FIRST LOOK at EIGHTEEN New 2023 Models from Forest River!!

FIRST LOOK at EIGHTEEN New 2023 Models from Forest River!!

This is a sort of “Catch all” for a bunch of new RVs and models that weren’t yet ready for my previous 2023 “Preview” videos but WOW there are some EXCITING new things to come!

I sadly ran out of time and wasn’t able ot get to a FRACTION of the RVs I wanted to see. The good news? We’ll get you plenty of full-length videos when they start rolling into our stores!

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00:00 Welcome!
00:45 Salem/Wildwood FSX 161QKX
01:32 Salem/Wildwood FSX 163RDSK
02:16 Salem/Wildwood 26RBS (New Platinum Package & Solar!)
03:37 Salem Hemisphere/Wildwood Heritage Glen 35RE
04:49 Salem Hemisphere/Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL
05:44 Freedom Express 22SE
06:36 Freedom Express 226RBS
07:30 Spirit 2146RBX
08:13 Apex 243FKS
09:00 Apex 201RBS
09:37 Alta 2400KTH
10:40 Alta 1600MRB
11:34 Alta 2210MBH
12:27 Della Terra 160RBLE
12:59 Della Terra 255BHLE, 260BHLE, & 240RLLE
14:47 I’m So Sorry!!
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20 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK at EIGHTEEN New 2023 Models from Forest River!!

  1. Thanks for this! Had to watch it twice to find the one with the desk. 🤣 Appreciate these quick and dirty quick look at multiple RV’s, gives us noobs a good overview of the options. Thanks! ❤
    Edit. That air compressor isn’t just for the RV tires. In a toy hauler, your “toys” be they bikes, motorcycles or a 4×4 need that. Tires need to be deflated for sand and rocks, inflated for trails/dirt. 😎

  2. Salem/Wildwood FSX 163RDSK – YES! Love the desk option. Salem Hemisphere/Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL – LOVE their take on this design. That large pantry is awesome.

  3. I love those stargazer windows/sunroofs! Gorgeous. Let in more natural light and a lot of air.

    I really like the Alta 2210MBH. Not surprising as I really like the Rockwood 2509S. But I like how Alta put the fridge on the other. It makes for some really generous counter space. Another little thing I like for some reason, is the side valances on the windows on the slide. I think it’ll help keep the roller shades from flopping around too much. And I like the looks of it. YMMV

  4. Josh Awesome job! A lot of cool stuff there, especially in the smaller ones. Question, are you going to be doing anything similar with The 2023 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Stuff…I can’t put a finger on as to why but I love their Black Label versions…Knowing they are just mid level RV’s. Anywho thanks for all you do!

  5. Would love to see a video on the different brands/models for families who aren’t full-time living in a 5th wheel but takes many trips and extended travel. We enjoy our travel trailer but looking to expand to a 5th wheel around the 40ft in length. There are so many brands at so many different price points it almost makes one freeze, I’m out in CA so that could impact what brands and models are even available. Keep up the great reviews Josh!!!

  6. Wow! We would love to explore a Forest River RV show! Some clever ideas there for sure. That unit with the desk really impressed me. If no oven a convection microwave would work well for the biscuits and stuff. I bake banana bread for hubby every week in a toaster/baking/air fryer combo. This was a fun flash tour. Thanks for putting a smile on my face again!

  7. The 35RE has a lot of interesting little features that seem like cool ideas… would love to see more on that one some day

  8. I like that they used a ‘T’ ish shaped table leg in the dinette in the 1600MRB. It should improve the stability over the single leg so many manufacturers use. They also did a good job wit the shower surround. Unlike some of the others in your video where the soap tray is in the middle of the back wall taking up precious space, the Alta is in the corners where they should be (on the short wall can also work in these skinny showers).

  9. I really like the desk with the chair option. It is also really nice to see more kickouts on the sofas. The toy hauler was really interesting with the little swivel seats. I would like to see more of those or maybe consider lazyboy style recliners instead of a coach for singles or couples. It is good to see it looks like a lot have the bathroom room.

  10. *WHOOPS!! In my haste I seem to have mentioned the new single axle Della Terra rvs were 7’6” wide. They are in fact 8ft wide. Apologies!*

  11. The Heritage Glen 35RE looks extremely cool. Curious to see how it compares to a traditional rear living in terms of over all length. I’ve always liked the division of space a rear den has but hated how long it makes the rv. If they have kept the length around 35 foot instead of the 40+ foot rear dens normally run I’m super into that floor plan. The FSX 163RDSK looks like it really fills a hole in the market for something small and easy to tow for someone doing work camping or with a remote job they want to do on the road. Very neat idea I hope does well for them.

  12. I am seriously loving the innovative concepts they’re playing around with! My husband and I are in the planning stages of moving to full time rv living so I’m all about researching and learning right now. I appreciate you walking your feet off!!!! lol

  13. I love that wildWood 26RBS – would love to know the specs & more info on that as it doesn’t seem to be available on their website yet. I’ve been searching for the right for me travel trailer for almost 2 years now. Been to 2 RV shows, numerous dealerships & hours & hours on the internet. This one seems to tick all the boxes. Have found a couple that check off most boxes (30 ft or less, dual axles, no bunks/Murphy bed, private bedroom with a separate bathroom – not a fan of the floor plans where you have to walk thru the bathroom to get to the bedroom, outdoor kitchen, fireplace). The one I’ve been looking at is a palomino puma 26RBSS but I’m not in love with the exterior of it. I really prefer the smooth skin of the fiberglass. And I love the pantry/closet.
    And I’ve throughly enjoyed your videos since I found your channel! Lots of great info!

  14. It’s good to see the new floor plans. It doesn’t feel like everyone is copying everyone else so much any more.

  15. While the RV go throughs are great, your humor is at least 50% of the reason I watch. Keep it up, it helps keep us watching up too. But take breaks for yourself too.

  16. The first one is great. The space can be used in so many different ways, even though it’s small.

  17. I actually squeaked when I saw the desk! LOL! Yay! Loving a lot of the new floor plans and looking forward to seeing the more in depth walk-throughs of the smaller units (max 5100 lbs loaded). I’ve already started getting rid of stuff in preparation for shopping in the spring. BTW, which Bish’s dealership in the midwest area usually has the most smaller units on the lot?

  18. Thanks for the updates – would love to see more Toy Hauler travel trailers. I know floor plans are pretty stagnant, but if there is anything new, would love to see some in depth stuff!

  19. A lot of good stuff Josh. Me personally, here`s what we require in our RV……..
    1. Oven
    2. Two bowl kitchen sink
    3. Bunk house
    4. Wide spacing axles
    5. Carpet less floor
    6. Murphy bed
    7. 6K lbs or less empty weight

    Great video review Uncle Josh!!!!!

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