13 Remarkable Camping Gadgets You Must See!

13 Remarkable Camping Gadgets You Must See!

These unique, but practical camping gadgets were hand picked due to their proven use in the field within overland camping. In terms of budgets this camping gear ranges from low budget and diy to top end products from some of the most sought after overland brands. Do you need this gear? Not necessarily. But, would they be useful? Absolutely! From upgraded ground stakes to pellet fire pits and and satellite internet. There is enough creative camping gear in this video for the seasoned camping veteran.

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See below for gear highlighted in this video:

🟡Maker of the “original fire reflector”
🟡Innostage Smoke Free Firepit
🟡Innostage Smoke Free Firepit
🟡Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit W/OUT HEAT SHIELD
🟡Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit W/OUT HEAT SHIELD
🟡Pop-Up Pit Grilling Grates Quad
🟡Pop-Up Pit Grilling Grates Tri
🟡Drillable Tent Pegs
🟡Tension Springs
🟡GROUNDGRABBA ground stakes
🟡GroundGrabba Sand Stakes w
🟡$7 Sand Stakes
🟡Thetford Garbage Bag Holder
🟡ALTERNATIVE Kovix Coupler Lock w/Alarm
🟡50 amp male to 15 amp female adapter -🟡50-Amp-Range-RV-Generator-Outlet-to-Household-15-20-Amp-125-Volt-🟡T-Blade-Female-Connector-AD1450520/305439318
🟡Redarc 240 watt solar blanket
🟡Redarc 160 watt solar blanket
🟡200 watt generic solar blanket
🟡Another generic 200 watt blanket
🟡300 watt generic solar blanket

🟢Aero Teardrop Walkthrough “Atlas”

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20 thoughts on “13 Remarkable Camping Gadgets You Must See!

  1. If you appreciated Pat’s presentation let him know in the comments. Pat this was so great! I really appreciate you taking the time to share this gear with us.

  2. My buddy used to have a sport fishing shop. He often said the racks upon racks of various lures weren’t to catch fish, they were to catch fishermen. I’m not a purist demanding everyone camp as I do but I do prefer less gear, less clutter, less stuff. I want to blend into the woods, not dominate them. Hope this doesn’t come across as mean spirited, there is room for everybody and every style.

  3. Very neat gadgets! I like the fire reflector. I always get cold when around the fire pit and the wind always blows the fire away from me no matter where I stand! 🤣🤣🤣. I also saw somewhere in a magazine that someone out their solar panel on a little wagon and just rolled it wherever the sun was. Can’t wait for the tour of his camper.

  4. Some of the gear was pretty good. One thing about wood pellets or other “manufactured” wood/logs is you can move them around even if there is a ban on moving around “regular” firewood/trees due to the spread of pests and diseases. I have a Dokio folding solar panel. Got it off of Amazon for a really good price. 100 watts and performs well. I have on my to do list a PVC stand for it. I regards to the tent stakes, got some big green plastic stakes from Northern Tool. They work well in the sand and we’re not $14.00 each. I saw that Playing With Sticks sticker. I didn’t know those existed.

  5. Thanks for showing some of the possibilities to help enhance camping. Everyone has a different take on what makes a good camping setup. Some others like myself are just collectors of neat stuff . Always looking for something better.

  6. Great video! I always love to see new and unusual camping gear!! Hope you are having some epic camping trips!!

  7. I love these geeky camping gadgets. I have one of those wood pellet fire pits and they work great as long as you keep on feeding the pellets. I just bring one bag and it is good to go for the weekend.

  8. Great video. I do not know if the gear or rv reviews are better. Keep up the excellent work. A comment I read said, “ that gear is not necessary”. I want to live outdoors. Not have to go home when it gets tough. The gear is for thriving in worst case scenario. In most places you do not need a gun. When it comes in handy, buddy it shore pays off in dividends. I want to be the person with more than I can carry. I can still loose it all. At least I can say I tried. Hopefully you can pass this gear off to someone who will use it.

  9. Be cautious when powering a 30 amp trailer through a 15 amp extension cord from a 30 or 50 amp service. It can be easy to draw more amperage than the cord can handle, overheat the insulation and cause a fire.

  10. I love my pop up fire table. I use it all the time with the grill on our Bean adventures! I also love our Starlink which would be good for a content creator like you.

  11. Watching them while being a vendor at Rendezvous in the Ozarks. Dude gear city! I’m just as excited as you too! Gear that helps us Get up and Go On!

  12. I did like the presentation and I love your channel. Too gimmicky for me means I can make do a lot better without carrying extra stuff. We are fairly minimalist which is why we love our TC Teardrop without all the bells and whistles. I do have a house battery in the tool box and a panel I set up for it. I also have a Montek 1000 watt power pack with it’s self contained 80 watt solar panel and another 100 watt suitcase panel. More than does everything for us, including keeping our 50 litre ARB fridge running. One thing we may upgrade to is a fridge/freezer separate compartment unit so we can keep some things frozen and some refrigerated. I’d like to have ice on hand for a beach drink. We live out of our teardrop much of the winter, on a beach in Mexico.

  13. Hey Drew and Pat, great job! Always nice to see some gear I haven’t heard of, I’m definitely a camper gadget junkie!

    A couple notes on the electrical plug converters. 30a current requires 10awg conductor. When you adapt the connection on both sides to fit the plug into a 30a connection, that doesn’t mean you have that current carrying capacity. There is no circuit break or fuse to protect the cord. Very handy to do but it relies on the user understanding the limits. If you use that 15a extension cord, you want to limit the things you’re running or it’s a serious risk. 🔥

    Hope that helps and doesn’t come across Debbie downer. Love the video, thank you both!

  14. 4:25 Japan uses these, in many camp grounds, you are not allowed to make fires on the ground, they must be “contained” and off the ground.

    There’s the snow peak design, which is an inverted pyramid, as material burns its funneled in on itself into the center. works good for “constant heat” and many have a grill on top for cooking.

    Then there’s the Kamoto fire pit, these are v shaped, and the trick here is, its set up in part for cooking. allowing you to manage the coals so you have larger or more coals on one end, and less on the other for “heat control” and cooking at different temps in 1 fire.

  15. OMG I have many of these items, the first fire pit I looked it up and wasn’t for me but the second one I have and is absolutely awesome, I take it to my place in Baja and have cooked carne asada for friends or just to the beach at night, unfortunately I’m in California in the mountains and they’re illegal in your back yard or camping thus this will be staying in my other place in Baja, the trash can I also have and is another awesome item, I need to try the mod with the bungee, the stakes I also have but in sand with 50mph winds I had to get the ones that are like a small plow and combine both.

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