Choosing the Perfect Camp Chair

Choosing the Perfect Camp Chair

Outside’s Gear Guy, Joe Jackson, puts a fleet of camp chairs through the wringer, and makes picking the right one an easy choice.

12 thoughts on “Choosing the Perfect Camp Chair

  1. Did you get payed extra by making one video into two? I was interested until it felt like click bait for yet another video….

  2. Well there was a waste of time. If you are going to review the chairs then review them and don’t try to get me to your website by cutting it short. What an embarrassment to Outside. Blah!

  3. There is no review of these chairs on the listed website. If there was, it’s buried under all the other reviews you’ve logged since posting this video. If you’re going to bait your audience with this flimsy excuse for a review, the very least you can do is provide an actual link directly to the page where your ‘full review’ resides.

  4. I expected to see a fully video.. not to be directed to some site.

  5. So, a mostly useless “review” video, and the link provided is useless. Sure, a free-to-watch video doesn’t give any of the viewers a right to complain, but still – why make something like this just to waste peoples’ time? It won’t get you more subscribers.

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