Built for EXTENDED Use & Bigger People! 2023 Montana 331RL

Built for EXTENDED Use & Bigger People! 2023 Montana 331RL

New 2023 Keystone Montana High Country 331RL Couple’s Camping Luxury Fifth Wheel RV with XL Mega Bath!
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Montana continues their status as the most dominant choice among full-time RVers with some subtle-but-welcome updates this season! This model brings extra space and storage — especially in the bathroom. It’s an IDEAL fit if you’re a person of larger stature looking to enjoy a more comfortable extended camping experience at your destination!

Weights & Measures
Empty 12,172 lb.
Cargo 2,028 lb.
Max 14,200 lb.
Hitch 2,210 lb.
Length 37 ft 4 in
Height 13 ft 4 in
Fresh 87 gal
Gray 88 gal
Black 49 gal
A/C 30k
Furnace 40k
Fridge 18 cu ft
Solar 200w+

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00:00 RV Overview
01:54 Stepping Inside
06:33 Storage Galorage
08:13 Hallway & Bath
11:10 Bedroom
12:56 Road Mode
13:50 Exterior Features
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20 thoughts on “Built for EXTENDED Use & Bigger People! 2023 Montana 331RL

  1. Great tour…

    To answer the questions Josh asked…

    1) Prefer a table to a booth. Makes playing card and board games easier.
    2) Prefer a single to a double bathroom sink. Counter space, to us, is more important than individual sinks.

    General notes on this model:

    1) Why not a pocket door for the bathroom? It would seem to make a lot of sense…I’m sure there is some reason that escapes me.
    2) I do like the docking center…not too fancy but very complete.
    3) Driver side windows are perfect. 🙂 They simply aren’t needed IMO…
    4) Is there a multi-battery or lithium option available for batteries? Or is this more designed to have shore power?

    Overall a very nice rig and on my short list of what we are going to consider as we start seriously shopping for our next rig in the next few months.

  2. Hey Josh, really like this fifth wheel, one thing I’d like to see done is installing a tankless water heater, or having one as an option. The 16 gallon is nice for extended or multiple showers, however, that’s a lot of unnecessary water weight to tow around, or to have to drain before traveling.

  3. I resemble that remark (bigger people). I am down with the table and chairs vs. booth. I like the double sink actually. Not too much less room in this one than our bathroom at home. If just one sink, I would say centered. I would definitely go with the generator on this unit. Smash your Pomeranian 😄🤣 I was gonna ask what’s the difference was between Montana and Montana High Country. I am sure you said before, but I forgot. Thank you. Really like this one (I think I say that a lot). Thanks Nerd!

  4. We have the 2022 version and the few changes that have been made don’t improve what is already an excellent rv.

  5. Josh, we would love ONE bathroom sink offset so we we could have alot of countertop space. My husband is 6’4″ so this is something we’d look at.

  6. One sink, offset so that he shower can be bigger. A tub in a camper or trailer is silly. Tankless water heater is smart, if Electric is available

  7. There are a few things that manufacturers do that make little sense to me.
    4″ gaps in bathroom doors for “ventilation purposes”.
    Camp queen when a regular queen will easily fit. Maybe to make the bedroom “seem” bigger?
    Double vanities. I can count the number of times my wife and I have needed to have the 2 sinks in our master bath at home on one finger and we live here every day.
    Montana makes a quality RV for sure.
    I’m a little surprised they didn’t use a thankless water heater. I’m guessing you’ll burn through a lot more propane keeping 16 gallons heated.
    The option for a portable solar panel is awesome. You can buy a very portable 300 watt folding panel and really chase the sun.

  8. One sink installed on right. Sooo cool to have counter space when you want it. Love the shower.

  9. I love the interior color scheme. Not a fan of the floor vents. Table and chairs for sure. Forget the double sink, it’s a waste. center a single sink. Oh, look sitting on the toilet you can pee in the floor vent. Hey, don’t knock the combo washer/dryer ours works beautifully. Nice 5th wheel.

  10. A single sink near the door with counter space is what we would prefer. The heating vent is in a terrible location. It is too close to the shower where wet people will be able to drip water into it. If they went to a single sink they could use a half door cabinet for the door near the toilet and a wall vent for the heat below.

  11. One sink, centered. Shallow cabinet above it. Full floor to ceiling cabinets on either side. Possibly one of them accessible in the bedroom.

  12. Definitely think the double sink in the bathroom is unnecessary. Really like the idea of a bigger oven and bigger stove top area.

  13. Hey, first of all I enjoy many of your videos. I am a 40 year retired veteran of the automotive industry and a full time RVer. I am watching your ideas on the internal combustion engine. Here are some things to think about. The RV Industry has not thought about the advantages of having to go electric. Talking about Travel trailers, there could be a revolution in technology because there are many possibilities. How about mounting electrical motors on towed RVS? Every trailer Park has a charging station. Every RV has deep cycle batteries and would benefit from a car like high capacity one since it could power everything. RVs have large surfaces for solar panels for additional charging. If my trailer had a couple of electric motors I would require half the power in my truck to move it. Just imagine 2 Tesla motors on my RV 120 HP each plus another 2 on my Chevy truck I would have 480 HP to tow, 80 more than today with an MPG of 8 miles a gallon. Besides that I could move my trailer without having a truck hooked up to it. So I invite you to look at the advantages of electric versus fuel and make a real futuristic video, everything else you talk about lately is just speculation anyway……

  14. The High Country became a viable option to the full Monte when Keystone changed the slide out to a gear drive IMHO. Sure looks good, thank you for the updates Josh.

  15. Thanks for your time knowing and showing us these different RVs… really helpful and you’re appreciated 💯😁

  16. Josh! Just so you know, I and others in a senior women’s camping group have referred a couple of people your way. We told them about your channel, how you are even-handed, and Bish’s RV. She will likely be reaching out. You are well thought of in that group! 🙂

  17. LOVE this RV! Plenty of space and storage. After reading some other comments, I can see the benefits of the double sinks in the bathroom. This unit still affords PLENTY of counter space. The smart tv is another huge plus! Beautiful unit! Thanks Josh!

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