Amazing RV! HUGE Super C Motorhome!  Dynaquest XL Dynamax 3801

Amazing RV! HUGE Super C Motorhome! Dynaquest XL Dynamax 3801

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RV Towing Upgrades
*Reese Goosebox Gen2:
*B&W OEM Gooseball:
*B&W Fifth Wheel Hitch:
*B&W Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch:
*Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitch:
*B&W Tow and Stow Hitch:
*Curt Drop Hitch:
RV and Trailer Equipment Upgrades
*RoadArmor Suspension Equalizer:
*HD Shackle Straps and Wet Bolts:
*RV Suspension Upgrade (travel trailer, Cargo Trailer):
*16” G Rated Wheel Tire Combo:
*Goodyear Endurance 15” Trailer Tire:
*Goodyear Endurance 16” Trailer Tire:
*Furrion Wireless Backup Camera:
*Furrion Wireless Side and Rear Cameras:
*Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack 4,000 lbs:
*GlowStep Revolution Steps:
*LCI Solid Steps:
*LCI AutoLeveling System:
*Reese Fifth Wheel Dual Motor Landing Gear:

Must Have Equipment!
*6000 Watt Generator Kit:
*3200 Watt Inverter Generator:
*2000 Watt Inverter Generator:
*30amp to 50amp Power Cord:
*LED RV Replacement Taillights:
*Fastway Tire Chocks:
*RV Foam Sprayer:
*RV Soap:

Truck Upgrades
*Airlift 5000 Airbag Kit:
*Airlift Wireless Air Controller:
*Access Toolbox Bed Cover:
*Bedrug Bed Liner:

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20 thoughts on “Amazing RV! HUGE Super C Motorhome! Dynaquest XL Dynamax 3801

  1. I would love it if you were to put one of these through its paces. We are trying to decide between a class C or a 5th wheel. Getting your review actually using one would be great!

  2. Beautiful! Brand new price….ESTIMATED MSRP $441,459 USD* *(MSRP is based on a Standard Built Coach (base price plus common options), excluding tax, license, registration, freight, additional options, Dealer Prep & Fees.) from their website.

  3. We towed travel trailers for 30 years. Worked great for the family and was cost effective for a younger man. Before retirement I purchased a 38’ 5th wheel and Ram dually truck that we traded after four years on a class A Winnebago. For me the towables were great for destination travel and a little more involved for “road trip” travel. The Class A (as would be the “C”) is fantastic for long distance, multi days on the road type travel. Having the driver’s access from the living quarters is very convenient and provides a feeling of safety when overnighting in less than ideal conditions. The setup is ridiculously easy upon arrival to a park compared to a towable. Towing our Equinox is way easy to hitch up and unhitch too, just a few minutes either way. A super C could tow your full size SUV no problem. Anyways, just my observations… Keep up the great work..

  4. that is a 5 ton business class freightliner chassis. they have a 20,000 pound load rating on average it is a class 6 chassis. not a HDT chassis, that is high class 7 and class 8 area. it was meant for a box van or flatbed or tow truck or refueling truck. in other words a average commercial vehicle cargo city truck/city van. they are built in Portland OR. as long as they do not have the Daimler/Benz engine they are not bad. Peterbilt and Kenworth also build this class of truck too. i prefer the Peterbilt one it has a very ergonomic driver’s position over all the others. just my opinion since I have driven, repaired and built this class of truck. chevy and ford also do this class, the F 650/750 from ford and the 4500/6500 class chassis from GM dodge has there 4500 and 5500 Ram chassis but they are more a hybrid chassis a bridge between light duty and commercial class, like the F-450/550 class from Ford. you can get all wheel drive specked on most from the factory, if not it can be upfit after initial build is done. they are nice rigs for sure to drive. very comfortable overall. in my opinion the supper C class of MH is the best value and most afordable after buying to maintain as any OTR shop can maintain the chassis. your class A MH’s can get very very pricey to maintain as they need specialists to maintain them in many ways properly. properly maintained the chassis will outlive the HM part. i bet that Supper C has air suspension in the back too. no big stiff springs so a superior ride no mater the load on it. brakes are probably hydraulic disk, but there is air brakes offered in this class, disk is best as it does not have the propensity to catch fire as easy or fade when hot like hydraulic/air drum brakes does. but it could have air over hydraulic like military trucks of the 2.5 to 5 ton class have. this hybrid brake system allows one to use air brake trailers also and have compressed air to air up tires and use air tools to change a tire or use a CIF system efficiently….nice rig.

  5. That is beautiful I love it the only thing I really don’t like is carpet under-the-table bit was but absolutely Love it and I would live with the carpet because I love everything else so much

  6. I would love to see your next RV be a Super C like this. Granted, that is easy to say when I am not the one paying for it!! LOL

  7. you owe to yourself, along with all of us viewers to make the next rv purchase for the channel is to get a Super-C.. that way we can get your opinion on the pro’s and con’s to a Suoer-C vs 5th wheel or something like that.. I mean come on with all that much power at the wheels what guy wouldn’t want one and this is the perfect excuse to wifey on why it only makes sense

  8. I have very mixed feelings about Super Cs. I think they have a very specific narrow use case. Most people would probably be better off with a C or an A. But if you need to haul a big trailer, this is the ticket.
    It would be interesting to hear how livable you would find it to be compared to your 5th wheel.

  9. So about the outside of it, do the extended walls slide back in?. And if yes how would the inside look?

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