Camper Ready in 90 Seconds! Not Your Grandma's Pop Up Trailer

Camper Ready in 90 Seconds! Not Your Grandma’s Pop Up Trailer

This self inflating off road pop up camper is leading the industry. In 90 seconds you have a standing height camper that fits your entire family of 6. Add the annex and you now can sleep 10. Looking to go off road? No problem. This small pop up is built like a tank. And although this roomy trailer is like a home on wheels. Once collapsed down it easily tows behind your vehicle and fits in your garage. I mean come on! This trailer hits many of the items on our must have camping trailer list. So is it right for you?

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20 thoughts on “Camper Ready in 90 Seconds! Not Your Grandma’s Pop Up Trailer

  1. Drew, I look forward to all of your videos. Thanks for educating the small trailer community on available options while also providing feedback from your own experience. I’m hoping you can reach out to Wander Tears to find out more about them 🙂

  2. We own a Sylvansport GO, and it’s perfect for us. Hauls all our gear, solidly built, tows like it’s made of air.

  3. Love the video guys. I could watch stuff like this all day! I appreciate what you’ve done for the tiny camper community, I read about these trailers but nothing brings it alive like a PWS video. Thanks again!

  4. I love the idea of pop up trailers. My only concern is how much weight the pop out beds will hold. My wife and I are kinda large (i.e. each of us is a little over 300lbs). So for the one with the larger beds I would be concerned to share it with my wife. And I did a little searching (not a lot) and I can’t seem to find how much weight each of the pop out bed can hold. Does anybody know how much they normally hold ?

  5. I’m a fan. Your videos are among the best resources for a guy like me whose looking at this world of camping and researching the best way to assault it.
    Question…for anyone in particular. I’ve been to some RV shows but typically I don’t see many tear drops or smaller trailers. Are there particular RV shows dedicated this this genre of camping trailers? Thanks again Sticks!

  6. Wow, this camper looks amazing! It’s a bit out of our price range but we’re impressed. And the annex you can get to attach to the side looks wonderful. It would be great to have more cost-effective options for annexes that we can add to RVs of all sizes. We just bought a Rustic Trails Kodiak Stealth in 2021 and we’re looking for a canopy room just like that which we could attach to our rig. We aren’t wanting to spend $2,000 on something, though… If you have other suggestions of things we could check out we’d love to hear them!

  7. Whoa! I am a disabled veteran and setting up my pop-up can sometimes be quite the chore due to that. I don’t have a vehicle that can pull a travel trailer. This would be a total game-changer!

  8. This was great thanks! We just traded in our pop up camper for a tear drop but this kind of innovation makes pop ups so much more appealing. The one thing I’m a little baffled by with the new generation of pop ups is how heavy they are. This is heavier than our travel trailer that sleeps 4 with an enclosed bathroom. We pulled our 20 year old pop up with a Toyota Matrix (maybe not the best idea in retrospect) because it was only 1500 lbs. What makes these new pop ups so heavy?

  9. I think the point that a lot of the commenters here have missed is that this line of campers is designed specifically for off-road, “back country” camping. Provided you have a properly capable tow vehicle you can take these campers to places that a regular camper would be destroyed attempting to access. If all you plan to do is camp at campgrounds like 99% of people do, this is over-kill and a less expensive camper would work fine. This is actually one of the less expensive special built off road campers on the market currently.

  10. That little thing packs a punch! Lots of room, but I think I’d opt out of the potty. I’d hate to be the one sleeping right by it.

  11. This is the best camper I have seen yet and checks all of my boxes. Thanks for the review!!!

  12. I’m a new subscriber! Thank you so much this is such a cool camper. Can’t wait to show my husband.

  13. I’m amazed at how heavy the OP4 is it’s dry weight is more than the fully loaded weight of my Coleman Westlake (12ft pop-up w/shower and cassette potty)

  14. Width people. WIDTH. My family couldn’t wait to find one of these in our market geared for us. Love the design, love the look, love the opening sides, love the (extremely expensive) accessories, BUT, BUT, BUT… the beds are absolutely tiny, *especially* in the inflatable version (the massive airpoles exacerbate the original narrow design). Even my 5’4″ wife had to sleep at an angle, curl up or crank her head. My 6′ son? Not a chance. They (of course) make a “King Bed” extension that you can get to sort of address this issue, but then you’re dangling your feet into the dinette.

    Was a total bummer. Went to the new dealer expecting to hitch one up and drive it home. Nope. Sleeps 6? Yeah, sleeps a family of six 5’ers.

    Bought an Aliner Somerset instead. No regrets.

  15. Back in the 70s Dad bought a used COX camper that opened-up from the center (left and right) creating the dome shape. We actually did, our family of 6 + Granny, camp in it for 3 weeks from Florida all the way out to Yellowstone. It was 1972 to be exact. One of us kids always had to sleep on the floor, however. That is what this design reminded me of.

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