladies kept stopping and telling me . That’s is the coolest looking tent they have seen in there lake house lives…. Had one old cougar give me a 12 pack and some smoke🤣. Another had her husband bring me and the kids a big slab of wild hog.. ate like king’s

  13. Regarding the shoes thing, I used to volunteer at a zoo where a keeper explained how they would “raven-proof” their shoes. Basically, in the final step where you loop one loop through the gap between both loops, you instead loop it over and through the gap again, before pulling the laces tight. So if you think of it in terms of the Spongebob song on the matter, it would be “loop-de-loop-de-loop and pull.” I’m unaware if there is a technical name for this knot, it results in a significantly sturdier knot that lasts all day, but can still be intentionally loosened the normal way (which is not possible with the traditional double knot people sometimes do with laces).

  14. Why was Steve bending over in the liquor store?… Crazy neighbour then says… You’ve lived a sheltered life! Classic

  15. Crumpled up news paper is a great cheap fire starter! Just for anyone out there that loves camping..

  16. you guys have the bestest ideas of all – whodda thought that tarp would tape together to make a tent! Now to see how many time you can use it….

  17. Dog gone. I was looking forward to watching you guys get the gorilla tape off the tarps. That would have been fun.

  18. Hey guys, i got tarp
    proceeds to builds a house
    This is why i watch lol.
    edit: Idea, cheese cloth windows 😀

  19. When steve saw how small it was on the inside and how close they would be sleeping together you can see him think why did I choose onion burgers for dinner

  20. Alternate the direction you tie your laces! Like first knot left over right, then the bow right over left. That’s helped mine stay better, especially for laces that are really slick.

  21. The boys hunkered down after a long day, and Glen taught Steve all the different ways to “tie a shoe”

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