DIY E-Bike Stealth Camping

DIY E-Bike Stealth Camping

I picked up an electric bike conversion kit on amazon and slapped it on an old mountain bike with a trailer to try it out for stealth camping. There was a little rain, a few mishaps, but a bad day camping is better than a good day at work. Big potential for stealth camping transportation to get into the camping spots I can’t access with a vehicle.

The e-bike conversion kit is a Ebikeling model from amazon, I wouldn’t recommend picking one up at this point due to my initial results. Hoping to work out the bugs.

55 thoughts on “DIY E-Bike Stealth Camping

    1. @Paddy Mills 2 I used to steal gas back in the day too. You want to start up a legion of doom type situation with me? Imagine what we could accomplish if we combined our diabolical powers together! Join me, Brother, and we will steal the world’s gasoline supply and huff it together on our moon base!

  1. Dear Canadians,

    You’re basically America’s little sister. It’s time you use MPH and F° 🧐

  2. I’m just here to learn about Canada and how to survive stealthily in its urban scene. Ya know. For when china and Russia invade the USA

  3. my whole family watches this channel and it’s to the point where my 8 year old daughter asks to watch camping with steve for bedtime almost every night

  4. 22:58
    Woah, Wait a minute there.
    That tent camo is the legendary Carl Spackler CaddyShack pattern.
    Excellent for blending into the rough along fairways and greens. Also great for stalking small game and varmints

  5. There’s no real freedom without danger and vulnerability.. Kind of the whole point I think, another great vid Steve, good stuff

  6. Don’t re-enforce the trailer, giving it less flexibility will make even shorter work of it.

    You want to add flexibility, and dampening so that vibrations don’t pull it apart. Ie. You need a custom shock absorption and dampening system.

    Sounds like a project crazy neighbour can help you with. Please film it as a step by step video with crazy neighbour giving explanations

    Or, you could use it as an opportunity to colab with an engineering or 4WD channel.

  7. Hey Steve! About the planes they looked like hercs to me. I used to work at cfb trenton and for some reason not really sure they always fly the hercs in pairs for training flights.

  8. I slowed it down to .25 speed and there are a couple frames that really do look like a bear in that ditch

  9. “Steve”!! The man who made stealthcamping, a legend. The man who could stealthcamp under the very nose of other stealthcampers and none would take notice”. In fact, a man who is so stealthy that he looses track of himself and a man who is so stealthy that he lo-w in Canada while he is stealth camping in Canada as he is stealthcamping in Canada while stealth camping. The reality is overwhelming that Steve can’t take the excitement of stealthcamping

  10. With electric vehicles up hill is the enemy, although i do like steep hills as i get off and push gain elevation quickly and save a lot of battery this way. Long gradual hills suck the most, too long to walk but suck the battery fast compared to flat, Head winds are also bad.

  11. 15:52 – the Intelligence Agencies of the world are onto you… they sent their reconnaissance planes to track your stealth camping location. 😂

  12. Nothing is simple. Interesting project though. 🖒🤠

    PS: The beer carrier needs a good soft suspension system to protect the carbonation… even if only a 6pack carrier.

  13. Try too imagine that vulnerable feeling gone, and replaced with pure confidence, all that’s required is you strapping a 357mag too your side, 😉, but your Canadian aren’t ya?, my condolences Ah!, 😆, so you have no doubt that it will go how far?, 😂

  14. “I’m pretty militant about keeping the screen zipped up,” me too! Leave it open for 1 minute and you’re sleeping with the spiders

  15. steve you can see airplanes with the “plane finder” app. also what kind of plane it is and where it’s headed

  16. You could use the body in the trailer, use it like a vertical collapsing roof rack. Pack the sides for height and stability. Maybe fatter tyres on it so it has more bounce on the dirt road maybe?
    Wait, is the battery the size of the trailer?

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