Primitive Bushcraft shelter Camping - Build Survival Tiny House - Off Grid living - Diy - Asmr

Primitive Bushcraft shelter Camping – Build Survival Tiny House – Off Grid living – Diy – Asmr

Welcome to Wargeh Bushcraft!
I build a primitive bushcraft shelter using hand tools only. I used simple hand tools such as axe, saw, bushcraft knife. Diy, Asmr, Bushcraft Skills, Survival shelter camping.

My videos cover Bushcraft skiils, camping, fishing, off grid, log cabin, primitive technology, wilderness survival and outdoor skills, bushcraft gear like axes, knives, saws, backpacks, clothing systems, shelters and cooking gear.

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55 thoughts on “Primitive Bushcraft shelter Camping – Build Survival Tiny House – Off Grid living – Diy – Asmr

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  2. This is what in the Boy Scouts we called “pioneering”, but even in the Boy Scouts they didn’t expect us to use natural cordage. Of course, in real pioneering all you have to work with are materials at hand. Abilities of finding or processing natural cordage from the environment is a critical but often neglected aspect of bushcraft.

  3. Wishing you and everyone a lot of health during the covid season. Love you all visit Survival Forest Life

  4. Your shelter builds are extremely informative, especially to someone that doesn’t camp, they actually have me wanting to try this on a small piece of property that I have. Do you have a list of the gear you are using?, also interested in the pants you wear.
    Love your Mal, I have had two and they are incredible dogs and even better companions


  5. How much food do you pack in per day for you and the baby and what’s your pack weight with your gear and people and dog food? Seems like you prepare your baby’s meals as well.

  6. Pobre perrito porke le das huesos eso es malo para los animales y crudo tu si ke bien comés dale su galleta es lo mejor

  7. Hi this the latest video?.if not..we would love to see more of ur safe with ur doggie🙏

  8. Is that all you eat while out in woods? Unseasoned steak & bread? At least throw some steak spice on that shit.

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  11. One video .. a look see of all of your shelters on the property and how are they holding up to the elements.

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  13. Increíblemente fantástico ,si supieras que ya tengo todo ,todo … Ahora solo me falta el amigo fiel y a la aventura pero en mujer .. Gracias a ti me hiciste retomar la adicción por la verdadera paz . Namaste . Thank you !

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