King Bed Slide UNDER 30 Feet!! 2023 Freedom Express 259FKDS

King Bed Slide UNDER 30 Feet!! 2023 Freedom Express 259FKDS

New 2023 Coachmen Freedom Express Ultralite 259FKDS Front Kitchen & Rear King Bed Slide Dual Azdel Travel Trailer with Full Size Camp Kitchen!
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In a market full of copy cats and clones I love that Coachmen dared to be different with this front kitchen travel trailer by giving it a private king bed slide out and big camp kitchen instead of a 2nd entry door into the bedroom area!

Factor in the double azdel walls, 30ft length, Taller ceiling, carpetless floor & slide, and wide stance axles with TPMS & you have a serious winner here!!

Weights & Measures
Hitch 752 lb.
Cargo 2,506 lb.
Empty 6,494 lb.
Max 9,000 lb.
Length 29′ 10″
Height 11′ 3″
Width 8’0″
Fresh 50gal
Gray 35+35
Black 35gal
Awning 18′
Optional 175 Solar w/30amp Controller
Optional 50amp
Optional 15k Air
Optional 2nd Air

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00:00 RV Overview
02:10 Stepping Inside
05:46 TV, Seating, & Storage
07:30 Bathroom
09:01 Bedroom
10:18 Road Mode
11:23 Exterior Features
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14 thoughts on “King Bed Slide UNDER 30 Feet!! 2023 Freedom Express 259FKDS

  1. My one real complaint on these types is the radius shower. Could the pantry be shrunk the 8 inches or so necessary to have the rectangular shower? If you wanted to keep it as hanging storage then have a front to back clothes hook from the ceiling

  2. LOVE the front kitchen. I really wish there were more of these. I’m okay with the color package. Prefer sofa (or flip up middle consul) over chairs. Love the convertible pantry. King bed too big for me! TFS 😃

  3. I do like the fixed 🪜. I’ll leave it at that. Next. BTW you are a hard worker. Do you also do the editing?

  4. There’s just no way around the “no campside windows” thing for me. I guess I’m in the minority, though, because so many manufacturers build them this way.

  5. Well done Josh. could not be more on point regarding the hitch weight which comes off the payload. many people will be surprised how low the payload is on a “1/2 ton”. Regarding the camper itself. My only beef is the lack of camp side windows.

  6. Have to agree with having that windshield in the kitchen makes great viewing. Don’t really see a need for it in a front bedroom layout.

  7. Josh as always, you done a wonderful job showing us the good and the bad of this camper. I like this one! I rated it 4.5 stars out of 5. The only reason I’m giving it this rating is the king size bed and dinette benches. I like have a space on both side of the bed to put our glasses, phones, tablets and glass of water. The little shelf above the bed is to small for me. Also I like a little more room to walk around the bed to get better access to the wardrobe closet with out standing on the bed. I like to have more options on the bed sizes (range from Full to King). I like full size but I know most people prefer queen. The dinette benches is lovely but I like to have pull out draw or bench seats that can be lift up to access the spaces better. I love the bathroom especially the radius shower. My husband prefer the radius shower than the rectangular because he feels that it gives more movement to shower. I like this has a swinging TV and the size of the TV is reasonable for my bad eyesight. Love the theater seats with heating ability! The kitchen look very roomy and open. The windows in the kitchen/ dining bring out lights in the area. I’m very fond of looking out the window while washing the dishes. Love the outside kitchen too.

  8. OMG – love everything about this. We’ve been on the hunt for something exactly like that for when we hit the road next spring. First time travelers and cant wait

  9. I took delivery of this model in February 2020. A lot of tweaks to this unit since then that were not available at my ordering/purchase. Looked for 2yrs at all the big Rv shows across America until I saw this model in 2019.
    Wish I had the fireplace/carpetless flooring & outside storage door under the bed & not as much of the grey luan wood….other than that very satisfied with my purchase back then. Overall build is good as I’ve no major issues. Only defect to say was the bedroom closet clothes hanger metal piece for clothes ripped out of the ceiling it would not support the weight when traveling. I took cake of it myself & engineered a clothes hanger out of wood that will never ever break again. I tow with a 2500HD and this unit tows great at 30ft.

  10. I really like this floor plan & I know this seems minor but I love the closet space/pantry by the kitchen. That’s one of the things I take note of as I’ve been looking for a travel trailer. I’m always thinking “where will I store the broom/vacuum so that it’s easy to get to & I don’t have to go outside to get it?” I also love, love, love the window above the bed. And I like that instead of a second door they put it a true outdoor kitchen (I”m not a fan of exit doors in the bathroom or bedroom & an outdoor kitchen is one of my must haves). This one checks off nearly all my boxes the only bad thing is I have a 1/2 ton vehicle. My truck would probably pull this as it’s a ’19 F150 V8 with max tow package but I plan on traveling to the Appalachian mountains quite a bit & I feel like that is just too much weight for me to feel comfortable. I like the look of the lighter color upholstery but I would probably opt for a darker version as I’ll be traveling with pets (which is why I will constantly be needing the broom/ Great video! Appreciate you taking the time to go through the pros & cons!

  11. I love the front & outside kitchens (full outside kitchen is a must have for me). I like the large amount of storage. Not thrilled with the rather dark wood tones though, prefer at least a medium tone. I’d probably go with the theater seats and swap to the 12V fridge, but it’d be good to have an additional solar panel option.

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