The FEAR of solo CAMPING

The FEAR of solo CAMPING

The FEAR of solo CAMPING
In this video I take the Wild country helm compact 1 tent out for it’s first wild camping trip in the Peak District. The trip nearly didn’t happen as for some reason I’ve been struggling with some kind of fear or anxiety of being alone. Solo wild camping can have it’s fears and challenges for many new campers. In this video I discuss a few of those things.

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20 thoughts on “The FEAR of solo CAMPING

  1. What a amazing and peaceful episode again paul!i started following youre channel a long time ago, but i never made the step to go solo wild camping. Now 3 weeks ago i had a though accident, wherei need to recover from for at least 1,5 months. A lot of thinking happened in the hospital and a lot of watching paul messner solo wild camping. So after my recovery im going on my first solo wild camping adventure and its not going to be a single camp. Im gonna do this all my life. I started ordering gear in the hospital, so a lot already is ready to get in my new osprey backpack. Thanks for the inspiring movies paul! Keep on going! I cant wait to seek up the peaceful mountains and get my head calm! And maybe even in the lake and peak district. Greetings from amsterdam, the netherlands💪

  2. Honestly, this is one of the best video’s i have seen you do. Its authentic, relevant and genuinely interesting, given with a really natural and friendly manner. Thanks Paul 🙂

  3. You know, Paul, you’re not alone with the feelings that wash over you sometimes. Most of my backpacking was solo. And much of the time it was all good. But on some trips, a feeling of loneliness was so strong. I’d be missing my wife and kids, and yet I’d just left them. No rhyme or reason to it.
    Thanks for being honest and transparent. It’s greatly appreciated 👍

  4. After watching your videos for 2 years I finally got myself out in the New Forest last week for my first wild camp. Absolutely shit myself for the whole night. Bats, deer, cows, horses… But I really loved it. On the way home, all I kept thinking about was doing it again. Thank you for giving me the confidence. I’m not sure you realise sometimes how appreciated your videos are. All the best 👍🏽

  5. I remember having a pheasant land on the top of my tent at the crack of dawn. I made a stranger noise than it did!
    Beautifully shot video, glad you’re enjoying your solo time again. 👍

  6. I went on my first solo wildcamp this sunday night just gone and although I made a few mistakes along the way, I still had an amazing time!

  7. Glad to see you addressing this Paul. I was ridiculed online last weekend after posting in a wildcamping group about the fact that I had bailed on a coastal camp due to being unsettled by someone who appeared to be trying to watch me from a clifftop above me while I was setting up my tent. Im relatively new to camping (only been out twice before) and was by myself, about 3 miles away from the nearest town with the sun just setting when it happened. Something felt off so I trusted my gut and left, but several people in the comments said I was being paranoid, told me to “get a grip”, “man up” called me a snowflake and had a right good laugh at my expense, so I ended up deleting the post out of embarrassment.
    Thankfully a kind soul addressed it in a new post the following morning and thousands of users liked the post with hundreds of comments from people telling me I made the right call. It’s reassuring to hear voices like yours in the camping community saying that theres nothing wrong with having fears about wildcamping, or calling it a night if something is concerning you. I could have easily been put off camping by those comments after that, but seeing others like yourself admit that you had similar experiences when you started helps to keep me motivated. Cheers!

  8. You were rewarded with spectacular conditions and stunning views Paul! You know what resonates so well? Your authenticity. I was listening to a podcast about storytelling and the consistent theme that comes through is one of emotional connection adding credibility and acting as a magnet. When you tell us about Jo suggesting somewhere familiar and being open and candid about your fears, it just adds to the joy of watching this. Thank you 🙏🏼

  9. Well done Paul and my guess is that the fears around wild camping is not spoken about enough. You’re also being very honest and genuine about your own worries and anxieties. These qualities put your channel head and shoulders above the rest.

  10. Paul, hats off to you mate. You’ve changed as a person for the better and it’s not like you weren’t before. But you seem a lot happier within yourself now from a few months ago and that’s great to see.

    Keep up the great videos.

  11. Hi Paul, I get so excited planning and packing beforehand but when i am driving to my spot to start the walk to the pitch I come over with anxiety. Once I am pitched I love every minute. Great video.

  12. I respect your frankness and honesty about your adventure experiences, including your challenges too. well done.

  13. You’re the best Paul, these videos are so much more than gear reviews they come from the heart. You speak from experience and so openly
    I’ve asked your advise so many times and you always have time to answer.
    Thanks for what you do and long may you keep doing it. Cheers phil

  14. Working in a warehouse 9 hours a day then coming home and sitting in a small living room then bed and getting up and doing it all over again, 5 days a week gets me down. I enjoy a bit of camping for the same reasons as yourself Paul. When I cant get out i put one of your videos on , love it . Don’t stop and enjoy what your doing, best of luck mate.

  15. Another great video thanks.

    My first wild camp was on Dartmoor, i was all pitched up and watching the football on my phone (with a beer) when a load of ponies and foals turned up, it was absolutely incredible.

    What wasnt incredible was the simple fact that they didnt leave when i went to bed.

    Despite knowing they where there i spent all night petrified of the noises they were making !

    Scariest night of my life, every wild camp since has been bliss compared to that 😂

  16. Such an honest video discussing an important topic. Being alone overnight in the wilds challenges our essential requirement for companionship. It’s easy to feel like a failure when we have those moments and have to bail. It’s natural to feel apprehensive and there shouldn’t ever be pressure to do something you’re not ready for. More of this motivational content please!

  17. I was doing a section hike on the US Appalachian Trail. I intentionally selected a time a section and direction that would give me solitude. I discovered that there is a fine line between solitude and loneliness. Yeah, I’d see other hikers during the day, usually going the other way. In 267 miles of hiking, I only hiked with another person for about 30 of them. It does get lonely. Last year on 566 miles I at least met another hiker going the same way and we went 100 miles together and we remain friends. My next hike is planned for about 250 miles and is with someone. I do love going alone because you’re in charge of your own schedule, but sometimes, just having company is more enjoyable.

  18. Never heard anyone address the fear factor of it so its great to hear someone being honest enough to address it.

  19. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the ridiculously amazing camera angles. What effort mate!

  20. I just did my first solo wild camp a couple of weeks ago! Honestly, it was really really hard to turn my brain off and stop worrying about the weather and wildlife and just sleep. I think I got about two consecutive hours in before the sun came up. But I’m extremely proud of myself for doing it anyway, and I’m looking forward to starting a walking tour of Devon and Cornwall next week.

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