Camping Getaway in the Aussie Bush with the Girl, Some Bushcraft and Wild Edibles.

Camping Getaway in the Aussie Bush with the Girl, Some Bushcraft and Wild Edibles.

My girlfriend and I went on a road trip down the NSW South Coast for the weekend, spending the night camping at Blue Gum Flats and Meroo. A beautiful weekend spent roaming around the Australian bush and spending the day at the beach, with a little bit of bushcraft and bush tucker in there as well.

Hope you all enjoy!


Elwood Myre- California

The Middle East- Land of the Bloody Unknown

Acoustic Meditation 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()

25 thoughts on “Camping Getaway in the Aussie Bush with the Girl, Some Bushcraft and Wild Edibles.

  1. hey man nice spot I’m a kid from Sydney how far is it from the city? I’d love to spend a night in the bush.

  2. Love Blue Gum, I am in Queensland now but have many fond memories of camping there as a kid. You’ve inspired me to get back there. 👍

  3. Hello from Ontario Canada. What a lovely spot you had. Trees very interesting. Especially the gum tree.I always use that word walkabout my garden every morning..Have great times camping. Cheers.

  4. Great to see Australians makeing videos not many australian bushcrafters makeing videos my wife is from the gold coast qld awesome place i love australia lived there 10 years ago for a year little too hot for me in summer but awesome keep the videos coming mate happy new year atb stuart

  5. Good work mate, “Land of the bloody unknown” love that track by the middle east. It suits the scenery. Its a double bonus when your girlfriend enjoys the outdoors too. Subbed

  6. This video popped up in my news feed, I have been looking for a bushcrafting channel in my area. I was surprised when you mentioned the name of the camp ground because me and my brother were at the lower camp ground just a day ago and I visit there often, I think youtube might be stalking me.

  7. Hey mate, just stumbled across your channel and couldn’t be happier. Great content! Very rare to see an Australian doing this type of video! something I have always wanted to do. Even better, we seem to share the same national parks nearby. Have you had much to do with the Southern Highlands, South coast in your travels? Cheers! Keep it up

  8. Been loving ya adventures mate you seem to edit your tunes at the right moment aswell … but ive got to ask as the tunes you edited with this one i really enjoyed it …. who is the band or musos in this clip …. cheers mate keep up the adventures … ive been looking for aussie bushcrafter and there travelz to view for some ideas of myself but there far and few between

  9. Nice videos. In this one the girlfriend seems not quite as enthusiastic about camping as you. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice video, your girl at first looked like she was going shopping. Thanks and take care.

  11. She looks about as interested in camping as my husband is lol He’d be over it pretty quickly lol Damn i miss camping. Thats it. This girls going solo camping next week! 👍 ⛺️

  12. Nice to see your lady joining you on your adventure. I know she is a big supporter of your efforts in making these videos and she means a lot to you. You make a great couple! 🙂

  13. and this is where your YouTube adventures all began. You know your bush tucker Scotty. Good Camp tucker Scotty. Thumbs Up! Time for lunch as you have left me salivating. 😂

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