Bonfus Framus 58l - Ultralight Framed DCF Backpack Review

Bonfus Framus 58l – Ultralight Framed DCF Backpack Review

Reviewing the ultralight dcf backpack bonfus framus 58l in Ultra 200. The bonfus framus is a framed ultralight backpack which can also be used as a ultralight frameless backpack through simply removing the aluminium stays. The bonfus framus is a super versatile dcf backpack and in this video I want to share with you my thoughts I had before I bought the bonfus framus 6 months ago. Starting with my requirements for an ultralight backpack, consideration of alternative dcf backpacks as well as my experience with the bonfus framus 58l.

Hope you enjoy the video – ATB Stripey

20 thoughts on “Bonfus Framus 58l – Ultralight Framed DCF Backpack Review

  1. I considered this pack when I saw you using it. But in the end I ordered the Atom Packs Mo EP50 custom. Hopefully it will be delivered next week

  2. Hi Stripey. Your backpack is so light! Looks great. When my Atmos has reached the end of its life I will consider the Framus. ATB Serk

    1. Hi Serk, the good thing is that until your Atmos is done there are enough people using the material πŸ˜‰


  3. great rucksack, bit pricey for me. i could really use a new one, my 20 year old litchfield explorer 60+10 is heavy and pretty beat up now, not sure how many more falls or rough handling on luggage racks it can handle hehehe anyway, enjoyed the gear review, i hope you find the time to do some more, or just general tips for gear care etc.

    1. Yeah it definitely is rather on the pricey side of things – hopefully it will last as long as my Osprey before 😎.
      Thanks a lot for enjoying the video mate, need to have a look as you said with the time, I always overthink stuff and mostly come to the conclusion it wouldn’t be interesting for others πŸ˜‰


    2. @Stripey Hat Guy yeah just wait for gear to impress you then just go for it. theres no real formula for this. make the video you want to make, and just let it happen. look at people like foresty forest, he obviously just pleases himself and yet his videos are completely captivating. stick to basics. every narrative must have the basic beginning middle and ending. and thats it. i’m coming to understand how important the editor is, a fresh eye, a clear goal, and concise approach. i struggle to do that myself, especially with my old computer, i find myself trying to avoid having ideas because my old computer hates 4k, and it just stutters through the most basic tasks like transitions. personally, i love the videos that are just for me, a postcard to myself in the future, a diary to remind me of the fun i had.

    3. Aye absolutely, I follow foresty forest for years – love is mountain trips – not into van life so πŸ˜‰. Mediocre Amateur is also great I think as well as Alpine Momente (German/Austrian). I agree with the approach to the videos but somehow gear videos are different I think…hence I am not doing many. This one I only did as ‘guyonhill’ basically asked for it which I really appreciated.

  4. Merci pour la revue sur le sac Γ  dos , c’est une marque que je ne connaissais pas , je me rappelle pas l’avoir vue au Canada . I hope it will be a good investment for you on the long term πŸ‘‹

  5. Brilliant review Stripey😁..It’s just a fantastic lightweight rucksack..I’ve see seen you using on the tours and it ideal πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ».

  6. I can’t believe I’m still using my Karrimor Condor75 pack, purchased in 1985. Maybe time for a new one? LOL. Great review, SHG! Cheers.

    1. Only time to replace when it is broken πŸ˜‰. This backpack is the only backpack which I bought new, usually I buy used ones of eBay.

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