I Turned My SUV Into A Camper - DIY Camping Conversion (Start to Finish)

I Turned My SUV Into A Camper – DIY Camping Conversion (Start to Finish)

I Turned My SUV Into A Camper! Been working on this car conversion for the past couple weeks. In this video we’ll show you our DIY SUV Camping Conversion Start to Finish.

I cannot wait to take this beauty on the road!

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Camping Gear:
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Double sleeping bag –
camping chairs –
Tarp –
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Camping cook set –
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55 thoughts on “I Turned My SUV Into A Camper – DIY Camping Conversion (Start to Finish)

  1. Great job! Solar panel on roof with lithium battery. Diesel heater to keep warm.
    Possible pull small trailer with your outdoor gear for more room. Nice work!

  2. Bug mesh screen in the back windows so you can open them at night. I will get hot in there.

  3. Father Mio is friggin dialled in – apron, safety glasses, even his shop is just DIALLED!!!!!

    Little bit of elbow grease & now Chester has an enter car-bed to himself while you drive to your camping location hahah! Awesome buds!

  4. Wow likeing this thanks to her smart handy dad !! . Big help indeed nice shop to disel heater panel or panels on roof . For chargering !! Let the good times roll Sumner in 2 weeks !!!.thanks again to u both .have a blessed weekend

  5. Como les puedo enviar un video algo parecido a lo que están asiendo en su auto para que tengan otra idea

  6. Been watching you for a while. You have dragged her into some sketchy stuff and she’s still there with you. Cudos on the upgrade! I wish you many more awesome journeys!

  7. for more room put a tent in back of the car to attached to the car for more space ps love your adventure and you two make a great couple keep it going

  8. Get some door nets, that slip over your back doors, they work great- keeps bugs out, and air flow is good. Looks good my man- looks like Chester can’t wait. 😉

  9. Wow, Joelle’s father is a true craftsman. The only thing I would consider adding is a lift gate tarp, fairly cheap on Amazon? Thanks guys.

  10. Those can make for nice campers. Didn’t know they had a liftgate and hatchback. Anyway Mio is an excellent carpenter

  11. Love it. Gives me some ideas, and I always love seeing you and Joelle working together. She has endured all you have thrown her way and there she is…still there. Keepah! Keep up the great work you two.

  12. Put a rack on top of the car with a Thule cargo box to increase our storage capacity. Put in a thermoelectric cooler to store your food to keep it cold or keep it warm in the winter.

  13. Dude, seriously, how stupid are you? You have this FINE girlfriend who is willing to go camping in the rain and snow and cold and wet with you, she’s been featured in your videos for MONTHS, the MOST-watched segments in all of your videos are the ones with HER in it, and you don’t have a ring on her finger? If I was your dad, I’d kick you square in the arse and tell you to get it in gear, young man. The next video better be a “We’re ENGAGED!” video or I’m liable to drive up there and square you away.

    1. OK, not even a “No worries, Norm, I’ve got it covered” or a “she wanted a new backpack instead of a ring”? Seriously, though, kidding aside, you’re lucky to find someone who shares your enthusiasm for the outdoors. Get a ring on that girl’s finger.

  14. How lucky are you to have that girl. Whenever I get close to any woman all I find is pure evil.

  15. Can’t see how the draw will not have sliding issues long term.
    i.e expansion/ contraction of wood.

  16. That’ll be fun 👍🏻
    I’ve built a lot of drawers like that and I started using vinyl edge banding for bottom drawer edge for almost zero friction.
    Loved it

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