2023 Super Duty has new engine choices! Check out the new TREMOR!

2023 Super Duty has new engine choices! Check out the new TREMOR!

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*Reese Goosebox Gen2:
*B&W OEM Gooseball:
*B&W Fifth Wheel Hitch:
*B&W Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch:
*Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitch:
*B&W Tow and Stow Hitch:
*Curt Drop Hitch:
RV and Trailer Equipment Upgrades
*RoadArmor Suspension Equalizer:
*HD Shackle Straps and Wet Bolts:
*RV Suspension Upgrade (travel trailer, Cargo Trailer):
*16” G Rated Wheel Tire Combo:
*Goodyear Endurance 15” Trailer Tire:
*Goodyear Endurance 16” Trailer Tire:
*Furrion Wireless Backup Camera:
*Furrion Wireless Side and Rear Cameras:
*Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack 4,000 lbs:
*GlowStep Revolution Steps:
*LCI Solid Steps:
*LCI AutoLeveling System:
*Reese Fifth Wheel Dual Motor Landing Gear:

Must Have Equipment!
*6000 Watt Generator Kit:
*3200 Watt Inverter Generator:
*2000 Watt Inverter Generator:
*30amp to 50amp Power Cord:
*LED RV Replacement Taillights:
*Fastway Tire Chocks:
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*Airlift 5000 Airbag Kit:
*Airlift Wireless Air Controller:
*Access Toolbox Bed Cover:
*Bedrug Bed Liner:

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20 thoughts on “2023 Super Duty has new engine choices! Check out the new TREMOR!

  1. I like the new trailer hitch improvement and the off-road package. Still too many electronics on these base models.

  2. I have the tailgate step on my 2011 f150, the first year it was introduced, and love it, it still functions as it should, no problems, and use it all the time

  3. Can’t afford a new truck so whoever is buying a new one, please go ez on it as it might be my next truck 😆

  4. I would love to know if the 2023 Powerstrokes will continue to utilize the CP4 fuel pump, or if Ford has followed suit with GM and RAM on swapping this part out for something generally viewed as more reliable.

  5. I’d like to hear some discussion about the fuel system (the cp4 is the weak point obviously and it needs to be resolved). Also, I’d like to hear about any revisions to the front end that may address the death wobble (I had it on my 2017, and have had dampener issues on my 2020)…

  6. Great coverage on the new Super Duty series JD and so glad to see y’all recovering so well.
    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the black truck in the background of the interview appears to be shod with 19.5″ rims. It’s obviously a dually with a standard cab. Is this truck actually an F-450? Been quite a while since I’ve seen a standard cab dually and if that is an F-450 it would certainly be cool to see y’all interview/review it!
    Giddy up.

  7. Great update. Really like the updated options on the 2023 Tremor and the overview of the updated engine options. As you said, a lot of new innovation coming with the trucks. Just too bad they’re so darn expensive anymore. Anyhow, fantastic overview JD.

  8. It’s funny how manufacturers stick with certain numbers. Having a 7.3L diesel in the past, to a gas engine with the same displacement number today. The Triton V10 was a 6.8L engine as well. Kind of humorous. It’s also humorous that they copied GM with the integrated side and bumper steps. Ram has some catching up to do!

  9. Yeah the manstep is super handy. I use mine all the time. Great for loading/unloading a dirtbike as well. I hated having to use a dirtbike stand as a step lol always sketchy on uneven ground.

  10. I’m pretty much a base truck guy. I see the advantage in adding upgraded mechanicals but I’m never on board with $40,000 in tech and pretty finishes.

    I’m not a Luddite.

    Rear and front cameras are great.
    Smart cruise control is awesome.
    Wireless Android Auto. 👍🏻
    I’d pay a reasonable price for all of these features.

    Leather interior is fantastic but in a work truck?

    It’s about value for my money and I just don’t see the value there.

    I can’t even really pull the trigger on a base truck because I do tech work from home and probably drive a thousand miles a year.

    The couple of times a year where I need a truck, I just rent one. My annual cost is less than my registration fees would be. No insurance and no truck payment.

  11. What the gas trucks really need are much larger gas tanks. I replaced my 34 gallon Tremor gas tank with a Transfer Flow 58 gallon replacement tank so you know there is plenty of room for the mfg to make it standard or an option.

  12. This is still very preliminary but from what is shown in this video, Ford continues to innovate and push the design, styling and performance envelope. That said, here are a few key points which remains to be seen and was not shown in this video:
    • The digital instrumentation – will Ford keep the traditional analog Speedo & Tach with the round dials or did they go with the goofy F150 digital display that was shown in the 2022 F150 Raptor? Let’s hope they didn’t go the Raptor route!!!
    • The new 6.7 Powerstroke must be pushing 550HP and maybe even 1200 FT-LBS with that liquid cooled turbo!!!
    • Lastly, did Ford fix their transmission lockout problem that prevents the driver from using an open palm to push the shift lever from D into N in an emergency (disconnecting the engine from the drivetrain) without fear of engaging R?!!! All Ford’s competitors do not have this issue and nor do cars from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Lexus just to name a few!!! Come on Ford – did you fix it or did you intentionally design in a bad safety feature?!!!

  13. Nice overview JD.

    That being said when you get a chance to engage an executive I’d love if you were more of a journalist and less of a fan.

    For example when he talks about the new safety chain connection points you could have asked him why it’s taken them so long to address this.

    Other good questions.
    Why spend the money to develop the 6.8? Why not just make the 7.3 standard?
    What about the CP4 fuel pump issues that have been widely reported?
    What about the death wobble issues that have also been widely reported?
    Just to cite a couple of examples.

  14. Nice updates on the new SD. I LOVE my tailgate step, I would never get a new truck without it. The steps in the bumper corners are a nice touch. Zone lighting and the ability to turn that tailgate light on are wonderful. Can’t wait to hear the numbers on the new 6.8L and hopefully the 6.8 will be available on the F150 too.

  15. Great interview and very useful information, thanks JD. I sure would like to have one of the new Tremors. The only drawback to the Ford Tremor I can see is that they do not make it with the long bed. GMC’s AT4 does, which for me is the only advantage that gmc has over the Ford. I’ve had several pickups with the 8 foot bed and several with the 6.5 foot bed, and the 8 foot bed wins hands down every time for utility. Especially if you put an auxiliary fuel tank in the bed, or a tool box. Once you add either one of those to a short bed, there’s just not much room left in the bed.

  16. Yes! The 7.3 is overkill for me, but I need the HD frame, brakes, etc… 6.8 will hit the sweet spot!

  17. I had to modify the safety chain hook so I could easily hook up the trailer on my F150 2018. This is a nice change.

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